A Sort Of Non Astrological Post In The Post World, Gemini Pamela Geller Strikes Again, And A Chaos Theory

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

subway-ads-jihadGuess who funded the Mohammed cartoon contest?

Boulder 7AM. I’ve just finished two plates of spongiform matter that resembles eggs. The bacon looks like it’s been skinned directly off the backs of unsuspecting pigs. I try to cover the mass consumption in thick gravy, sans biscuit. It’s so generic and bland, but it’s free and I’m waiting for the time where my driver picks me up and takes me to Gaiam, where I’ll be hanging with Regina Meredith for two hours on her show, talking about astrological trends for the Summer and Fall. Then it’s onto my new show, seven, fifteen-minute, astro-hacks where you can pick up on little tricks to give you pithy and insightful astrological tips.

The weather is pure dystopian haze. It’s the same death dew that settled for months in Austin. It adds a deadening pall over the seasonal deceleration in one of America’s favorite, college towns.

I’m no longer staying at The Boulderado, the grande dame of Boulder’s hotels. I’m over at the Best Western, hoofing it to chrome vats of chicken and pig.

Yesterday, I ambled over to the local hipster coffee brew for a legit espresso and while the counter intelligence was cheery, the coffee concentrated, creamy and rich, the overall vibe inside was all monochrome and dense. Everyone was jacked in to connections with other people jacked into their connection in some other gray space. The whole thing felt like the show was over and we were all just living in the after, after party, avoiding eye contact, furtively checking in on our digital selves. Do our digital selves ever check in on us?

Even though the orb is wide-ish, we are still under the spell of the Saturn/Sag, Neptune/Pisces square. The damp of the dark ages is the atmospheric setting for our times. Who is who and what is what?

Down in Dallas, two men were supposedly killed at a Mohammed cartoon contest. ISIS takes credit. Who the hell thinks that having a Mohammed cartoon contest is a good idea? Pamela Geller, that’s who. And who is Pamela Geller? She’s America’s self-appointed, Anti-Muslim, bulldog bitch. Geller is a hardcore, Necon, closet Zionist. She’s also a Gemini.

She only hates Islam because it threatens the sanctity and stability of Israel.

Geller receives large dollops of funding from people like Alan and Hope Winters who are connected to “The Israel Project” and David Yarushalmi, an orthodox Jew who who put $150,000 in Geller’s bank account.

So what the hell is going on here? Yarushalmi claims to hate “Liberal Jews” while taking on everything from Sharia lawyers to Obamacare. Both Geller and Yarushalmi get the thumbs down from Mo Dees and the SPLC, but are they really at odds with one another? Are these polarizing figures all rowing together while pretending not to, and if so, what’s the deal?

It’s pretty clear that the high strange is Helter Skelter, where chaos reigns supreme and there seems to be very little that we can do as we are swarmed on all sides. Black riots in the inner cities, the veiled Muslim threat of ISIS in the South, all seemingly breaking at once.

The other night on Mad Men, Betty, Don’s ex was reading, “Something Wicked This Way Comes.”

Hidden in plain sight.

The first order of business is demoralization. Once a population is demoralized, then the war is nearly over. We’re a long ways down that road as we’ve been heavily pummeled since the 1960’s. Watergate, Iran, 9/11, rigged elections, false flags and reality actors. The collective theater continually plays downcast productions.

The best thing you can do is protect and keep your inner flame alive. You might have to conceal it a bit from the world, but it’s essential. Do everything in your power to not become a soulless automaton. Stay in touch with feelings and heart. Talk with people. Engage. Leave your cellphone at home, on purpose every now and then. Find something that inspires you and support it in whatever way you can. Along with clarity, a little good will goes a very long way. Keep your light alive.

For some more, deeper, astrological insight, check out this interview I did with Clyde Lewis on Ground Zero, just last week. I touch on the chart of Baltimore, Jade Helm and much more.

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