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Congratulations, you’ve decided that you want to get an astrological reading. Maybe it’s your first, maybe you’re a returning client, but one thing is certain; You’re in the right place. If it’s your first time and you haven’t been to my bio page, let me tell you a bit about myself.

I’ve been working intensely with people and their charts for the past eight years. Since 2008, I’ve done well over a thousand readings for people from all around the globe. I practice Western, Placidus, Mundane astrology, and bring a background of intuitive and psychic training into the reading process as well. I also studied with the late, psychic-medium, Karen Lundegard.

I focus primarily on transits in the natal chart, looking at how planets in transit can provide the individual with both opportunities and challenges. By understanding both, and being informed, the reading and consultation becomes a process of navigation and the chart is the map of your life.

In the Mayan Dreamspell, I am 13 Caban, Red Cosmic Earth, which is considered the highest degree of navigation and clue tracking in the Tzolkin.

How To

Ordering a Reading

How To Order

Pick out a reading that you want. Pay for the reading. After you receive verification of successful payment, please contact Robert at:  Please send your dob/time/place and phone. Robert will call you back and set your appointment up.


Premium Membership

The Eleventh House Membership

As a Premium Member, you’ll have 1 – total access to my Private Blog. This is an area that’s shut off from Google so that I can speak freely without being banned for controversial remarks or opinions. Regular blog readers won’t have access to this area. 2 – In addition, you will have Private Access to The Eleventh House Group. Again, regular members won’t have access to this area. The group will allow you to have one-on-one conversations with each other in addition to having access to me for questions. 3 –You’ll also receive One Members Only Webinar 4 Times A Year. (These will be posted on Solstice & Equinox points.) 4 – Take 10% OFF of any and all readings, whenever you like! 5 – Also, be the first in line for reservations to Live Events around the country.

Relocation | Astrocartography

When people move or relocate, their chart moves as well. Where and who you were in one place, will be different in another. I was exposed to Astrocartography in 1989 when I consulted with Jim Lewis, one of the founders of Astrocartography. When he ran my cardinal lines, it showed Pluto running right through London. Pluto is often associated with death/rebirth. In 1984, on a one day stay in London, I wound up at a funeral memorial for someone I didn’t even know. When I saw this via Astro, it not only blew my mind, but confirmed the power of the chart in various locations. Since then, I have been a keen adherent for re-locational astrology, helping many over the years plan moves in optimal locations. You make take your issues with you, but the right relocation can help you deal with them in a very different light.


I’ve helped dozens and dozens of people through AstroCoach, where I use your chart and other tools at my disposal to assist you to break through blocks, bonds and barriers in ones life.Intentionality, goal setting and accountability are critical elements of this work that we do together. This is intended for people that are tired of long hours of traditional therapy and are looking for a results oriented approach to their life. I offer six, one hour, session packages for $700, all paid in advance. That’s a little over $100 per session. Sessions must be used in a three-month-window.


Astrology Course

The Eleventh House Astrology Course

In this series I looked at the astrological aspects of the hidden birthday of Jesus, 911, Jack Parsons, The Nuclear Bomb, Obama, The US Chart and many other topics and aspects related to astrology. To this day, it these programs remain some of the most watched content on Gaia. 


Everything Reading

The Everything Reading

This reading is my personal favorite. In it, I use your natal chart, draconic chart, numerology, cards of life, and the Mayan/Arguelles dreamspell to connect the multi-dimensional dots for you and your experience in this lifetime. Patterns emerge, threads come together and a broadloom tapestry of your experience in this lifetime is captured in this 2.5 hour session.

Deep Natal

This comprehensive reading of the natal chart is a must for anyone that hasn’t had their chart read in it’s totality or you need a deeper look at your natal chart. We cover everything from triplicities, to elements, major aspects, minor aspects, asteroids chart type, opportunities and challenges. We’ll also look at times where the chart and life intersect from the past, present and the future. This reading takes TWO HOURS. Zoom or Skype are recommended as it will allow me to create a video record of this very special reading.


Transit Update

Transit Update

Everyone wants insight into where they are at and where they are headed. The transit update provides that and more. It gives me the best opportunity to employ predictive models using transits. Life is not set in stone, reality is not fated, but destiny is cultivated. The responsible use of transits can give us an assessment of the potential that awaits us in the future. I can also address very specific issues and questions regarding ones life and path in the areas of work, relations, moving, finances, basic relationship, etc.. It is the most popular of all the readings/sessions.


Relationships | Synastry

Relationship Readings

I roll my relationship readings into one session, which includes, synastry, two people who bring individual aspects to one another life, and composite where the relationship operates as one entity. It is helpful, though not necessary if both individuals are present. I also work with setting special dates, such as marriages and engagements. Zoom, Skype or phone. 1 Hour — $199. Includes both the synastry and composite charts as well as the recorded session.
Relationship Reports: Each relationship report has over 25 pages of detailed information on how two people can live, work and love together, each delivered as PDFs. They are the following:
Synastry: Two individuals matching up, strengths, weaknesses, warts and all. Where do you soar together and where do you make one another sore?It’s all here in this report. $25.00
Composite: Moving beyond the boundaries of self, who are you together? What is the potential and purpose of your bond with your lover/mate as one force in the world? This report lays it all out. $25.00



Progression Session

Progression Session

Who are you now? What’s your life look like as your chart progresses? After fifty, the progressed chart really kicks in. I look at your progressed Moon, your progressed chart in relational to the natal, transits et al. It’s never over till it’s over and the progressed chart has a new tale to tell.


The Wounded Healer

The Wounded Healer

What is Chiron and why is it important? My personal experience with Chrion (Aquarius/Third House, trine Venus/Mars) allows me to access and articulate the exceptional message of this important and not always understood luminary. What is your sacred wound? When did it occur? How do you integrate it and go from weakness to strength. This reading will focus solely on those aspects looking at Chiron from the natal perspective, present and future transits.


Purpose and Plan

Purpose and Plan

What’s your life purpose and what’s the plan to activate it? The Nodes are essential keys to understanding this critical arc in your life. With my North Node conjunct my MC in Virgo, I’ve made the nodes a key component to my work. From a mundane perspective, my study of the nodes has allowed me to develop highly accurate predictive models on a mundane/worldly level. If you want to understand your true north in this lifetime, this reading is for you. I also look at upcoming nodal transits as well.


The Helping Hand

The Helping Hand

We live in difficult times and I am aware of people who don’t have a lot of resources—I’ve been one of them. I never want to turn anyone away. If you really need or want a session and are strapped, I can work with you. I offer a forty-minute session for $80. With the proper focus and intention, a lot of ground can be covered in a short and condensed setting.



Notes | disclaimer

I will respond within 72 hours after the purchase of your session. I can work with you wherever you are on the planet via Zoom or Skype. I also offer reduced rates for teens (even if their parents pay): One Hour Session: $125. All readings/sales are final unless otherwise agreed upon.

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