Stepping Back Into The Void — Meaning In The Silence — Understanding The Trance

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

meditation050707.jpgRuminating on the void.

I just found out that this is the first “Wolf Moon” of the year. I love wolves and actually lived with a couple for a while. I found them to be some of the most fascinating creatures I have ever encountered. I hope that everyone enjoyed the lycanthropic energies this weekend. I have a few things hanging out there that I need to tighten up before I step out again into the black pitch of credulity.

Back on the 31st, some of us got together and shared a few moments together while we “Gathered In The Void.” First off, I want to thank all of you who took time out to participate and it seems like there is enough interest to do it again. I think I’ll try to do something in the next month or so as a result.

The intent was to see what kind of communion we could reach in a short period of time. What would we notice in the void? Could we connect? Would the energy and the intention we shared impact the space that we shared it in? I think in some ways, it did. A little bit later on in this post, I will present a brief summation of that experience.

A great friend and supporter of this blog, “Marvelous” gets a little spooked when I start linking to Albert Pike and his dark prophecies, asking me, “Well, what can we do?” My advice to him was to do our best live in love and not fear, because love and fear cannot co-exist. I also mentioned that “The Gathering In The Void” experience was a soft launch towards projecting intention into time, that through the simple act of awareness, we can alter our experience.

One of my favorite magicians is Derren Brown (Pisces). Brown is a master of NLP and one of his many tricks is to employ an NLP technique where he will catch people off guard, often by touching them and begin to put them in a trance, where he can get them to do things they normally wouldn’t do. He’s able to achieve this. because most of the people he encounters are already in a trance! He simply breaks it, just for a moment and then inserts himself into their space, and blends his will with theirs. One of my favorite videos of his, is this one where he goes to New York and pays for things with nothing but blank paper. When he does it, with the fishmonger and the jewelry store owner he’s giving them autocue suggestions, like “just take it.” It’s, well, fairly mesmerizing. If however, someone is aware and not in a trance, here now, in real time, like the hot dog vendor in the same video, Brown is powerless.

This was, in some ways part of the intent behind the gathering, to set into motion a ripple of awareness into the ethers. Perhaps I was not as clear as I could be, and next time, when we do this, I’ll be more specific.

Here are some images and words that came through the experience.





the watch

heat generating from the inside


whit sunday – pentecost

wheat & barley
russell means
new york city
the memory locked in the land
voices for life
a little reptile with yellow shine eyes in egypt

beach in Italy

cemetery with people running around sadly

distant crowd

friends and intelectual conversations

sense of freedom
marigold aka african/mexican marigold
“aftertaste” of the word LOVE in solid white three dimensional times roman type font on a black background
the color violet
a crescent half-moon-crown
a number of pyramids on another planet, positioned towards earth
ancient languages at times, either “celtic” or “gaelic”
outer space to be like a call-center all closed down and quiet, or like city streets before dawn with hardly any movement or traffic

The overall feeling was one of stillness and time passing quickly. Molly saw “flame,” while Tessa picked up on “”heat generating from the inside.” Wheat, barley and bamboo. Images of growth. A little reptile with yellow shine eyes in Egypt” from Rafael, while I saw pyramids on other planets pointing back towards Earth. Molly also chimed in with “whale” on the heels of Tessa’s aliteration of “waiting, the watch, whit sunday, wheat and barley.” Molly and Tessa seemed to be slightly clicking.

I have no doubt that if we continued to have more experiences like this, we would find more commonality, more interconnectedness and more awareness, subtly shifting the space around us and events in the future that are touched in ways that we might never know.

4 thoughts on “Stepping Back Into The Void — Meaning In The Silence — Understanding The Trance”

  1. T

    I’m glad you’ll repeat the experiment, Robert. I don’t think I was quite on the right track. I’m not into meditation in general, as most of the others who took part probably are. I’m mostly in the here and now, feet on the ground, eyes open. But that doesn’t mean I discount the kind of thing you have in mind – I think it’s a valuable experiment. I would close my eyes next time for sure! 🙂

  2. I think the underworld is shaking us up little by little. The world now demands truth above all, but sometimes people don’t even realize it, the days are getting harder to find a reality that fits our profit to express our authentic self in the collective picture. I found this ‘the void’ experiment was terrific, a good exercise to understand and experience our own vibration as society, as humanity, I hope to do it more, and I hope more people to join it, in order to vision a superior/higher understanding of this new conscious we all are getting to.

  3. a

    Thanks Rafael and Twilight. I couldn’t agree more about the world shaking us up. I truly believe that we are being called upon to express our most authentic selves, now more than ever. Pluto in Capricorn will facilitate it, driving us towards our highest point of personal expression and being.

  4. T

    By your terms, a “gathering in the void,” is absolutely open, flexible, empty. No directions, invocations, or permissions. That is what caught my attention, and led me to return and contemplate the premise. Finally, to set the intention to join.

    The void is absence. You asked us to gather, not as transmitters, receivers, or collaborators, simply to lend our consciousness. A wise and worthy premise.

    Twilight comments that “most of the other who took part probably are [into meditation].” That’s an interesting conclusion.

    Meditation is many things for many people, I’m sure. For me, I use breath and yoga poses to calm monkey mind and still the seeking impulse to just “be.” Although a long hot shower works about as well.

    I would like to gather again, Robert. And perhaps before Saturn stations again.

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