The Solar Eclipse Of The Century Hits, Uranus/Pluto Square, GaiamTv’s Astrological Update

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

solar-eclipseBlack Hole Sun.

It’s the astrological highlight of the year, maybe even the century itself. The old prophets stir in their graves of memory and time. The new ones proclaim everything from WWIII to a breakaway shift that snaps the old world and the new in two. CERN’s hum grows as Europe and the world anticipates another surge, an attempt to crack the code of existence, opening a portal so deep, dark and wide that we overwhelmed by energies unspeakable, the animate force of all that is inorganic, the over lighting spirit of Skynet, giving birth to our new rivals on this realm, the agents of artificial intelligence. It’s not the first time it’s happened in this timeline and dimensional theater. They began the process on July 16th, 1945 in White Sands, New Mexico when the first atomic explosion occurred. We are approaching the 70th anniversary of the device they called, “Gadget.”

Gadget is an interesting word. It is often cited and sourced as being linked to the French builder of the Statue of Liberty named “Gaget.” This is not the case. Rudyard Kipling, a Craft Mason was initiated into the lodge in his birthplace, India, used “gadget” in his book, “Traffics and Discoveries,” written in 1904; “Steam gadgets always take him that way”. There are a number of related definitions in Hindi that connected to gadget, including “Kala” which translates into time.

chappie_2015_movie-wideThe gadget that Oppenheimer birthed in an unholy splitting of worlds, at the test site named “Trinity” gave us the culture and industry of gadgetry, the assembly line of distractions. The gadget is the monad of artificial intelligence. It is a simple life form that crawled out of a plasticene vat and has self assembled itself into the likes of CHAPPiE, whose synthetic sentience and mechanized martyrdom hits movie screens all around the world. Before CHAPPiE, we had “Inspector Gadget” a cartoon hero that was part man, part robot I suppose. Gadget was an animated combination of human cum Swiss Army knife, eventually played by Matthew Broderick on the big screen.

Back in a past life, I used to work with autistic and asberger kids, there was one who was seemingly possessed by Inspector Gadget, turning his limbs into radial saws, jackhammers and giant mallets. Eric was his name. He was nine back then. That was thirty-five-years ago for me. Eric is roughly 45 now. But I digress—seriously digress.

CERN is the latest gadget giving birth to the next generation of gadgets, an odd, cute and not too threatening name that is foreshadowing the next wave of life on Earth and it may not be a pretty one. Humans are being cast in a darker and darker light as sordid virtues are celebrated as if they are the forces that will liberate us from our mundane consciousness. Everything is flipped on it’s head and turned sideways; grace, beauty, softness, compassion, nurturing, forgiveness and love are traits that laughed at as the folly of the weak. Courage, commitment, moral authority, defending one’s family, friends and community are the hallmarks of a rogue mentality that is considered unstable at best, hateful and shameful at worst. This is what has become of our humanity—it’s being used against us in an ad hominem attack on organic life itself. Meanwhile our cybernetic and synthetic brethren can do no wrong. They are pure and unsullied by the curse of time. They are the bright, new and shiny forms of this world’s lesser God. We’re old news—we’re history.

032812-music-beefs-azealia-banksOne of the most politically incorrect things one can do at present is to look at European culture and it’s manifest density and notice that it is being put on notice. From the “Burn White Jesus Challenge” to Azealia Banks (Gemini) it’s kill whitey time. Ferguson is the plot incinerator, smoldering, an open wound still not closed. This is part of the damning dance of duality that is being fostered as age old tensions mixed with deadly new ones are stirred a thousand times a day by the crooked mixers and fixers of this domain. A word to all of those who wish to see the white devils evaporate from this plain of existence; Be very careful what you wish for, because you might just be next. Remember, the next chapter of the story isn’t really about us, it’s about the mechanized minions of gadget, who are the receptacles, the empty shells of form to be filled by the makers themselves, believing that they can live here like gods for all of eternity; no rotting flesh, no fading faculties, no nagging conscience, supreme and synthetic, they will be time lords of the temporal domain.

If I were ya’ll, I’d wrap my head around that one for a minute and re-think who the supposed enemy is.

From a much more mundane, western, astrological perspective, there’s a lot to say about this solar eclipse, change of season, new moon phase, the last big action of the Uranus/Pluto square. It is a time of letting go as augured by the conjunction of the Sun/Moon at 29 Pisces, the last degree of the zodiac as the new, astrological year is ushered into being. This is an exciting and dynamic energy inasmuch as it is potentially daunting. It’s no secret that world events vibrate and stir, often pushed with the knowledge of certain astrological forces in play.

Earth_Observation_EISCAT_1-719x499This morning at 9:46 AM, Universal time, the shadow of the Sun obscured the sky over Svaalbard, in Norway. Keep-in-mind, this is where they had the mysterious spiral of blue light that was present when Obama received his Nobel Peace Prize. It is also home to an official HAARP facility known as EISCAT. When it happened, the ascendant of the chart was at 27 Gemini, thus the MC was at 21 Aquarius. Remember, air is the element of magic. Gemini is the sign of duality–Aquarius the sign of rebellion and the change of orders. Energetically, they are front and center, driving their symbolic and etheric energies into the stake of this reality; division and rebellion.

Neptune, Mercury and Chiron are all in super subjective Pisces, and while Pisces is a potentially unifying force, it is also deeply deceptive in that our hopes, wishes and dreams are contained in its vast ocean of potentiality. Those energies are swirling at the world level where anything is possible, but Saturn in Sag tugs and pulls at it. In one direction Saturn is a burning scalpel cutting through the Piscean fog. On another level, any kind of real discernment is swallowed in a cloud frenzied emotion and swirling confusion, out of which Saturn in Sag is re-defined by Neptune’s drama and the mesmerized masses desire for peace and transcendence. While this exists in the world, it is also in you.

Want to burn down the palace of false idols and the phantoms of the past? Well, this is your moment of liberation. Have an addiction or some form of dependence you need to kick? Well tarry no longer, make up your mind /body/spirit with the Sun and the Moon at the 29th degree and leave it all behind. Step into the now/new in spite of what’s happening in Ukraine, Syria, Gaza or Ferguson or any other open wound on the planet—heal your own as the wide trine between Saturn/Sun/Moon suggests a new order, one more solid and secure than the froth of Neptune/Mercury/Chiron.

Here the alchemical marriage seeks union and incarnation into our own lives. What does this mean? It means that we all have the opportunity to resolve our lingering and langering parental issues (mommy and daddy) as Saturn urges us all to grow the fuck up, take the reigns of our lives and loves and step fresh into the light and heat of the astrological new year. All it takes is choice. When you do that, you become the sovereign ruler of your estate. That’s where it all begins and ends.

There’s more of course; the hyper acceleration of Uranus/Jupiter, the peace of Venus as the prime degrees of the 3 in Taurus, but those are the treats after the real work is done.

Bless the demons, banish the bullies, eradicate blame. Own it all and seal the deal of wholeness. It’s your life. Go fully live it. Show the robots how it’s done, Terran style.

For those of you who have enjoyed my talks with Regina Meredith, we recently connected in Boulder at GaiamTV. Here’s a snippet of our conversation about the upcoming transits for the season ahead.

inspirations in a minute huff post

Robert Phoenix reveals Saturn’s Influence on Spring 2015 with Regina Meredith on Open Minds!

3 thoughts on “The Solar Eclipse Of The Century Hits, Uranus/Pluto Square, GaiamTv’s Astrological Update”

  1. P

    Thank you, so much for your spirit, your dedication to expanded knowledge and humanity. I enjoy your interpretations and your tell it like it is style. You are greatly appreciated for your service.

  2. n

    It is interesting to examine the installation of round domelike structures as of late. Large energy requirements, and designed for sports, art, shopping, and such.
    If I wanted to covertly construct particle accelerators in various population centers, that would involve a lot of basement construction.
    Gothic on the surface, wormholes below. The urban techno-posessed. Lovecraft sensed that stuff. Simple geometry and crazy energies.
    Everything new is old again, and those that sense the change have to move to stay still.
    You know, the specs for the underground plumbing do not make sense for those places. High grade stainless steel, in odd diameters. Funny how plumbing crews do not install those systems. When the materials come from Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore labs, it can tend to make one wonder.

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