Sunday Night AstroLiveStream

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

5 thoughts on “Sunday Night AstroLiveStream”

  1. s

    hi robert, just reading this, finding so interesting, you have virgo sun, as do i, scorpio rising, ( mine debatable as i have a 10:01 am birthtime) and a libra moon as well!
    i was born 9/7/56 10:01 am san diego , ca.

    this blog is a wonderful find… looking forward to diving in.

  2. Dear Robert,
    Your article on the signs of the zodiac and what we need to do at this juncture in time really struck me. I read it this morning via group.
    Anyway I am a tarot artist and have been designing tarot cards for 25 years currently working on deck #4 and it uses the controversial real sky interpretations. I also focus on full moon signs rather than sun signs, my thing since deck #3 (MAAT Tarot) has been giving the month back to the moon. Anyway my point here in writing was that when I translated what you wrote about each sign and assigned it to my work on building a framework of symbols using precession. When I read it it was overwhelmingly accurate using my system.
    Astounding in fact. I would like permission to paraphrase your pronouncements with full credit to you and apply them to a real sky full moon signs class I am teaching this fall. I would add it as part of the practical application of knowing your full moon precessed sign. People need structure especially now.
    … I think this would be very helpful.
    Thanks for writing this inspirational piece.

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