The Bourdain Charts; Natal Rectified, The Dark Synastry With Asia Argento and The Death Chart on the Sunday Night Livestream

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

On the Sunday Night Livestream, I broke down Anthony Bourdain’s rectified natal chart, his dark synastry with Asia Argento and the death chart. You can follow along with the Livestream and the charts listed below.

5 thoughts on “The Bourdain Charts; Natal Rectified, The Dark Synastry With Asia Argento and The Death Chart on the Sunday Night Livestream”

  1. C

    I’ve been really affected by his death… loved watching his shows. He seemed to be getting better and better at doing them. Always felt a sense of connection to him. Could easily sense his depth and really appreciated the poetic and literary aspect he brought to his work…
    His suicide feels strange to me on several levels. He was so dedicated to his work, so efficient and punctual…
    strange that he would decide to cut out in the middle of a project… the other thing is that he was with his best friend, Eric Ripert. Anyone could sense Eric’s deep sensitivity and spirituality. Why would he think it was ok to have Eric find him like that? The other thing was the sense that he and Argento may have had a fight right around then with her deleted post and his dark mood that had begun a few days before… then she is photographed holding hands, etc… during the same few days with a young journalist in Rome… Really seems like an impulsive decision. I think it was suicide but unplanned…
    In terms of the charts, one thing I saw right away was Jupiter conjunction Pluto in Leo in the Leo-ruled ninth house… that really fits his travel and broadcasting efforts. Seems like Jupiter with Pluto also has to do with depth. Am wondering with his Mars in Pisces with obvious muscularity… also noticed how Argento’s chart hits his at numerou points. Fascinating…

  2. J

    Great work, Robert.

    I did a little rectification work, and put him as a Sag rising, also.

    Nice to see you’ve confirmed that.

    The Mars ruling his twelfth house of enemies squares his Mercury. Might this support an assassination theory, that he was killed for his tweets?

    Anyhow, peace to you!

  3. T

    That natal Square between his Saturn and Jup/Plu.

    That’s deep, dark, generational, and certainly could involve children from foreign countries.

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