Meditations On Mars Retrograde, Male Power, Fascism And The Sag Moon’s Call To Freedom

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

july-skywatching-portlandAs I raced around downtown Austin last night on my bike, tracking the Scorpio Moon in it’s haloed gaze upon the Owl building, I caromed and careened my way to Sixth St., weaving my way through traffic with the reckless abandon of a fifteen-year-old. It felt good to be alive, rattling the bones of my past life before the levee broke. It’s been seven-years since the death of my father and the end of my marriage, and it’s taken me nearly this long to move through the trauma buried under the shale of my psyche. This isn’t just my process—everyone else has a version of this—more or less. But here is the key, we can move through this now. Profound healing is available, but you have to do the work, put in the time, face yourself and love yourself in ways that are often difficult because we’ve been so entrained and ingrained in our pain and the world now celebrates victims with quick fixes and vigils on demand.

Sixth Street was locked and loaded with heavy police presence. They were there in force to prevent another “Orlando” like event. Do we even remember what so-called reality was like before it got hi-jacked on 9/11/01? Now it’s all just one psyop after the next, small explosions of the mind, a trip-wired reality that’s getting more and more tiresome by the day.

I’ve been talking about the Mars retrograde in the USA chart for the past few weeks, along with the Saturn retrograde in Sag, opposing Saturn in Gemini on 9/11/16. The ghosts of buildings 1 and 2 were rising, a memory from a hazy past that might not have even existed in the first place.

In a few, short weeks, a new version of “Ghostbusters” will hit the screens with all of the leads re-cast as women. It’s just the latest overwriting of culture and history. This is what happened when Stalin died. He was literally removed from Soviet cinema where he was portrayed. His images all over Moscow and the 12 time zones were also scrubbed clean. When regime change comes, the preexisting order and all of its images and memories must be eradicated. We’ve seen this in cinema for the past decade or more. “Ghostbusters” is just the latest, and of course it’s women who have control over the ectoplasmic phallus. I digress—slightly.

There is an overt attempt to reduce the strong, positive, male influence in our society. This isn’t by accident. Strong, informed and confident young men are a threat to an emerging paradigm that wants any and all competition wiped clean from the face the Earth. Boys have been having issues for decades now and prescribed Ritalin by the school nurse, which alters their still forming brains, while girls are promoted at every turn as strong, and courageous, pushed into the sciences by one PSA after the next, while boys are being herded into the virtual pens of their minds, escaping into digital domains where their thwarted selves gain dominance and power as trigger-happy soldiers of fortune, slaughtering aliens, vampires and zombies. Nice diversion—isn’t it?

I’ve seen this first hand with my son, listening to reports of teachers, almost always female, with a subtle axe to grind with boys and men in general.

Mars retrograde, in any sign, brings these sorts of things up, older archetypes of male energy, revisiting them through time and wondering where all the heroes went? Now we’ve got Milo Yiannopoulos.

Don’t get me wrong, those old images were also in many cases, conflated and flawed. It’s what we were given because there was an overt need for the male psyche to express itself as a protector of women, children and the less fortunate and as always, this was perverted and promoted for the service of war and the military industrial complex, urging our young men to die for bankers and industrialists in a misplaced thrust of country, God and family. This Mars in Scorpio retro has the potential of not just dredging up demons and ghosts from the gels of celluloid cages, but can remind us of where the power of the male has been dormant, frozen under the tundra of tedium and time.

The images leading up to 23/24 degrees in Scorpio, from the Sabian Symbols reflect this. We have, 20/21, “Obeying His Conscience, A Soldier Resists Orders,” 21/22, “Hunters Shooting Wild Ducks” (This was the Scalia death degree), 22/23, “A Rabbit Metamorphoses A Nature Spirit” is about the transcendence of fear into a primal force. Which brings us to the critical degrees of 23/24, “After Having Heard An Inspired Individual Deliver His “Sermon On The Mount,” Crowds Are Returning Home.” This image speaks to what people do after they’ve been inspired or moved. What is their call-to-action?

Tomorrow’s Sag Full Moon emerges out of the bloody cesspool of cinematic slaughter and club death of the USA 12th House, lurching onto the ascendant, illuminating truth and it’s ugly sibling, judgment. Sag is a sign that’s capable of great vision and a startling commitment to truth. However, it can also veer towards a version of fascism that believes it is necessary to exert control in forceful manner for the betterment of the populace. Fascism is convinced that it’s truth is actually benevolent and at heart, what’s best for the people, even if they don’t fully understand it. That’s a paternalistic form of Fascism, one practiced by the likes of Hitler, Mussolini and Franco (who was a Sag). Funny that all three were fire signs; Aries/Leo/Sag in order.

Then there’s another form of Fascism that isn’t paternalistic at all. It’s a brand of control that is more concerned with a general leveling of society and culture in general, an eradication of history, ideas and customs. Traditional Fascism veers towards the past and the preservation of culture, in an attempt to preserve order, but the new face Fascism wants to decimate the past and quaint ideas like social memory and historical strands of DNA. Ultimately, it is a system occupied by so-called great men, who through the force of their will, alter reality. While the Axis of Evil has always been associated with Fascism (especially Mussolini), Mao, Stalin, and Castro were as equally fascist, but were cast as liberators, not blood thirsty dictators, thanks in large part due to the press and their slobbering, ongoing love affair with Socialism.

It will be interesting to see what this Full Moon will have on Donald Trump, since he was born on the Sag, Full Moon. Obviously, it would illuminate the fascist meme, with his Moon hanging out in his 4th House, where Cancerian values dominate. His South Node is there as well, and it’s a tricky place for Trump. Will his weakness for order be exposed and promoted as evil, or will the other side, people awakening from their slumber see him as running a program that’s being inserted to divert them from the ultimate epiphany of breaking free from the matrix of control? And that boys and girls is your lesson on this Sag Full Moon. Express your truth, let your untethered, inner expression come to the fore in the service of awakening. Tend to your emotionally sovereign state without taking prisoners and shooting them for their dissenting points of view. Allow them to state their case and keep going deeper into the profundity of your being and the freedom of not being defined by the soulless robots, put here exactly for this reason alone; to define the nature of freedom as an organic, galactic being, a revelatory thought in the mind of prime creation.

13 thoughts on “Meditations On Mars Retrograde, Male Power, Fascism And The Sag Moon’s Call To Freedom”

  1. E

    Thank you Robert for sharing your organic truth and inspiring us to do the same in our lives to participate in the creation of the acquarian age.

  2. N

    Brazil. Light the torch. After dealing with all the blowback.
    Dead shamans. Zika feminists. They shot the token male jaguar.

    This human cognitive collective is a hell of a thing. Enough to anger some to break vows to stay out.

    Interesting that what is called the weather can scale into the depths and the far reaches of the heavens. Only required when bad behavior generates angry omens.

    I do not know if this can calm down enough to stay busy in other places. Probably local, and entangled.

  3. j

    Very good point Robert!!, as I said its always nice to read you, we are on the same page here, with astrology and all this shit, lol, Ive notice all this “men pushed down” i thought Virgo Plutos didnt like talking about it at all, cause you were born and raised to the Cancerian mother world, we just entered the opposite version of Pluto in Cancer, and the young generations will remember what the world was before Pluto in Capricorn, but sometimes I wonder about your generation, and I must say it again, Virgo Pluto’s are actually heroes, you’re the ones facing the new world at such a mature age, youre on the middle, you lived all your youth and life on the Cancer side, now that we are on the Goat side, youre on the other half of your life, now youre grown ups, and youre teaching us how to live and to stay strng regardless these crude raw circumstances, because you know as Virgo generation, intuitevely that life is that harsh….,.. and cruel, like the goat itself is, youre the guys flying on a rocket-ship, into space, discovering the new world, a new reality that the boomers are avoiding like it isnt reality, the crab generation are too old, the scales generation are just following, but its us the Scorpio generation, the one facing it face to face, cause its our sextile, and trust me it is painful, on Cancer Pluto, the people just had to work and have a house at a young age, raise a family and live a life, now its the total opposite, we have to have a house in order to have a job (not to have a job to have a house), the main focus today isnt having a house and family, its having a good job, not just a job, today you cant just go and have a farm, thats like a joke for my generation, you need a CV to be dishwasher (im not joking here), you need to have a nice house, so you can have plenty of money, so you can pay a good education, have degrees and be the best student and desirable employee, you know how many people can have that opportunity? 1% over the whole young population, what about the other 99%, theres not even enough room on the universities, its all a joke and reality its rebelling today, cause over population is being showed today, and people is having to discriminate the endangered like they dont exist, people is treating us Scorpio Plutos like we are street dogs, no joking here, girls and boys, most of the people i know around my age, is still living with their parents, and we are already adults, we are getting older and we cant scape, even the ones that have amazing careers and good jobs, are spending their money on everything else but having a house and the majority are still living with their parents, the majority, its really rare to meet someone who is already independent, and overpopulation has nothing to with this, cause 8 years ago it was still sagg pluto, we were still on the cancer side, and the population hasnt changed at all, and libra plutos could get jobs, houses and leave, but today? wtf is going on? why are the old generations not allowing us to do the stuff we need to do, theyre depriving us from having a family, i wana have kids and live my life, but it feels like im on prison, if the old generations could just learn to give us the place we deserve with no drama that would be nice, because at the end, sagittarius plutos will be on our same situation, trust me, even worse. Im not really afraid of Pluto in Aquarius as it wont be our sextile anymore, but the Capricorn generation is gona proclaim whats theirs at such a young age, and when i say young, i mean YOUNG, once its aquarius pluto, these guys will want what belongs to them, they will make some sort of a war, and the Sagg generation will follow them, sagittarius plutos will be on their sextile, with neptune in aries making everything crazier. Lets not go that far, have u ever thik of the last decanate of Pluto in Capricorn, in 3 years, the last time pluto was transiting the last decanate of Capricorn, Scorpio Plutos made the american revolution, cause libra plutos wanted some stupid shit and control, and guess what, saggitarius plutos were the majority of soldiers, following the scorpio pluto maniacs…. just saying, lol, i only hope they dont start trying to have some sort of control this 2019 cause the young generations wont cope with that anymore, we are not investing on houses as much as we are paid, we just dont care about the old world, we are just pretending but tbh we dont care

    1. a

      Maybe what we really need, is a generation war, and just get it over with. Pluto in Scorp wants to kill the fathers they didn’t have and Pluto in Leo wants to kill the ones they did have. Pluto in Virgo will bury the dead, while Pluto in Libra will create poetic eulogies about them for the living.


  4. T

    I once started writing lyrics to a folk guitar song , called Pluto in Pisces . . . ” I want to be alive when Pluto’s in Pisces….. ( fill in blanks ; da da da duh duh duh ) …. and sail the seven seas….
    I know she’ll be waiting there, waiting just for me , (da da da duh duh duh) when Pluto’s in Pisces.

    Anyone want to fill it in ?

    How cool would it be for Robert’s readers , who write well by the way, to compose a song together and have Robert publish it ?!!

    My Neptune Pisces wish.

    I have the tune in my head…. If it is wanted, I can call RP’s show and such. I’m not a trained singer , so I’m not doing this for me.

    We’d have to find a folk singer. A male .

    Thanks Robert

  5. T

    Apparently you are one of the many men who are having trouble accepting the changing paradigm of women’s equality. Women aren’t being “promoted” nor are men being “demoted”. Women are finally become equals and all insecure men are threatened, except for all the young men in our society which have been raised by single mothers for the past 40 years and do not believe the crap of male superiority. Your age is showing. I’m willing to be you’re middle aged. You’re a dinosaur and headed for extinction.

    1. a

      That’s okay Trish. When I’m a dinosaur and then a fossil and gone, then you can deal with the new, Sharia paradigm for women and my POV will look like Buddha’s to you.

  6. J

    LoL Trish, you dont have to talk to Rob like that, you need to understand he came from a different generation, im a Scorpio Pluto and neither do i am liking this men being demoted… Cause at the end its Virgo Plutos the one suffering, also Libra Plutos, cause Leo Plutos are already old sitting on their fuking ass thrones… srsly, what i mean by just Virgo and Libra, is that these guys are too good, and too perfect that they followed all this “men superiority” on the wrong side… These guys are suffering the “demoting” of men like its hell cause at the end they were the ones accepting this world. They dont know how to deal with anything at all, so all they do is try to empower the false mascara of being a man. AND being a fuking MAN doesnt mean ACTING strong, get drunk, like sports, have a girlfriend, marry and have kids, you guys must be kidding to think if thats reality, which in fact, reality check Capricorn Pluto is showing us that today, and i find it funny how Leo generations are finding so hard to cope with, so dont blame Robert Phoenix that much, he isnt a Leo Boomer, hes a Virgo Pluto and thats already Ok, I find them really open and willing to adapt to the new world, i mean its hard but if u use the right words and “seduce” them with an ideal or an idea, theyre in, even if just for an hour, and for me thats already fine.

    He also has good points and you dont need to blame him as a weak man who is not accepting change, hes wise, and he was just trying to make a point, women are indeed trying to play the man’s role, and men are becoming really pussy, guess whats the outcome? something that women are hating so much these days? something that the young generations are doing, Virgo Plutos are freaking out and women never expected… Google the terms Brojob, google how many women have found out grindr on their husbands app, google how many wifes are so upset about their conversations with trannies, bisexuals and gay people, its really becoming too common these days, its just matter of time, and women are really annoyed by this, cause they really thought they could get a perfect world, where they could domain, guess whats gonna happen? we will have Rome and Greece times back in a matter of seconds, with all the bisexuality open to the core and bones…. Didnt you expect that to be obvious? like, women are coming to power for the first time, on a world where men didnt want to remind their “dark” bisexual side, thanks to all these man empowering, guess what will happen once you fully take this superiority and empowering from men that has been here for ages, well to me it sounds obvious, its like on a prison, did you know that men have sex with all men inside prison right? just google it too, theres even forums from goverment sites with milliones of pages from men telling their story, with no morbid sense but to show the world the reality of what really happens in men behavior, something pretty much natural, something that will eventually happen once men are fully taken from their pedestal. I guess then you women are doing right, since youre trying to bring Rome and Greece back, guess its fair, all youll be doing is dance and be pretty and merry, but no schools and education for you sorry. Thats the world youre begging for, women dont like to work anyway so….

    Im not having a discussion with, i guess youre a scorpio pluto too, and i understand that the biggest elephants on the room are Virgos and Leos Plutos, Id like to say Libras as well but these guys are at least giving us the theory, maybe not the actual action, but their theoretical approach and support is what we need at least….

    So yeah, lets wait what the future will bring, btw,, im having STRONG feelings and vibes for the last decanate of Pluto in Capricorn, i really dont know why, but it feels really bold, and feel like many bad sht will happen, hoping that it will be the last drop for Scorpio PLutos start the transformation… leading a basis for Pluto in Aquarius and our truth seeking Saggitarius Plutos which will be the ones on the SCENE once its Aqua Pluto and i also have really akward vibes from these guys, like they will just destroy shit, good or bad

    1. a

      LOL, thanks JD. Keep your eyes on the Pluto Sag kids, because they might not be so down with whatever Pluto in Scorp is cooking up. Sag has a bit of a fascistic side to it, especially if they are motivated by a sense of morality. My son is Pluto in Sag so I get to be around his peer group a lot and for the most part, these are pretty conservative kids. I’m talking third Decan, very different from first decan where they had both Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius.

  7. J

    Lol yes!!! Just like we hate Libra Plutos but at the end up realizing that they’re the ONLY ones helping us, as they’re the closer ones to our ideals, then clinging up to them… we understand they won’t be willing to go as deep as we do, funny cause they were the one’s persuading us to be ourselves, then saying good bye once we’re inviting them to our “new” world… just the way the boomers did with you and your holistic and health ideas Virgo Plutos follow but the Leos can’t follow, even when they try, they admire, even if they were the ones teaching you about yoga and mantras, it was just a trend for them.. then I guess it will all be the same with the archers and the Scorpions, we will teach them to be real but once they start the blunt mad and crazy promiscuity and “openess” to everything, we Will just glance in proudness and wave our hands cause we won’t be that intense and wild once it’s their time to shine in the 2020’s

    So don’t worry Robert, their moralistic will be focused on the eccentric, unpredictable, androgynous water barrier instead of the restrictive goat Pluton they’re living as teens, that’s our time and tbh we are more of taking advantage from the crude and raw baser instincts than the restriction side that we also use, don’t forget that the Scorpion is full of morals as well and loyalty issues, in other words we are not open to new stuff, still we are doing, still on Capricorn Pluto… Sagittarius will also be fully persuaded by the goat and water barrier generations who will be just a little nuts… lol

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