Saturn In Virgo vs. Uranus In Pisces, The Meaning Of Work And Pluto In Virgo Generation, Gets Lit Up

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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obamaWith Pluto in Virgo, will Obama get serious about work?

As Saturn still drifts in opposition to Uranus, the healthcare debate still lingers on and on and on and on and on. Meanwhile, jobless numbers are up, not down. In the previous look at this alignment, we began to see the disparity between the ideal of the healthcare debate and the reality of the economy.

There’s a lingering echo of the Bubonic Plague in the air, when Uranus was in Pisces at 23 degrees in September of 1339, when it officially crossed Crimea into Europe. The plague wiped out a burgeoning class of highly skilled workers, who had honed their craft over generations of work and devotion on the great cathedrals. The rise of guilds and charters, the growth of crops, as Europe entered a warming trend, all collapsed in the wake of the black death. The flower of Europe’s high middle ages was sick in the bud. Monarchies survived and while the tax base decreased, their power was more, not less consolidated than pre-plague conditions. Humanity in the west was forced to retreat back into survival, not thrival mode.

So here we are again, with Uranus in Pisces and Saturn in Virgo. At the end of the last post I alluded to how this cycle was significantly different though, during both historical and cosmic cycles.

From 1957 to 1971, fourteen years, Pluto was in Virgo. The generation that is marked by this alignment has recently been dubbed “Generation Jones.” I used to call it the “blank” generation” based on the scorching punk narrative of Richard Hell. This generation, which I have written about before is ostensibly here to re-define the idea and ideal of work, healing, and ultimately purpose through service. Personalities born during this era are coming to the fore in society. Of course, the most emblematic, being Barack Obama, who ironically has the greatest power and opportunity to assist in redefining work, in almost any other area of his chart. If he equates volunteerism with this new paradigm of work, he is only hitting on half the equation. He has the power in his chart to re-vamp work and what it means to make money. This could manifest as some form of more socialist model, which seems more than less in line with his prevailing strategy of concentrating power in the hands of the fed in conjunction with well placed corporate interests, but this would be missing the mark.

There is a film that’s about to hit, it’s called “Lemonade” and it details how the lives of professionals have changed, often for the better, since they were laid off. This is where the opportunity of the “Pluto In Virgo” generation comes to the fore. As Saturn has been sweeping across their natal Pluto(s) over the past three years, a major, transformational transit, it’s lighting up their desire to do something more meaningful than previous incarnations in the work place. For me, it happened in 2007, when I had a corporate job and Saturn was moving across my ninth house and conjuncting my own natal Pluto just before my mid-heaven. Long story short, I got caught in a power play between a client and the business, with no resolve in sight. In the end, it added to my losing my job once the dominoes fell in the work place. The result? I’m sitting here, typing these words.

There is a whole, sub-generation of people that are waking up. We are understanding what work and power and purpose mean. Saturn has activated Pluto in our charts and we are going to authentically shape the destiny of work, service and healing. Films like the aforementioned, “Lemonade” along with others like “Food Inc,” “Crude.” and “Under Our Skin” are all going to change the public debate about what we put into our bodies, who controls the flow of food and why, the despoiling of nature and a culture and of course the almost conspiratorial lack of treatment when it comes to diseases like “Lyme.” This is what the Pluto in Virgo generation is bringing to the table now that Saturn has roused us from the slumber of our complacency. So while Saturn might be opposing Uranus, it’s a whole cadre of souls that are deeply concerned with purpose, meaning, health and the environment that are going to make their mark on this world, transforming the concept of work, during a time where there is none.

4 thoughts on “Saturn In Virgo vs. Uranus In Pisces, The Meaning Of Work And Pluto In Virgo Generation, Gets Lit Up”

  1. A

    As a member of the Pluto in Virgo Conj. Uranus generation, I can totally relate redefining work and healing. Back in 92, I lost my job in a doctors office. At the time, loosing my job felt like a major blow and I did a lot of soul searching before I became an apprentice to a Macrobiotic chef. Six months later, I had my own clients and was self employed for six years. I know there was a reason for being fired and maybe you do as well. It’s all for the better Robert even if it feels like poop now.

  2. The parents of Generation Jones believed that if you worked hard and reliably, you’d have a job for life. If you saved your money, you’d have a comfortable retirement. But for Generation J, it didn’t make any difference how hard you worked, you could get laid off anyway. 401K’s are bigger gambles than a weekend at Foxwood’s. When we were younger we just took this as the vagaries of life. Now that many of us are older, and having to rebuild our lives not just once but twice, this current astrological cycle of Saturn opposing Uranus underlines our struggle not just for self definition but for survival.

  3. K

    wow. I mean…..WOW.

    3 days ago, researching a movie piece I was working on, I came across the term “Generation Jones”. Have not stopped thinking about since, so much so that tonight (this morning?), I’m working on the next article and decide to maybe do in from a Gen.Jones aspect, and stumble upon your blog. Love it, love it, LOVE IT! I wish I had time to read every post right now, but I’ve got a deadline. I’ll definitely be back asap to read this starting at post #1.

    Would REALLY like to see more of your commentary on Gen.Jones and Obama, really anyone who falls into that demo. For the longest time, friends & I have talked about the *weirdness* that separated us from older baby boomers. I have to think it’s the Pluto in Virgo, for sure. For what it’s worth, my Pluto is at 0 Virgo – Station Direct.

    I’m particularly interested in your mentioning what happened to you in 2007. We must be about the same age, because I got hammered, too……….but in the 6th house. Apparently, we’ve had pretty similar experiences……….I only recently started freelance writing (movie reviews), but it’s going better than anything I’ve ever worked at in my life, and seems to be gaining momentum.

    We should compare notes sometime (I’m 12-1-56). Where have you been all my life?!?!!??? lol

    (and I can’t wait to go back and read about Alex Jones………HOW did I miss that story?? I must have missed C2C that night!)

    Thanks for the inspiration…………I WILL be back!!

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