The Story Behind Friday The 13th And The Power Of Scorpio

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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225px-jacquesdemolayHistory High-Jacques Friday The 13th.

Editors note; This was originally posted two years ago. You’ve heard of the “Sultan of Swat” and the “Swami from Miami,” well perhaps not the latter, but I bet you haven’t heard of the “Titan of Tweet.” That would be my friend, “Marvelous” who has taken to tweeting with the zeal of a crusading knight, which makes a nice segue to this post.

Marvelous asked me to comment on “Friday The 13th” and how did this day get such a bad rap? Well, glad you asked Marvelous. Let’s take a deep breath and descend into the symbolic and magical meaning of this day.

Back in the 1300’s, King Phillip of France had sent a communique to the constables throughout France to arrest and imprison all known members of “The Knights Of The Templar” on you guessed it. . . .”Friday The 13th.”

The King and The Pope were in on the game together as the knights were quickly establishing a power base within the monarchy of France and spreading outward through Western Europe. What made the order so dangerous was two-fold. It is widely speculated by authors like Dan Brown and others that the knights were in possession of some very damning information in regards to the life of Jesus and Mary, which they held over the heads of The Roman Catholic Church, deriving stipends from them which for all intents and purposes was hush money. In addition to being a threat to the churches spiritual power base, they were quickly becoming a threat to the economic power base of the monarchies as well. You see, the knights had developed what we now recognize as an early precursor to fractional reserve banking. They were money lenders. They had set up a system where you could give your money to a knights branch in say Lyon. and for a small fee, they would keep it and give you a certificate that you could redeem in say, Paris with a knights branch there. it enabled one to travel freely throughout the countryside without the burden of carrying large sums with them. In essence, this was a very, very, early version of the debit card. They also apparently had a similar debit/credit system that was also in use with knights run businesses where you could redeem your held cash for a particular good or service and have it deducted from your balance sheet. In addition to all of the above, their system was poised to undercut every currency in Europe, especially since the relative value of a guilder versus a franc was often in dispute and not always transferrable from realm to realm. The knights were evolving a universal currency that was not tethered to a particular royal family or principality.

As a result of this, they were rapidly accruing capital while establishing an order that was trans-provinical, or trans-provencal, Provence being the region they originated from.

On that fateful Friday the 13th, in October of 1307, Phillip ordered them rounded up and beheaded. A few escaped and apparently went underground, showing up in places like Scotland where they emerge as the first branch of resurrected Free-Masonry as The Scottish Blue Lodge.

One of the captured and slaughtered knights was one Jacques De Molay, who has become patron saint for all things Masonic. In fact the first degree of initiation reenacts the capture and subsequent murder of De Molay as a ritual sacrifice for all Masons to understand and embody. De Molay in this sense is The Fisher King, the noble christ-knight whose legacy is resurrected in the minions of the order.

So, as a result, we are told that “13” is an unlucky number and especially this day, Friday The 13th, the most of unluckiest of days. It’s interesting how much of our culture is not only permeated with veiled symbolism, but the collective mind and the global brain becomes entrained by these superstitions and memes and they in turn take on a life of their own, infiltrating our psychology and belief systems to the point where they become self-propelling-prophecies. Now we have “Jason” from the film series Friday The 13th, running amok in our psyches, hacking up the vestiges of normalcy, a monster born out of the bloody sacrifice of De Molay and his fellow knights, a celluloid beast who exacts revenge on the sons and daughters of christendom in the theater of their minds.

Astrologically, the most notable aspects for that particular day were a massive stellium of planets in Scorpio, all conjunct within three degrees; Mercury, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, all opposing The Moon in Taurus. We’re talking money, power, clandestine affairs, the undergound versus the status quo, etc. Something had to give–and it did. It’s fascinating to see the scorpionic energy in play as an energetic seal, which becomes an occult current running through time to this very day, reinforcing the superstition regarding the energy of Friday 13th.

Do yourself a favor–steer clear of the fear.

11 thoughts on “The Story Behind Friday The 13th And The Power Of Scorpio”

  1. e

    13 is the number sacred to the Goddess (13 lunar cycles in a year) and Friday is Venus’s day (named after Freya, the Norse Venusian goddess). According to Caroline Casey, pagans traditionally celebrated this special date by making love all day. (No wonder The Man had to go and ruin it…)

    I celebrated the Goddess yesterday by seeing a performance of The Vagina Monologues. Very inspiring.

  2. a

    Emily, makes total sense based on the lunar cycles. Thanks for sharing the insight. I’ll have to do more digging around this now. I’m intrigued.

  3. A

    Wow..pretty cool to see the same response thread. Even better when I read it for the second time to realize the connection between Oct 12th 1491 & Oct 13th 1307 and my own birthday…multiple waves of Atlantean consciousness reMembering inside…Thanks for reposting…I needed it!

  4. R

    Interesting way of cancelling a debt… kill all the people to whom you owe money. I wonder how much Phillip The Fair owed the Templar Knights – in today’s money?

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