Sunday Night Livestream Charts — The Serena Williams Meltdown– Neale Donald Walsch

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Here’s the charts for tonight’s livestream.

The Serena Williams Meltdown

Neale Donald Walsch

2 thoughts on “Sunday Night Livestream Charts — The Serena Williams Meltdown– Neale Donald Walsch”

  1. S

    Robert! Just tuned in after (3?) years to FM Libra analysis and it’ll take me all night to finish it; wow. Great to hear and see you diving into the cosmic sea and coming up with exotic and curious artefacts, all aglow with pearls of wisdom. How’re you doing? Looking good. I could write for hours on how the chart has come alive as uncannily (Uranus) perceptive (Venus) on what I/We have been shown all our lives to be female was all a Transhow! . Must remember to breathe and strap on the oxygen tank this month; hope to retrieve some buried treasure and not lose my ass in the process. Get in touch if you’ve time. Serena not Williams, the Other One.x

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