Venus Retrograde, Broadcasting On Spreaker, The Ides of March

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

The-Ides-of-March-Movie-Online-Free1Venus has been retrograde for about a week now and if you haven’t re-visited some aspect of your past, relationship or otherwise there’s still time, since this is on for forty-days and forty nights. Since Venus is currently in my 5th House, I’ve been time traveling around childhood; my sons and mine as he’s just turned thirteen, which has triggered this backwards glance into my past. My world is caught up with serving, helping others, talking, writing, talking more than writing lately, but my life and chart is deeply transpersonal and wired into the collective and beyond. But this Venus retrograde has sent me backwards and in a few moments in time, I realized that all of my grandparents have passed on, my father too. My mother will celebrate her 79th birthday on the Ides of March.

In conjunction with those realizations, I see my son’s biology shooting into the future and my life seems ghostly, a zeitgeist , but that’s only aspect of this Venus Retrograde that I am experiencing. Some of you follow me on my radio show and I did a Venusian retreat out of BlogTalk and I am now over on Spreaker. I’m doing “Fifteen Minutes of Flame” M-Th at 9AM CST. I’m also doing the Friday FARcast, 12 Noon to 1:30PM CST also on Spreaker, and the Youtube livestream on Sunday night.


While we are jacking into the power of Aries/Venus, riding the emotional rails backwards, looking at choices in relationship, there’s another, more collective meaning associated with Venus Retrograde in Aries. Aries is the sign of war, warriors, will, Mars, conflict and of course Venus is of course related to relationship. This retrograde has us looking at our relationship with war, especially as we sense the rumblings of escalated conflicts in the Middle East ie Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Mosul and Syria. A major arms shipment has been approved to the Saudis, while the US has airlifted ISIL commanders out of Mosul, as the Iraqis have stated that they have footage of the US airdropping supplies to ISIL commanders.

While we are on the brink of an American Spring, as Obama’s OFA is poised to make a charge into late March and early April, our attention will be drawn to what’s happening domestically, but hyper-aware Americans will also become more aware of the specter of war over the course of the next three weeks. This is Venus retrograde in Aries in action. We are and will be re-examining our relationship with war. Jupiter is retrograde also in Libra and that’s an expansive energy relating to Venus (Libra) as well.

Libra is a sign that is driven by forms of compromise and mediation. This is an interesting phenomenon, because, while we’re reevaluating where we’ve put our energy in relationships, we’re also reevaluating our relationship with compromise, with Jupiter in a very big way. These energies are not incompatible or mutually exclusive and in fact support one another. It’s personal, it’s collective, it’s the celestial code for awakening as that’s where we are with the array of outer planets and it’s been this way since 2009 when Pluto went into Capricorn. We’ve been in a major transformation with the power elite.

People in astrological circles have been noting that when Pluto hits 27 degrees in February of 2022, that it will augur the end of the United States as we know it, since the country will go through it’s Pluto return. Well that’s partially true. The America that’s metastasized into the beast surveillance state, the arms dealer for the planet and the zombie army for countries in the Middle East that have designs on ancient cultures, vaster lands and oasis’ of oil. This version of America will not make through the Pluto return—thankfully. There’s a new America coming and we are in the first phases of the deconstruction phase as Pluto approaches third decan in Virgo and Virgo is the masses. Speaking of the masses, Wednesday is March 15th, The Ides of March. Digital soothsayers have pinned this date to the virtual wall. There’s some validity as to why this date might have some dark resonance. Check out just a few highlights


In addition to the greatest hits listed above, there’s also the debt ceiling limit which reaches it’s conclusion on the 15th as well, and unless it is raised again, it’s estimated that we’ll run out of federal reserve notes by the middle of summer, which might actually be a strategy employed by Trump to run the economy into the ground and effectively bankrupt the government, which would allow for a major reset with Trump at the helm, but with all of the Goldman Sachs vampires skulking around 1800, don’t count on it, unless of course Atomic Gemini Trump flips the script on the moneychangers. What does the astrology of 3/15 aka “The Ides of March” look like?

There’s a tremendous amount of fire in the sky; Venus, Uranus, Saturn, and Mercury. Here at 3:15 EST, D.C., the Asc is also fire, aka Leo, along with Aries at the MC. Uranus is at the zenith of the chart and that of course is disruption and it’s participating in a T-Square with the aforementioned Jupiter and Pluto, cardinal energies of activation. The energies are hard. Angles break like shards of glass while the trinity of the Sun/Chiron/Neptune in Pisces are all cloistered together, amassing weight and volume, the water that can put out the fire through deep and spiritual understanding is hermetically sealed in some ways, cut off.

I’m interested in the Mercury/Moon inconjunct where there’s a sense of knowing something intuitively, some dark secret about the homeland, and having the clear thought about a subject, let’s say it’s Pizzagate, this coming from the Aries perspective and on the other side of the inconjunct, there’s the Scorpionic hole, the dark portal to the underworld. The broken line of the inconjunct is the jagged journey from the initial perception/thought to perceived outcome. What’s missing between the two are the details. That’s a theme for the day and the day is a theme for our time. It’s the messy details of the truth that we have to flesh out by pushing forward, deeper and further into the unknown. Mercury in Aries is truly a blessing in this regard.

These are amazing times and each day is an alchemical thrust into the future. Here’s the chart for “The Ides of March.”


3 thoughts on “Venus Retrograde, Broadcasting On Spreaker, The Ides of March”

  1. J

    This is such an expressive and succinct piece, Robert, and evokes a visceral understanding of the words you’ve written. I agree that these truly are amazing times and energies in which we’re living, and we have much to gain by maintaining that balanced focus in order to maximize these opportunities for growth and change.

    I’m experiencing personally this dance with power in relationships, war energies and the struggle for authentic power. Of course I’m observing it everywhere all around me. I also have been doing lots of treks down memory lane in quite emotional ways that have left a sense of release and new understanding.

    Thanks for another fabulous sharing.


  2. J

    A Happy Birthday to your Mother – she gave us all a gift for sure.

    Great insight, that’s some list of ‘highlights’… Here’s to internal/external harmonization for all.

    Appreciated the previous article, especially: “The key? Modulate, pulse, disseminate, eliminate, and transmit, while keeping that essential heart valve open.” Timely reminder..

    Thank you for your time & intention Robert!

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