The Leo Full Moon, Solving The Sluggish Energy, Making Peace With The Past

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

full_moon-jupiter-istock_000033252110What a start to the New Year. Rock stars are dropping like flies and nucleated pellets of snow are shot out of the hoary mouth of Jonas. Are we going to start naming forest fires, and earth quakes next? How about naming Bar Mitzvah’s? Weddings? The name Jonas has a few different meanings. In Hebrew, it means, “Dove” and “Gift From God.” In Greek, it means, “sign.” The heaven’s are gifting us with a treasure of signs.

We just came through rare alignment where Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter formed a celestial string of pearls. But even the dazzling array of light in the sky can’t do much for the collective energy.

On Friday, I had a brief chat with Regina Meredith and she asked me why everything was so sluggish and the energy was down? It’s something I had covered during my last interview with her as we looked at the beginning of the year. With both Jupiter and Mercury retrograde in Earth signs, it feels like we’re sliding backwards at times. The footing is slippery and just a little treacherous and with Jonas coughing up icy hairballs, it seems as though Spring can’t come soon enough.


One of the things that we can do is focus on our diet and what we take in as food influences our mood. Eating Winter vegetables and hot soups aren’t only good for the soul, but allows our bodies to align with the tastes and temperatures of the season. Eating seasonally brings us into the essential harmony with the planet itself. Try to avoid heavy grains, especially standard gluten products. With Jupiter moving backwards, it’s time to assess our relationship with gluten and grains, while witnessing what they do to us with bloating and difficult digestion.

We’re already dealing with crap like Glyphosate, which is ripping our guts apart, leaking off into our system. Simpler is better, the pragmatic mantra of Virgo resonates.


I’ve done readings for over fifty people in the past month and one of the themes that’s shown up is a lingering sense of regret. People have been looking back on the experiences of their lives and particularly those that have a strong component of Sag in their charts; Sun, ASC, Moon, Mars, and Saturn in particular. You see, Sag is the sign of the experiencer, the quester, the adventurer, the Bon Vivant. Sag would rather have a great mind tripping, spiritually uplifting, story telling experience over the straight and narrow. William Blake, the visionary Sagittarian poet/philosopher/painter conjured this Proverb Of Hell; “Improvement makes strait roads, but the crooked roads without Improvement, are roads of Genius.”

The crooked road is often the Sagittarian path.

Saturn can be connected with a sense of reckoning, no matter what sign it’s in. Whether it’s Scorpio and power, or Libra and relating, we all go through some form of personal and collective introspection. And in Sag, it’s about how we’ve spent our lives, energy and time. As the economy gets tighter and certain groups like the Boomers and Gen-X get older, time is beginning to collapse in on itself.

So if you’re doing your own version of the past life review, have no fear, you’re not alone. What to do? Go easy on yourself. That’s the first step. You can’t take back those moments and even if you could, there’s no guarantee that you could change anything if you had the opportunity anyway. So own your experiences, mine the past and honor the richness it brought you. Then, if you feel so inclined, get off your lotus positioned bum and do something with them; write, paint, sing, dance your story. Fictionalize your history. Settle your debts with you memory.

We’re all there.


Deep in the heart of Winter, the Leo, Full Moon, radiates and illuminates the night. Years ago, I took my Jupiter in Sag self to the community of Damanhur, just outside of Ivrea, Italy. It was a Leo, Full Moon and I took part in their ritual, which consisted of drumming, dancing, and flashing symbolic signs, all around the oracle, a woman who was in that moment, a conduit for source.

What I remember most, more than the crisp chill in the air, was the sense of pageantry, theater and rich timelessness. Aquarius is the rebel, make no mistake about it and wherever it is in your chart, that’s where you have a revolutionary aspect to who you are. However, in order to engage in a meaningful revolution, you need one quality more than any other. You need heart. Without heart, it’s all a mindfuck.

Again, one of the pulses I’ve picked up on with my clients is a sense of really laying it all out now, that this is it and we can’t save up for a future that’s a fractal potential of an unstable matrix.

People often bring up the notion of timelines with me and they’re quite real. Aligning with them and bringing them into a sense of coherence is essential for who we are and what we can potentially actualize. How does it happen? You live your life with a sense of gusto, brio and love. Whatever you do, especially right now, do it with all you have. Commit 100% and bring it from the heart. Not only will this align with who you are and can become, but it also strengthens the collective immune system.

The Leo, Full Moon challenges us to live and love with ferocity while skirting the edges of ego.

The Apollonian light of the Leo Moon, stepped up is the Christ light, the winter beacon of the soul. Let it shine from the inside out.

6 thoughts on “The Leo Full Moon, Solving The Sluggish Energy, Making Peace With The Past”

  1. Beautifully written and so spot-on. With my Saturn return approaching in my 2nd house I’ve been experiencing deep regret about the way I’ve handled my resources in the past and how it’s led to our current financial issues, effecting my husband as well. Focusing my energy on moving forward with better, more practical decisions for the future. Thank you for this 🙂

  2. C

    So resonate with the Jupiter in Sag/ Blakian aspect of things… Would much rather have soulfulness and bracing adventure over the staid and “secure”.

    Am also doing a life review of sorts, about to switch gears, change directions.

    Who knows what the future holds, but yes — let’s live it with heart!

    “And every Moment has a Couch of gold for soft repose”… — Blake

  3. p

    Me and another friend have been talking all last week why both of us felt “stuck” on our paths…a mutually crooked path of interconnectedness battling the deceivers…thanks for the big(ger) picture view bro!

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