Scorpio Sun, Taurus Full Moon, Bill And Hilary And The Sollunar Connection Of Eternal Hunger

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

bill_hillary_rectTaurus (Brown) on the left, Scorpio (Black) on the right.

Just in time, mega storm Patricia hit the Gulf Coast as the Sun shifted into Scorpio. Weather is always a fine and dramatic indicator when signs change, especially into the deceptively calm Scorpio. On the surface, Scorpio doesn’t blink, doesn’t flinch. It’s the ultimate poker face of the zodiac. But beneath the surface there’s a raging storm churning, swirling, dark waters, sunken treasures. The Sun is currently in Scorpio, but the majority of the inner planets are still in Virgo and Libra. Venus, since it is in the close proximity to the Sun, is either in the sign of the Sun just ahead or behind. It is not as common when it is two signs behind, but this is the case when there’s a Venus retrograde and we just went through one, putting Venus in Virgo, essentially two signs behind the Scorpio Sun. This aspect forms a semi-square at present but will move into semi-sextile as Venus closes the gap and gets closer to 30 degrees.

The semi-sqaure is a like a nagging pain that you have to take care of deal with. As the Venus moves forwards into semi-sextile mode, the potential for activating change has arrived. When they eventually conjunct, the process is complete.

In the case of the Scorpio Sun and Venus in Virgo, we have complimentary energies working together. In fact, if there was another rising sign that was similar in some ways as Scorpio, it would be Virgo, not from the place of physical description, because the two would look very, very different. However, from what they show the world and what’s beneath the surface, they have much in common.

Scorpio hides behind the veneer and exterior of control. They are managing the potential of emotion chaos beneath the surface, since the opposite sign is Taurus that demands form, creation and order. Scorpio is in the service of that process, which is why it has at times been given a bad name as manipulative, dark and scheming. It’s because Taurus is demanding resources. The Earth is hungry for psychic impregnation, out of which new life is constructed and formed. Scorpio’s mission is that of a pathfinder and in shamanic terms, a stalker. It is on the lookout for energy and the aforementioned resources to build. It can’t help it—it’s Scorpio’s nature. So weather it’s dollars, orgasms, or deep contact, Scorpio is always involved in some kind of power exchange.

The mature Scorpio has a handle on this and once enough resources have been accrued, the flow can go in the other direction and Scorpio can be a powerful rebuilder and reformer, moving physical and psychical assets across the chart into the area where it finds manifestation. But in order for Scorpio to do this, they must have enough. But how much is enough and when does the Scorpio native know it?

Hilary Clinton, Scorpio/Scorpio rising is a classic case in point around this question. She has hundreds of millions at her disposal thanks to a myriad of deals she’s done since she got executive privilege in her life as one half of the bloodline power couple.

If one goes back into the history of the Clinton’s and Bill’s tenure as Governor of Arkansas and Hilary as a key partner in the Rose Law Firm, one can see the heavy hand of Scorpio power exchange in action.

While Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas, he started “The Arkansas Development and Finance Authority.” It was framed as an agency that could take public money, ie tax payer dollars and funnel them into Arkansas related projects for the state and the public good. Well, it was just a shell for running loans, backed and guaranteed by state dollars to Bill’s friend and business cronies. The company that processed all the applications that went through the ADFA was the Rose Law firm, where Scorpio Hilary oversaw each application and approved it based the value it had to her, Bill and the empire they were building in Arkansas. If you want to go down the rabbit hole deep enough, you’ll uncover Mena, Iran/Contra, The CIA, The Bushes and the birth of crack houses across the country, a veritable snow blind of deception, corruption and numerous deaths, leading to Waco and Oklahoma City. But this post isn’t really about that. It’s about Scorpio, Taurus, the Full Moon, Virgo, Venus, et al. So let’s get on with it.


Here’s a chart that has Bill’s planet’s on the inner wheel and Hilary’s on the outer. Bill’s a Libra rising. Of course he is. He’s all charm and good looks. Neptune, Mars, Venus all conjoined, loved by women (Venus) and men (Mars) equally. Neptunian savior syndrome packaged perfectly, sociopathic liar program built in, Jupiter expanding it all. Now Neptune on the ASC doesn’t automatically make him a sociopath for the highest bidder. Neptune can also hint at profound spiritual potential as a personality, but many people can’t handle it. It’s an enormous test for the personality and temptation is heavy in this chart with seductive Venus and demanding Mars also there. Jupiter is real good at justification, especially in Libra, where as long as everyone gets their fair share, what’s the harm?

Sometimes, it’s easy for me to dip my toes into the bracing rapids of the raging moral river because I haven’t had a ton of money or possessions in my life, so I don’t know how I’d respond, but I know that if I became an overnight sensation, I don’t think I’d change much now, but thirty years ago, well, that’s another story altogether.

So given all that, I think Bill Clinton or his series of clones have failed his spiritual test miserably. He got the worldly stuff, but succumbed to the low hanging fruit, the Gennfier Flowers, the Monca Lewisnkys and a bevvy of bee hive southern girls carted around by the Arkansas State Police. BTW, I once met Gennifer Flowers on a strange night in New Orleans the night before Halloween replete with a Nick Nightingale character, playing piano as our hook up, but that’s for another time. Oh and Aquarius Flowers would have been a better, long term fit for Bill than Hilary.

Check out Clinton’s chart. He has Moon in Taurus in the 8th House. That’s other people’s money and the Moon in Taurus luxuriates in resources. It needs it as we have already determined.

Now look just outside the ring near Bill’s Moon. That’s Hilary’s True Node, sitting right on Bill’s Moon. Her purpose was to be the power behind the throne and contribute as much as she could to feeding that hungry Moon. Cross the chart and you’ll see Hilary’s Sun. Chiron, SN, and Venus in Bill’s Second House, the House of Taurus, pouring her psychic energies into helping the Clinton clan gather as much money, resources and power as possible with Bill’s Moon in an almost endless quest for more.

If his Moon were in a different House, would the outcome and intention be different? Possibly. A Sixth House Moon would be more selfless. A Seventh House Moon would be committed and might be inclined to share more. A Fourth House Moon would be dedicated to being a loving parent, construction a stable home. The Moon in Taurus is exalted, but in the Eighth House it becomes like a Scorpio Moon, now in detriment. It’s never enough.

But that’s on Bill’s side of the ledger sheet. What about Hilary?

Hilary is hard to pin down, since most of her chart is hidden from the world in her 12th House. Who knows what really motivates her? Maybe it’s money, sex and power or maybe it’s a shadowy figure that comes to her in the vacant hours of the morning promising her godlike status and sweet virgins till the Sun grows cold, making her fulfill the details of the deal signed long ago. Or maybe it’s that one degree Jupiter in Sag in the First House which always clamors for one more drink, one more kiss, and one more vote. But whatever it is, I doubt that her dedication to the political life has much to do with service, even though her MC is colored by Virgo.

Speaking of Virgo, I need to complete my Scorpio/Virgo link, since we have an abundance of both at present. While Scorpio wants control for resources, Virgo wants control to stem the tide of chaos it is constantly dealing with, with Pisces in opposition. Virgo, like Scorpio appears to be cool and calm on the surface, always together, but again, it is dealing with the deep tides and dark, swirling currents beneath the surface. Pisces is pure chaos and Virgo’s lot in life is to modulate it, turn it into order. So in reality, Virgo and Scorpio have a few things in common, albeit different in modulation and to some extent moderation as Scorpio can go to extremes in pursuit of the all important resource and matter.

With Sun in Scorpio and Venus (also Mars) in Virgo, we approach the space where the Sun and Venus are at an angular relationship and this is a unique aspect that needs to be looked at.

Since this aspect starts with a semi-square, and then a semi-sextile, there’s an activation that needs to take place once the slight discomfort is discovered. If you put a little extra effort into cleaning up relationships, you can transform them. That can be your relationship with others, your resources and your home. Get into them and roll your sleeves up. This is a rare moment to activate mutable energy (Virgo), which is change and fixed energy (Scorpio), which is fulfillment amidst the Full Moon. It won’t last too long, so take advantage of it. The Sun, even if it is the late Fall, cold Sun is still bringing light to all things Venusian. Next year, Venus moves ahead of the Sun and we are guided more by feeling than action and doing. Get it done now.

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