Scorpio Full Moon, Atomic Astrology And A Quick Full Moon Primer For All Signs

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Pluto’s Moon is here.

The Scorpio Full Moon rises and with it we experience our deepest desires and hidden fears. These may be momentary or strictly in passing and yet these illusive shadows demand our attention. In opposition to the body (Taurus) Scorpio sends out the more complex signals of the psyche. It is both seductive and threatening and we must engage it, for not to do so would be to give in to it’s lesser role as as psycho-emotional tyrant. Whatever your fears are and how they manifest, the Scorpio Full Moon is a conjuring dream machine. In basic astrology, it is in it’s Fall, completely opposite from the solid and celebrated Taurus Moon. With the Taurus Moon, there is a preternatural feeling of abundance and plenty for all. With the Taurus Moon, especially full, we sit down at the table of life and celebrate it’s harvest, sharing in it’s bounty. It coincides with the month of November and Scorpio, the final days of Fall’s annual reaping.

The Scorpio Full Moon is the mirror opposite. We stare down our compulsions and instead of giving praise to God for all that is holy and good, we see our cups half empty, our dreams unfulfilled, our life’s path as dusty and uncertain. Here is where our fears and shadows rise from the crypt of unknowing. During the Scorpio Full Moon, they are poised and ready to come to light. When they do, the Scorpio Full Moon will operate in a number of different ways. It can trigger intense desire in the individual, more than is probably necessary to achieve one’s goals. With the Scorpio Full Moon, an over-amplification can be set in motion and we generally deal with what we don’t get rather than what we do and as a result, we experience what the poet Wallace Stevens so articulately phrased, “The epistemology of loss.” In essence, we are enlightened through the denial of our desire.

The Tibetan Buddhists would applaud this and not only do they applaud it, they celebrate it as the culmination of Wesak, where the Buddha, dung the sign of Taurus returns to Earth and re-enters into the affairs of men. Ironically, the Buddhists see this moon as the Taurus Full Moon, since it falls under the sign of the bull, but here in the west, it manifests as the dark other. In fact, the Scorpio Full Moon has much more in common with more wrathful Tibetan deities such as Lha-mo, in some ways the Tibetan version of Kali. It’s a beautiful set-up; trigger desire through fear or want or void, channel intensity and sit back and watch what happens. If it all falls to shit, then you get to learn about non-attachment and the timeless humility that attends it. However, even if the Scorpio Full Moon triggers ego death/desire, one shouldn’t shirk from engaging with it.

Sometimes it’s better to push and and even over push than to spend another day in Samsara, dog-paddling with the forces of entropy and slow decay. I remember reading an album liner note from a Todd Rundgren record once; “Anything worth doing, is worth over doing” and in some ways, that exemplifies the power and intensity of the Scorpio Full Moon.

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty, what most people want to get into when we are talking about the Scorpio Full Moon and that is sex. It’s like cigarettes; If you’ve got’em smoke’em. This is a hot Full Moon and some of the psychic overdrive, coupled with intense desire can be worked with through the power of this Full Moon. The gateway is wide open and for two people, consciously attuned, well, we are not quite in Jack Parsons territory, but let’s just say that you can bring power to your creative lives by working with the bodily energy of Taurus via the psychosexual circuitry of Scorpio. The Buddha would be well pleased.

On the collective front, we’re still dealing with Michael Sam and the cake face kiss. It’s culture splitting like an atom. You know, there’s this theory that when they split the atom and exploded the first bomb in White Sands, that it split the nuclear family as well. Coincidentally, we had the first outward manifestations of youth rebellion following it in the 50’s and then the war between the generations in the 60’s. The Scorpio Moon is of course ruled by Pluto and Pluto is synonymous with Plutonium, a ket ingredient in atom and family splitting.

My most recent show on GaiamTv deals with the astrology of that first atomic blast. You can sign up and watch all twenty-two of my shows over at Gaiam by clicking HERE. But getting back to Sam, the Scorpio Full Moon, which is in his First House will bring attitudes, beliefs and deep seated thoughts around sexuality to the surface and of course Sam will be the conduit for it all. Watch the Scorpio Full Moon polarize.

Here’s a quick guide for all signs during this Full Moon.

Don’t be afraid to play with fire, but also don’t be surprised if you get burned.

Till death do you part or Till the little death do you part?

Detox from your negative co-workers.

You know you want to go there. Don’t look back.

Pick your battles on the home front. Is it worth it?

There is no spoon.

Plant seed in the midnight garden

Die again and again and again.

Sometimes the angels are devils in disguise, sent to set you free.

Better think twice about screwing or screwing over a friend.

AQUAEye on the bullseye, hand steady, gently release.

Time to resurrect some passion and joy back into your life. Take flight.

4 thoughts on “Scorpio Full Moon, Atomic Astrology And A Quick Full Moon Primer For All Signs”

  1. t

    Interesting piece as always Robert, thank you. I noticed last week, that some had arranged an ‘American spring’ for Washington d.c., that fell flat on its face. since i viewed this event as orchestrated, to a achieve a bit more ‘splitting of the cultural atom’ as you discuss, i thought it a very positive development. Perhaps the ‘wesak’ energy trumped the darkness, and hopefully that will continue as we go forward. On that note, curious what you make of the meteor shower being hyped up for this saturday night. the backstory around this event seems odd, but i can’t put my finger on why that would be. some report that this is from a comet trail from the 1800’s… given my understanding of how our solar system travels through space (heilical/vortex model), i find that unlikely. so, what is lurking out there? i guess we find out in a couple days.


  2. t

    >>comets are electric

    true… but then again, isn’t everything electric, including the stars, the planets and matter itself? 😉

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