Venus Goes Into Gemini — Learn More About Your Relationships

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Voila_Capture329Venus has just entered curious Gemini and it’s a great time to learn more about the most important, one-on-one relationships in your life. Whether you’re in a LTR or just breaking the waves with someone new, comparing planets and signs between two lives and charts is not only informative, it’s essential. There are two types of charts/readings that are the most commonly used.


Synastry is when two charts are superimposed with one another. It allows us to understand how two individuals operate together inside of a relationship. It accounts for the expression of each person in the relationship, where the potential is, where the challenge is and how it can be worked out. By honoring both people and the interrelated points of connection, couples can see themselves and the relationship as a whole.


The difference between the Synastry method of looking at two people in relationship and the Mid-Point composite is like looking at the separate ingredients of soup, then tasting and taking in the whole soup. The Midpoint Composite chart takes the midpoints between each planet and the ascendant in two charts, and determines s a shared planet/sign/degree/house/ascendant for both people. What emerges is a composite of both people and charts creates an image of the couple as one entity. While the Synastry chart shows both people in their respective strengths and weaknesses, the Midpoint Composite chart unleashes the power as a couple– the couple as a whole entity.

As a celebration of Venus in Gemini, I’m offering both Synastry and Midpoint Composite charts and reports. This is the first time I’ve offered these reports powered by Astrograph.

You can get both reports for $50 or get one for $30.

You’ll receive a Synastry and or Composite chart and detailed reports that breakdown both charts in explicit details.

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2 thoughts on “Venus Goes Into Gemini — Learn More About Your Relationships”

  1. J

    I love my report; it’s been very insightful regarding my own traits and attributes in comparison to my husbands. I can definitely see clearly how we struggle and what to nurture about eachother as individuals working together as a whole. I feel much more confident in our life together as a TEAM; and this report was avery in depth way to see all of our tendencies, patterns, and ultimate goals in working together.
    I should have done this for us a LONG time ago.
    Thank you for always bringing assistance and valuable information to us all.

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