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Eleventh House Academy with Robert Phoenix is the first time you can learn from Robert’s decades of Astrology experience. If you are interested in learning about your own chart, the chart of a loved one, relationship charts with a boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse, or checking the chart of the moment to see how the current alignment of the planets is affecting your day-to-day and future, then this course is for you.

We cover celebrity charts like Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie, Steve Jobs, Katy Perry, Whitney Houston, Jim Morrison, Audrey Hepburn, John F. Kennedy (JFK), Richard Nixon, Princes Diana (Lady Di), Tom Brady & Gisele, Oprah, Leonardo DiCaprio (Leo) and more!

The Eleventh House is the home of Robert Phoenix, a journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer and psychic medium with over 30 years experience in personal readings and coaching, and has been a media personality in TV and radio. The Eleventh house delves into the supernatural, geopolitics, exopolitics, conspiracy theories, and pop culture. For your own astrology readings, contact me

Videos are iPhone and iPad compatible!! Watch these courses on-the-go on ANY iOS device made since 2011.

Below is everything included

Over 16 hours of Lectures and Labs covering:

Chart Basics

100 LEVEL:

100 Sun Signs
101 Intro to Planets
102 Houses

200 LEVEL:

200 Houses and the Sun
201 Rising Sign
202 Jones Types (LAB)
211 Advanced Planets

300 LEVEL:

301 Major Aspects
302 Minor Aspects
303 Advanced Aspects (LAB)
308 Moon

400 LEVEL:

400 Asteroids Etc. (LAB)
401 Nodes
402 Key LIfe Transits
405 Saturn
408 Chiron
410 Solar Return (LAB)
411 Relationships (LAB)
Relationships = 4 videos totaling 2 hours
412 Chart of the Moment (LAB)


This is where we put everything we’ve learned into practical use by examining the charts of celebrities like Steve Jobs, JFK, Jim Morrison, Meryl Streep, Oprah, Nikola Tesla, and more. This is over two hours of content.


Relocation (LAB)
Progress Chart (LAB)
Sabian Symbols (LAB)
Draconic (LAB)
Rectification (LAB)
Sidereal Astrology (LAB)


Entire 16 Hour Course

Personal Natal Chart & Natal 


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State of Texas
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