The Libra Full Moon, Mirroring What We Want And What We Project Ourselves To Be

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Projections and reflections of The Libra Full Moon.

Stepping outside the realm of the hyperreal, astro-matrix for just a post or two, we get back down to basics with the Libra Full Moon. It’s a time to show others how we want to be treated by treating them accordingly. This by the way is something that anyone involved with a Libra, Libra rising, or personal planets in Libra needs to file away, because Libra will almost always show, rather than tell how they want to be treated and related to. So pay close attention. If your Libra partner wants to give you lots of back and foot rubs, it’s a pretty clear indicator that they want the same in return. If they take you to a special restaurant or play a meaningful song, they are giving you insights into their esthetics. If they treat you with a certain aloofness (which Libra can do) they are essentially sending you signals that they want/need space. This is where Libra gets the rep of being passive/aggressive. They can be, for other reasons, but not for the ones just listed. They are simply holding up the mirror of relating, to balance the scales of their inner and outer states.

It’s fascinating to note that the Supreme Court is in deep discussion surrounding the rulings of Prop 8 in California as we are in the Libra Moon and the scales of justice weigh accordingly. No matter where you chime in on the debate, it cannot be denied that astrology is playing a major role in decision making process of a controversial and combustible position that the highest court in the land is weighing out and debating.

Look for Roberts again to be the deciding vote, if indeed it comes down to a vote. Roberts is a first deacan Aquarius, which means he is ruled by Uranus and is unpredictable. His double Uranus whammy was on hand for all the world to see as he awkwardly flubbed the first swearing in of Barack Obama, thus nullifying the oath, which later took place beneath the White House, supposedly with a Masonic and not a traditional bible beneath Obama’s right hand. Even though Roberts is married and is a Catholic, rumors have swirled around him for years as being gay. Ironically, in a strange twist of astro-sync, it was announced today, that the director of the Kennedy Center, Michael Kaiser is going to marry John Roberts, a commodities trader.

The Libra Moon, especially in it’s fullness allows to more fully understand how to do unto others as a way of setting a conscious standard for relating, not just for today but for the rest of the astrological year. Put into place now how you wish to be treated as a seal and you will then have the opportunity to practice this throughout the coming year.

One of the main challenges that pops up in the Libra Moon/Aries Sun opposition is where one self begins and the other ends. Libra can be overly accommodating at times and will often choose to not upturn the apple cart in order to maintain peace and stability; Go along to get along can be it’s mantra. Meanwhile, Aries is anything but accommodating and pliant. Aries knows what it wants and goes after it, regardless of the slings and arrows it might suffer from others that don’t think they’re playing nice. This is one of the key and fundamental dynamics that gets played out in relationships; The dominant versus the passive. The Libra Full Moon can remind us that both people inside a relationship will assume both roles over the course of the relationship, over time. So remember, if you’re on top, it’s always a good thing to treat your position with respect and conscious appreciation, because the great wheel is always turning.

On today’s show, I’ll be doing live, mini-readings and we’ll get into the spirit of the Libra Moon by exploring synastry and composite charts.

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3 thoughts on “The Libra Full Moon, Mirroring What We Want And What We Project Ourselves To Be”

  1. many good and interesting points here but i think we get the libra go-along to-to-get-along theme turned backwards….with aries. whereas aries will have a tat on his head and nose-ring he/she’s less-quick to talk-back to the boss (and is often quite willing to keep an eye on the rest of the crew when need be…it’s all about #1 and getting ahead).
    whereas say john lennon, mahatma ghandi, eminem, bridgette bardot….john coltrane…aleister crowley (?)…much different story here. libra’s a cardinal sign and quite an adept shit-starter and sometimes it’s not always about talking….he’ll play with your feet if there’s a shot at pleasure and meaning through recipricocity.
    and he doesn’t care if he goes second.

  2. p

    Perhaps I’m an Aries, Aries (if u catch me drift) but I gotta say, Aries, all the ones I know and married, aren’t afraid to speak their minds (or is that the mercury conjunct magick?). Its about context and picking battles, we have a habit of finding one everywhere we look.

    BTW…I dont have a tat on my head, I have my entire back covered though and piercings were so 90’s 🙂

    one love and peace,


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