Madonna’s Super Bowl Ritual On The Cancer Moon And The Strange Alignment Of The Giants And The Patriots

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Isis emerges on the Cancer Moon

My friend, Ellis C. Taylor just added this bit about Madonna and the dates surrounding her performance. Keep this in mind as you read through the rest of the post. Ellis; “Here’s a little info you’ll find interesting if you are studying the MegaSpell: The Super Bowl (cauldron) rite took place on 5th February; as Robert says this was 173 days prior to the London Olympics. The High Priestess in attendance was Madonna, who had celebrated her 53rd (8) birthday 173 days previously, on 16th August 2011. Three years previous to this, on the same date in 2008, the venue ‘Lucas Oil Stadium’ was opened. Lucas means light, of course.”

Sometimes I just can’t help myself. I see some tasty ritual theater and I start to salivate just a little more. Sweat starts to seep through my palms. My blood pressure rises ever-so-slightly. I begin to immediately scan for symbols and clues.

The hunt is on!

Sunday’s Super Bore was no different. I just had to do a post on the game, easily the most disconnected and meaningless scrimmage of any importance I’ve seen between two teams at this level. This game will be remembered more for the pass Wes Welker didn’t catch than almost any other nondescript moment. Mario Manningham had a nice reception. Chase Blackburn, a guy who had been teaching just a few weeks ago had a key, late interception, but other than that, little else.

Football has changed so much since I was a kid. Gone are the days of the dominant running back. Players like OJ, Barry Sanders, Walter Payton and Tony Dorsett could carry teams on their shoulders. Running backs are becoming more and more faceless with every season. But that’s a different topic. This game felt unusually hollow. Empty. Devoid of what Bruce Lee called, “emotional content.” I’ve been watching Super Bowls since I was 10 and even when the games were crap, there was always a sense of some, underlying connectivity that collective events can occasionally drive; that’s the dangerous beauty of sport.

Think about it for moment. What other events, save elections are people all sharing their attention simultaneously? What’s interesting about the phenomenon is that its driven by a signal everyone receives, then that signal gets split into two, polarized currents. One group views the event positively, the other, negatively. It starts out in a unifying filed, then quickly bi-furcates everyone’s attention. During an event like the Super Bowl, in our own, disconnected way, we are one even though we segment off into respective and dual POV’s.


I still cannot quite put my finger on it, but the events leading up to the game bordered on the supernatural. All season long, the Green Bay Packers, last year’s winner were steamrolling their opponents. They had one mis-step late in the season, an inexplicable loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, but other than that, they were the Brahmins of the NFL. With their league best record, they had a week off and home field advantage. But something strange and tragic happened.

Just days before their big tilt against the Giants at Lambeau Field, a Packers assistant coach, Joe Philbin had a son go missing, The son, Michael was 21 and had been out in the woods near Oshkosh, with friends. But the timing of the events is more than a little curious.

It was reported that Michael had last spoke with someone at 2:15 AM on Sunday morning via phone and exhibited no signs of distress. Then he was reported as missing at 8:15 PM, Sunday. But it was also reported that a security guard from a nearby business had called in that someone had fallen through the ice of the Fox River at 2:38 AM on Sunday. Am I the only one that finds this more than a little weird? Young Philbin calls someone at 2:15 AM from his cell phone, then thirty-three minutes later, a security guard calls the fall in. Where the hell was the security guard and why did they wait until Monday to find Michael Philbin’s body?

Philbin’s death took a toll on the Packers. They were not at all prepared to play against the Giants. Michael Philbin had been around the team since he was 12. Green Bay played like they were in a trance. What’s really weird, was that his father spent the week after the Giants game interviewing for the head coaching position of the Miami Dolphins, a job that he got.

So let’s back this up. Joe Philbin’s son mysteriously dies at the tender young age of 21 and a week later, his father is selling himself to Dolphins owner, Stephen Ross. Maybe he was escaping his grief. I could see that. But I find so many aspects about this death to be utterly bizarre and some of which just don’t add up. Another oddity is that Michael Philbin had been convicted of two counts of sexual assault, which amounted to him basically having sex with two girls that had passed out from too much booze–so there’s another surreal layer to all of this.

The Giants stomped the Packers and traveled to San Francisco to take on the surging 49ers.


Its a very dark Sunday. The worst storm of the season has settled in the Bay Area. I get disturbing feelings ahead of the game. I’m a damned good remote viewer when it comes to sports. This year I picked 181 winners during the season. I had been zoned into the psychic DNA of the Niners in a big way. I was locked in. But something odd, really odd had occurred. Green Bay was supposed to win and play The Niners, but the death of Michael Philbin changed all that. It altered destiny and it tweaked the timeline. I knew it all week. I kept scanning the game and got nothing, except a creeping feeling that the Giants would win.

The Niners fought hard and really roughed up Eli Manning. But then some strange (there’s that word again) and inexplicable things happened to them. There was one play that could have been a fumble–a game changing fumble–late in the fourth quarter. But “after” the Niners recovered, the whistle blew. Instead of 1st and 10 at the NY 21, the Giants would punt the ball and take away the Niners last, best chance of winning.

In addition to the spotty call, SF’s defensive backs were flying all over the field. Twice, Eli Manning would throw balls into the air for interceptions and twice the Niner DBs would violently collide. Cornerback Tarrell Brown would have to leave the game on one of those hits from his teammate, Dashon Goldson. A few plays later, Manning picked on his replacement for six points and the decisive touchdown.

And then there’s Kyle Williams.

Forced into action due to an injury to Ted Ginn, Williams is a WR/Kick returner. During the game, he had two, key fumbles. One on a kickoff return, the other on a punt return, that would change the tide of the game and lead to the winning field goal. Kyle Williams had become the Niners scapegoat.

Just hours earlier, the Baltimore Ravens, coached by John Harbaugh, brother of Niners coach Jim Harbaugh, had his own bizarre moments. Playing against the New England Patriots in Foxboro (Fox River?) they were on the verge of winning when Lee Evans had a pass stripped out of his hands in the end zone with time running out of the game. Now normally, a play like that is and can be reviewed. But for whatever reason, the officials declined. Then it got really surreal. It was 3rd down, but the New England scoreboard said 4th down. The Ravens were confused and their kicker, who has a routine for each down, did the wrong routine and shanked the kick. Now they could have called timeout, but they didn’t. It was bizarre. It was like something had gripped them in the claw of a collective spell. I’ve never seen anything quite like it before. Billy Cundiff missed the kick and the Pats were on their way to Super Bowl XLVI. Both teams advanced in rather unusual, bordering on supernatural fashion.

There was something hollow about every aspect of the game. Reality felt, well, really off. A flat, nearly two-dimensional game fueled by empty commercials lacking any true wit or originality (lots of predictive programming though). I’ll get to those later, but now that I’ve set the stage for you, let’s get to the real purpose of the Super Bowl; The halftime ritual with Madonna.


The Super Bowl took place in the sign of Aquarius. Water bearer, sign of the New Age. Super Bowl Sunday was 173 days (11) from the start of the London, Olympics. Monday, a day after the Super Bowl marked the 60th anniversary of the Queen of England’s ascent to the throne (thanks Sarsen). The Super Bowl is the augur, the message bringer for the rites of the Sun King (Leo) in the year of jubilee. Madonna (whoever she is at this point) is also a Leo.

She hit the stage being pulled by a column of Roman soldiers, encased in what looks like giant palm fronds. She is brought to center stage where she emerges in a pool of golden light. This is the solar, male principle. The trumpets of judgment and tribulation herald her arrival.

Notice the figure playing the lyre. The lyre is the instrument used by Orpheus to seduce the gods of the underworld. It is symbolic of Aries, The Ram, due to its ram-like-shape. Ironically, the NFL just announced that the St. Louis “Rams” will play in London for one game each year (where they will be the home team) for the next three seasons.

Where else do we see the ram’s horns? In the crown of Isis. Interestingly enough, the lyre is also the alpha (upright) and the omega (upturned). It symbolizes beginning and end. When reversed, it becomes a symbol of Leo (think lion’s mane).

Once Madonna is revealed, bathed in the golden light of the Sun, she is of course wearing the crown of Isis.

On her throne, you can see just to the right of her, the symbol for the rune Dagez. It is generally associated with “breakthrough” but is literally a symbol of breaking light, or breaking dawn. Rapid illumination. It is announcing “The Dawn Of A New Day” and the arrival the “New Age.” Also take a quick note of the obligatory leopard print at the bottom of the throne and the two pillars (rods) on either side of her.

From there, Madonna breaks into “Vogue” a devotional anthem to gay clubbing and dancing. This is intentional. Everything about Madonna’s career has been about subversion. “Like a Virgin” isn’t about a girl’s first love. It’s about her first large cock. “Like A Prayer” has graphic innuendo about oral sex; “I’m down on my knees, I wanna take you there/In the midnight hour I can feel your power/Just like a prayer you know I’ll take you there.” We’ll revisit this song a little later.

So Madonna heralds the New Age with homoerotic beats beamed into millions of households (Moby thought this was really cool BTW). At one point, a single eye emerges on the stage in front of her.

It is the “Eye Of Horus” and not the last time we will pay tribute to it.

After she does the Trocadero Two step with Black Orpheus, she kicks into “Music” a rather innocuous club hit that did more for Sasha Baron Cohen’s career than hers. We get B-Boys in track suits, more lyre imagery and a surprisingly awkward Madonna (she claimed to be recovering from a pulled hammy), nearly falling off the stage.

Club goons and the oddly related LMFAO take the stage, sporting a mishmash of imagery, including zebra stripes and animal prints. They do a little shuffle with Madonna and then get into a weird leg dance with her that again, looks strangely awkward. Madonna was known for her dancing and frankly, its not coming through. Now we get to the real meat of the medley.

LMFAO leave and Madonna is joined by a squad of dancing cheerleaders with tiny Isis headbands, chanting her name. The colors have shifted to black and red. Red symbolizing blood, bloodlines, and menstrual flow. Madonna’s symbol is revealed.

It basically consists of two pyramids that form a “M” for Madonna, with a circle and a “X” in the circle. The two pyramids look like legs that are spread and you know, X marks the spot! You can also find the Freemasonic compass and square in the symbol, along with what appears to be a black widow (which is code for ” a widow’s son” aka Hiram Abiff). If you look in there, you’ll also see a deranged rabbit, yet another symbol of fertility and you guessed it; guardian of the rabbit hole.

“Give Me All Your Love” is like a football cheer, reminiscent of “Mickey” by Toni Basil, who might have been Madonna before Madonna. Anyway. Its a paean to utter narcism, asking everyone to give their love to Madonna. However there are some curious references in the song, like Madonna stating that, “She’s a different kind of girl.” We’ll explore this later.

Quickly she is joined by the multiple personality known as Nickki Minaj and the confused Tamil freedom fighter known as MIA, married to one of the scions of Zion, Benjamin Bronfman (nee Brewer). Nickki channels a fifth century demi-urge, while MIA gives America and the world, the middle finger.

At one point, the digital imagery shifts and becomes a grid of pyramids and diamonds forming an electronic being, a schematic for the new, virtual human. Man as robot. Also, if you take the inverted triangle that is the head (Kether) and superimposed it with the two, interpenetrated triangles at the bottom (Malkuth), you would get a Star of David.

Quickly the scene shifts and a drum corps with a slightly militaristic beat takes the stage. In the center is Madonna’s symbol encircled by a garland, reminiscent of the UN’s garland and two, five-pointed stars. She’s joined by Ceelo and they launch into “Open Your Heart” which quickly segues into “Like A Prayer” with both Madonna and Ceelo donning robes of the high priest and priestess. Here is where the imagery gets very interesting.

At 9:49, you can see what looks like a black sun forming in the background. This is the denouement. The black sun becomes a giant eye–an all seeing eye. This eye imagery will return at 11:00 minutes into the performance, this time projected onto the front of the stage.

Notice how the choir, Ceelo and Madonna are all donned in black, not white. This is a black mass. Behind them a golden pyramid is erected by shafts of light.

Here we see the “all-seeing-eye” in the foreground with another eye in background. Then the eye becomes a pyramid in the silvery blue of the Moon/Isis.

Then it shifts to gold again (Sun/Horus) and you can see in the background that the pyramid is upside down, denoting the watery aspect of the feminine expression (pyramid reversed) with the eye of Horus in the center, with shafts of light illuminating outward and downward below, the entire planet splayed across the front of the stage.

Madonna then disappears in a column of silver blue light as “World Peace” is plastered on the stage, then dissolves into digital shadows.

She arrives bathed in the golden light of a new day dawning and exits in the nocturnal light of Luna. Its important to note that the Moon had been in the last degrees of Cancer, squaring Libra in Saturn throughout the entire Super Bowl. The blending of light and color is of course an alchemical exercise in the reconciliation of opposites and the alchemical marriage through the act of invocation.

So what does it all mean?

Well, first of all, some of us are wondering if Madonna is even Madonna anymore. She sure as hell didn’t dance like Madonna. I also remember Madonna being a lot less leggy, more squat and dynamic. Then there’s that curious lyric from her new song; “Don’t play those stupid games cause I’m a different kind of girl.” What is this in reference to? Is she literally a different girl? Keep in mind that this was all lip-synched. I’m not clear if we’re in Faul McCartney territory just yet, but there is enough latitude for this to be at the very least, considered.

The ritual itself was a hyper-kinetic download into millions of zombified, guac-stuffed bodies and fermented brains. Its meant to go off at the symbolic level of the psyche, where symbols, not language assemble thought and entrain us to remember that we are the slaves of pharaohs and viziers who hold the “true knowledge.” Lastly, its a virtual temple, a symbolic portal to the grand mega ritual, that will be happening in London, where the Sun King, (William) will be initiated from “Horus the Younger” (Heru-pa-khered) to “Horus the Elder” (Heru-ur).

William is now in the Falklands on a mission. “Falklands” can be essentially translated into, “Land of the Falcons” or “Falcon Lands.” And what is the symbol of Horus? Prince William is getting his falcon wings, while Isis invokes his arrival, 173 days away.

But the thing that has really struck me is how common this symbolism is now. As Michael Hoffman has stated previously in his “revelation of the method” we are being initiated into this symbolic realm, purposefully, full on now. Its one thing to be aware of the symbols–its an entirely different matter to see them as part of a process of subtle initiation. There’s noticing and then there’s the noticing of the noticing.

In the end, Madonna’s super bowl ritual was a pedestrian and dull hammer to the brain. No matter how esoteric, it was as flat as everything else associated with the game. Maybe I’ll take a swipe at the commercials tomorrow.

Here’s a bonus pic. This is a rorschach of an image that I grabbed from the vogue sequence and enlarged. Would love to know what you see in it.

67 thoughts on “Madonna’s Super Bowl Ritual On The Cancer Moon And The Strange Alignment Of The Giants And The Patriots”

  1. Madonna was also performing with a severely pulled hamstring and had been icing it all day to take the swelling down. So the fact that she wasn’t as much of a dancer as you expected her to be could probably be attributed to doing all this with an injury that would land most of us on the couch or in bed. Certainly not in front of a stadium full of people or 100+ million homes.

    1. a

      Thanks. I had read something along those lines. It makes total sense that if I had a balky hammy, I would add a very awkward leg move and risk looking, well, awkward and also further injury. Makes total sense to me. Sorry, I have to be a bit of a smart ass since after over 3,000 words, you comment about probably the least important aspect of the post. But I will now add it in parentheses.

  2. J

    The image looks like a rose cross in the top left corner, and the faces in the forefront look like a monkey and some guy with a very large chin.

  3. c

    Absolutely brilliant post by far the most intune coverage of this event I have read … As for the last image I see either a crab or sun in the upper right corner. The rest of the images look like skulls that have been sucked of their life force. What ever it is it is a very disturbing image

    1. a

      Thanks Carlee. I think its important to take note of and recognize the work that the late Rik Clay put into the London Olympics as well as our good friend, Ellis C. Taylor and his groundbreaking efforts on the 2012 Megaspell.

  4. k

    I see some weird shit in that pic. A spider with a skullhead body….a monkey face, a strange contorted man face. what it means??
    I get alotta joy out of symbolism, really weird stuff around me all the time thats why I take notice I guess.
    One thing that keeps popping into my head is Rome, ( Romulus=Romney) maybe we are at that same “time” again, ya know just before the fall?
    This homage to Lucifer at half time really was of no great surprise….to me.
    Of course the whore of Babylon would be the ringmaster.

    1. a

      I know. Pretty standard fare eh? The images are a freak show. I’m surprised no one has caught the reptile yet. Good call on all the “Rom” symbols. Yes, Europe is morphing into Rome/Greece and William the new Cesar/Alexander.

  5. I look forward to your thoughts on London Olympics. I guess there needs to be a ritual sacrifice before going into battle. We know they always do these things in plain sight, but this is painfully blatant. Are we smarter now, are they more desperate, is the coming battle more pivotal? I just know that I have a sick feeling in my gut of guts. Your show today was an example of how I have been experiencing the past few days – not just a little off, but quite off and definitely about time and timing. For myself, gotta stop, look, listen and proceed with caution. Or maybe it’s just a weird day. The picture to me looks like a totem of gargoyles. I hate gargoyles. Lots of people have them in their gardens and they seem like pure evil to me.

    1. a

      I’m with you. I am a little off today as well. Its amazing how many people/sites are breaking down the Madonna ritual. We’re getting more wise, but they’re also making less effort to conceal. The whole thing is sleight-of-hand now.

  6. Thanks Robert, nice article mate, good on ya. There’s tons in this of course – as expected. I’m busy with other things and haven’t had time to look at the Super Bowl. so it’s great that you have. Can I just add a few things that are stand out to me? I’ve posted it on my Buzz page just now with a link to this article:
    Madonna in the middle
    Here’s a little info you’ll find interesting if you are studying the MegaSpell:
    The Super Bowl (cauldron) rite took place on 5th February; as Robert says this was 173 days prior to the London Olympics. The High Priestess in attendance was Madonna, who had celebrated her 53rd (8) birthday 173 days previously, on 16th August 2011. Three years previous to this, on the same date in 2008, the venue ‘Lucas Oil Stadium’ was opened. Lucas means light, of course.

    There’s a mirroring going on, and it is possible that she has been exchanged, or if not, soon will be…but then what is Isis but Is-Is?

  7. A

    Demons. That’s what I see. Great post. You actually made the spectacle entertaining. Janet’s Tittygate seems to be the beginning of the blatant ritual halftime show. Oh and no way that’s the Madonna from back in the day. No f*cking way. I feel you’ve hung out with the doppelgänger research crew from your use of “faul” lingo:) There’s definitely something to that cloning, replacement stuff.

    Please do the commercials. I was mostly unsettled by them. It just feels like whoever makes them hates us and thinks we’re stupid.

  8. D

    What a brilliant analysis. The picture showed me a spider from which a nuclear radiation blast ‘flash freezes’ the faces of either specific or individual types. On first glance I thought of the ‘founding fathers’ carvings ….. like the moment before death … of the constitution (an elite ‘agreement’ between gentlemen). This spider would have been to them, the ‘military industrial complex’ whilst they themselves were arch freemasons in the main and slave owners. Comprised of Puritanical and Calvinistic models and strategies, their time too, has ended. There is a new god arising.

    Mad Honour … Mad On Her …. aren’t ‘we’? It wasn’t so much her stiff inelegant movements which struck me as ‘odd’ but if she were a replicant, it would be normal in PR strategy to promote the notion that she’d been out doing something extremely strenuous recently, resulting, in, let’s say a hamstring injury. Then everything would click into sequence or place. No issue. Back to sleep. But it was not her movements that attracted my attention but her face. That is not Mad Donna’s face. Not the face of the mid 50 year old we have grown to know …. THAT is the face of a 20-25 year younger woman. She is a ‘different girl’.

    1. a

      “It would be normal in PR strategy to promote the notion that she’d been out doing something extremely strenuous recently, resulting, in, let’s say a hamstring injury.” Zackly. Yes. The face.

  9. D

    the black widow spider motif was the form mad on her posed in the opening freeze in this article and the letter W (V V) and the other message from the picture of the nuclear spider radiation was a ‘flashback’ to Gaza, to Desert Storm, to the flash frying of biological targets to shrunken and charred dolls. Mad Honour’s pedestal was of leopard motif (Ethopian/Babylonian) with the pillar of Solomon’s Temple (human and animal ritual sacrificial slaughterhouse, as is the site of the UN building today). We are drawn through that portal through this televised ritual. Unless we are 360′ aware.

    Robert, you’re a genuis!

  10. n

    Those images, they are neighbors, after images looking for some before, or you could see that as just random stuff, if you are into that sort of thing. They are only scary until you find out that they are relatives, just not so human, but then, who really is?

  11. D

    oh yeah and M for Magdalena! The new hidden, never to be exposed before and now to be revealed; the Great John the Baptist – water carrier and true prophet of the Rosicrucian Elizabethan roots of British Empire, arising with the crowing glory of the to be anointed kind; ghost of William de Bastard or William the Conquerer or if you ‘Will’, William of Orange or William the First. The First to penetrate the heart and soul of Britain and Scotland’s survival through the infiltration of Merchants of ‘alien persuasions’ to control trade and commerce through usury-laden loans.

    The upcoming Queen of Diamonds (who destroyed the Queen of Hearts) Jubilee (war victory celebration) is phase 1 of the energy building pyramid. The Olympians Fest is phase 11. Then, lo and behold, a message from the gods announces the ascension of a new king and a new day as William is to be crowned ‘king of the commonwealth’ (aka the stealing of the common wealth). The succeeding consort in this event is non other than a Goldsmidt or Goldsmith: an AshkeNazi Jewish Princess. William of Orange/Bastard\/Conquerer unlawfully breached The Edict of Expulsion (still enforceable) forbidding any Jew entitlement to trade in any form within the Kingdom. In they came and wars, starvation and pestilence followed. This bitch is of the Rothschild line ….. hard as nails …. hard as The Queen of Diamonds replicate and most likely programmed to hell. Certainly on a starvation diet.

    So The Jews Have Conquered The World as ‘prophesised’ and this is certainly the time of Revelation.

  12. J

    Also, the way she is posed in that first shot is a dead ringer for the famous Louis Brooks pose in her movie Pandora’s Box. The symbolism is also very reminiscent of that used in the dance scene by the “machine-woman” in Lang’s Metropolis, when she is masquerading as Maria (Mary/Madonna). A bit eerie, esp, given the theories posited that this is not the actual Madonna.

  13. M

    I am amazed at how much time and energy gets spent on wasting time with what people see in the dark side of life. Life has it’s own battles day in and day out. Spend time focusing on what positive contributions you can make to this world. Are you helping people in need, working on your realtionships with your family and friends and your relationship with your creator whomever that may be? Why waste your like looking for all the darkness? Start living life with purpose!!

  14. K

    Another thoughtprovoking article, Robert. Thank you for it.

    A minor correction: Kyle Williams wears #10, not #12 (though 12 would be more appropriate for the NFC Chmp. Game….)

  15. D

    Where else would The Madonna start her world tour? She did the same gig 2000 years ago on a mission of ‘world peace’ and now doubt on the inverted mission of world war, her tour will be eventful. I’ll look up her tour schedule (never thought I’d see myself doing this) as the cities and venues may be significant. Thank you Billie! Delicious. Am I right, or am I right?

  16. D

    I’m wondering … what do you think about the origin of all this symbolic imagery? Do you think it’s cellular memory, or do you think it is being put there specifically by someone or something? I’ve read a number of articles on Madonna’s half-time show and some go so far as to hold the “Illuminati” responsible for all this. I have no opinion, just gathering information … and am curious. What do you think?

    1. a

      I believe this is the manifestation of inter-dimensional forces. We’re talking Nephilim, Reptiles. The nodes of contact through human agencies are Babylonian occult technologies and the ancient orders that manifest them.

  17. Oh, interesting plague reference… so you heard about the measles outbreak at the game? Yet another way to lead the lambs to the slaughter. How about a nice glass of fluoridated water with your free vaccine?

  18. Great interpretation I noticed at 1:44 there are clearly wings of Isis on the stage. Also I wonder in the same image their appears to be an upside down pyramid.

  19. Robert,
    Brilliant expose as usual, no I think you even exceeded your normal peek at the underbelly in this article, or maybe it is because this was such a rich deposit to mine? I actually watched a good portion of the half-time show, which is unusual for me. I am not a big super bowl fan, no horse in the race really.
    Though I don’t have the same relationship with Mary Magdalene that I see some people have, for me she is the master alchemist in a very good way. It is her in story that shows the way to find the ‘Christed’ being within oneself, from a ‘virgin’ birth, which again is alchemy.
    It is a ‘matter’ of just which kind of sun one finds inside themselves, that would be which one someone worships.
    That said, I didn’t quite hear one of the more obvious observations to me; the recreations on stage, of the Wizard of Oz. Without going into that whole thing, just watching Madonna disappear ‘down under’ making her exit much the same way the Wicked Witch did in the aforementioned movie was almost ‘too obvious’. That ties into your last question:
    I see the ‘wicked witch’ on the upper left facing a Raven, (a Baltimore Raven?) To which one might ask, what might be coming out of Baltimore?
    They emerge over the four gargoyles/directions or Cardinal corners of the earth for new beginnings, which are in fact shifting on our changing earth.
    I also see, ‘an image of a tornado or atomic explosion’ over ‘Kansas’ type landscape.
    One can also see a ‘Sepherot’, so the question could be asked; just what tree is being displayed? The four gargoyles, could also be interpreted as the ‘Chariot’ and the four faces of the apocalypse, reminiscent as the Rorschach is of the Denver Airport murals.
    I believe it was Daft Aida, (whose comments were among several I also appreciated) mentioned looking into Madonna’s schedule for her upcoming tour? As an interesting aside, the Baltimore Ravens came from Cleveland, and Madonna is coming to Cleveland as part of her world tour. Cheers

  20. One more thing, I hope those 4 ghoulish faces are not meant as the ‘poses’ we will be striking in a Nuke attack?
    That image is very disturbing to me.

  21. J

    Fascinating article. I am a “recovering” football fan and watched only the last 3 minutes of the game – the only football I have watched all year. I was struck by the comment by the announcer after the game had ended, where he mentioned the Giants had only won 9 games that year and what an amazing achievement their appearance in the Super Bowl – let alone winning it- was. I immediately commented to my wife that that seemed suspicious. Your article paints a disturbing picture. I grew up in Houston where the pro sports teams- Oilers and Astros- were frequently getting a raw deal from officials- some may recall the infamous “catch/no catch” that occurred in the 1979 AFC championship game in Pittsurgh, where Oilers receiver Mike Renfro caught a pass as he fell or was shoved out of the endzone and the official standing a few feet away did nothing – no signal for touchdown, no signal for incomplete pass, no flag for pass interference – just stood there. Perhaps the only time in the history of American sports where an official failed to officiate. Houston fans always felt they got a raw deal in that game, but after seeing so many raw deals- momentum killers I call them- over the years, for teams from all over the country I am beginning to see a pattern, and that the puppet masters of the NFL would go so far as to kill to achieve their ends is not surprising. Thanks for your work!

    1. a

      I remember that game. I was an Oilers fan myself. The Steelers were anointed. They were the first and worst steroid users. Broke my heart to see Bum Phillips get crushed. Maybe that was part of the whole deal.

  22. D

    Excellent work! I, for one, gave up the cable over ten years ago so I was not among the
    111 million viewers of the Super Bowl and Madonna’s half-time ritual. But, I was happy to
    read your take on it. I also gleaned skulls and spiders from your photo out-take…whatever
    that means. I was wondering, as far as the actual teams in the game…symbolically…the
    Giants win could it portend the return of the Annunaki? And the fact that they defeated
    the Patriots (the American 99%)? Could just be a bit more brainwashing for the masses…
    trying to get us to accept defeat. Just a thought. xoxo Dee

  23. D

    Fist Bump! Love your wavelength…’cause I’m on it! Mutual admiration society
    at work, I guess. I’m also an avid follower of Les Visible. I caught the first
    portion of your radio show re: 4:44 and plan to tune in to the latter portion asap.
    I was sad to read your take that his trip to Mexico turned out to be of a bummer.
    I noticed that he hasn’t focused much on the trip. I had wished I was in a stronger
    financial position to join the group but it wasn’t possible. Don’t know if your interview
    touched on this at all. Just wanted to acknowledge that I follow you both avidly and
    I’m just grateful that you both are here in the now and writing and connecting to us
    all. You’re the best! xoxo Dee

  24. Ugh Robert, this stuff freaks me out so badly. I’ve just become enlightened to the dark powers that be at the end of last year, but I’m increasingly shocked at how blatantly obvious they’re becoming & how sadly asleep the nation is. The game that truly gave me the shakes was the Green Bay – Giants match up. Despite all odds & naysayers my Capricorn boyfriend called the win for the Giants days in advance. It wasn’t just fan hopefulness- but instead a true knowing that it would come to pass.

    Watching that game (without knowing anything about The Philbin family tragedy ) felt like watching the Green Bay decide whether or not they were willing to ‘sign a pact with the devil’ so to speak. The calls were decidedly horrendous & favored Green Bay in the most unsportsmanlike way. I felt like Rodgers was coming to realize that if they won that game based upon those calls & clear manipulation that it would be an honor-less win & a win that would bind them to the Illuminati in a most unholy way.
    I also wonder if the dark powers that be were trying especially hard to bring GB into the fold & the Giants made that more difficult than they thought it would be.

    In any event, what’s done is done & the cat is out of the bag. I can only pray that Light & Goodness will prevail in the end. I’m also comforted by the law of three, whomever is behind such evilness shall reap what they have sown times 3. You cannot abuse the laws of the sacred for evil & not taste the poison you have given to others. Now that Neptune has entered Pisces, the world is simply a stage for Light vs Darkness…how far must we fall before an Intervention occurs?

    I think its also important to note that both my boyfriend & I have Sun conjunct Neptune, which we double whammy to each other (My Sun on his Neptune & vice versa) I’m sure we were both picking up on the energy at hand.

    As a New Yorker I almost wish the Giants had lost, now who knows what kind of deals they’ll have to make & what kind of painful sacrifices will be made on their part to feed this evil machine.

    God Protect us all.

    1. a

      Thanks for chiming in. The Green Bay game was pretty bizarre. I agree. There were those two, egregious and blatant calls against the Giants; the fumble and the unsportsmanlike conduct. But then Mike McCarthy, the Packers coach, usually a very smart game manager started to make terrible play calls, especially an on sides kick that backfired on the Packers. They were also running the ball really well and stopped that. But the play that really changed that game was the hail mary at halftime that Hakeem Nicks caught in the endzone, I can’t tell you how many times that play DOES NOT work. And inexplicably, the Giants pulled it off. In spite of what looked like rigged officiating, again, this supernatural effect that the Giants have been carrying around since week fifteen prevailed.

      There is a ton of interesting symbolism from last year’s Super Bowl.

      Last year’s halftime show?

      The Who, featuring known sex offender (child porn), Pete Townsend.

      Interesting conjunctions you guys have going on. How do you figure out where one ends and the other begins?

  25. Interesting conjunctions you guys have going on. How do you figure out where one ends and the other begins?

    The conjunctions are as follows: My Sun/Asc at 26-27 Sagittarius conjunct his Neptune at 26 Sagittarius. His Sun at 2 Capricorn conjunct my Neptune at 3 Capricorn. That’s an interesting question that you ask, so far I haven’t felt like I can’t tell us apart because I’m a lot more optimistic than he is. He’s rather quick to throw in the Capricorn towel when things seem to be going less than smooth, and I in my Pollyanna way tend to beam to ton of light, humor & hopefulness into situations. So far its turned into a nice balance. I think I’m activating his idea of faith & what is possible despite all odds. I do not allow him to wallow in negativity. What I have noticed is that we’re very in-tuned to each other & can sense the emotions of one another extremely well. Its especially nice when we’re in the love bubble, its very sweet & healing and it makes for great sex as well 😉

  26. P

    Weird scenes inside a goldmine indeed. Actually apart from the contorted faces, the word sex is in there. This is excellent Roberto, just an amazing piece of intuitive dot joining.

  27. p

    Excellent analysis. Everything’s become too obvious for words — are they yanking our chains or what??

    Don’t know if anyone’s remarked upon: the “Giants” beat the “Patriots”.

  28. p

    The stage set is way too busy — i think she is stepping with trepidation because it must be hard to do all those complicated moves with all the lights flashing & high heels, etc. I couldn’t watch the whole thing — way too over the top for my taste. And to say that it was an exercise in egomaniacal indulgence is an understatement.

    She seems to be saying, “Yes, I’m the Whore of Babylon — Get Over It!”

    Interesting that her ex, Guy Ritchie’s last two Sherlock Holmes films were loaded with occult symbology.
    In-your-face, to say the least.

    Listened to the latest BlogTalkRadio — I’m a regular visitor on Charles Frith’s site. It was good to listen to the two of you.
    What a miracle the internet is: You, in CA, Charles in Thailand, and me in Crete 🙂 — Love it!

    I’ve been a longtime follower of Eric Francis — it would be great to hear you and Eric do a show.

    Warm regards,

  29. S

    Admin, so I am aware of what’s going on, as a normal person what should we do. I know the bible says that we people are not made to respond to fear , don’t know the exact quote, but it has a lot to do with who we are. What do you think we should do? live life as normal is understood, however what do you opine we should do internally etc how you see it “admin” and whoever chimes in. I enjoy your astrological reads on this crap because it’s interesting how these people rely on these, so my question is how can we, as people, and aware, good-understanding folks.. counter all of this overt stuff that’s surrounding us? Like a spiritual barrier, detach ourselves from the negative. Cheers!

    1. a

      Well, you have to stay true to your spiritual compass, the true north of your soul. Notice what’s happening and keep on moving. Stay positive. Practice love over fear in all things. Affirm life.

  30. S

    Thanks that’s a great message and contrary to what’s around us. I believe that affirming life means we oppose the negative trends, some of this in my opinion is not necessarily a detachment from what’s going on, rather when as units of life, we impose our positive views like courage, fun, tolerance and behind all of this a manifestation of the best in our character as our character is a thin barrier of our true intentions, feeling etc, and that moderation is equilibrium as it relates to life forms in our plane of existence. I am also aware that being positive could mean a collective-mind can interact and cause that the negative around us must change, it begins with knowing ourselves and what we are willing to sacrifice that we don’t like about ourselves so our public face doesn’t negate somebody else from being themselves, inherently we are good people but there are many stereotypes we have to get pas in our subconscious. Am I going somewhere with this? I think this is a start, it’s like that Jeremy Lin story, this kid makes you feel great since we can embrace somebody who may be “alien” to the public but in reality never was, it just took for him to be a successful story to make us understand that asians can develop a game outside of your average american basketball player regardless of race. Small things like these are important in our evolution and it subtly changes our course, intolerance in life is not conducive to “affirming” life when we’ve seen far too much strife and division and diversions that are unworthy. That’s why I believe we have to differentiate the good from the bad and put the good, front and center whenever possible.

  31. D

    Wow. U have me kind of feeling like I’m going over the deep end. I really don’t believe that was Madonna at the Superbowl. The Madonna at the superbowl’s body is less square than hers and its not that her movements are stunted because of an injury but that she doesn’t appear to be a trained DANCER, u know what I mean. Madonna is a DANCER. I watched a few videos and its becoming more and more obvious that wasn’t her. There’s a video from last year called “Madonna @ Roseland 2011 (Smirnoff) ” where you can see her last year. This is real bugged out.

  32. I’m thinking it wasn’t Madonna because it was so mediocre. I’ve seen Madonna in 2001 and again in 2008. She was excellent both times. This “Vogue” was very unimaginative. “Music” was boring and whatever that third song was had me covering my ears begging for it to end. I hope there was some symbolism in the third song going on because 100+ millions viewers heard a song that totally sucked. The camera in “Like a Prayer” focussed on an elf cryptoterrestrial [] from 11:43-11:48 instead of Madonna. What’s up with that? Of course the message was world peace at the end. Such a mess! The real Madonna is on Iapetus.

  33. J

    Robert, I never forward stuff to folks I don’t really know, but as one of the rare humans who can appreciate both Astrology and football I feel a kinship. It is even somewhat apropos to the column. Enjoy!

    The Afghan Quarterback

    The coach had put together the perfect team for the Detroit Lions. The only thing that was missing was a good quarterback. He had scouted all the colleges and even the Canadian and European Leagues, but he couldn’t find a ringer who could ensure a Super Bowl win.

    Then one night while watching CNN he saw a war-zone scene in Afghanistan .. In one corner of the background, he spotted a young Afghan Muslim soldier with a truly incredible arm. He threw a hand-grenade straight into a 15th story window 100 yards away.


    He threw another hand-grenade 75 yards away, right into a chimney.


    Then he threw another at a passing car going 90 mph.


    “I’ve got to get this guy!” coach said to himself. “He has the perfect arm!”

    So, he brings him to the States and teaches him the great game of football. And the Lions go on to win the Super Bowl.

    The young Afghan is hailed as the great hero of football, and when the coach asks him what he wants, all the young man wants is to call his mother.

    “Mom,” he says into the phone, “I just won the Super Bowl!”

    “I don’t want to talk to you,” the old Muslim woman says. “You are not my son!”

    “I don’t think you understand, Mother,” the young man pleads. “I’ve won one of the greatest sporting events in the world. I’m here among thousands of my adoring fans.”

    “No! Let me tell you!” his mother retorts. “At this very moment, there are gunshots all around us. The neighborhood is a pile of rubble. Your two brothers were beaten within an inch of their lives last week, and I have to keep your sister in the house so she doesn’t get raped!” The old lady pauses, and then tearfully says,

    “I will never forgive you for making us move to Detroit !”

  34. I
    Inside the Conspiracy

    What a pack of tripe – these conspiracy theory wackadoos have NO idea how the world, especially the world of entertainment works. Madonna is high priestess of NOTHING, she has NO connection with the Royal Family and the Ancient symbolism used was deliberately inserted by a bunch of stylists, designers and marketers so you would do exactly what you’ve done here and they’ve scored themselves and Madonna thousands of extra google hits and a bunch of free advertising. If you truly believe she and others like her are evil, stop microdissecting their every move and posting it to the net, without the publicity they would fade into obscurity and pass away – just like everyone other reptile on this planet and our human food! 😉

    1. a

      I used to be in the entertainment world and know quite well how it works BTW. Yeah, well if Madonna is gonna score all kinds of extra google hits, then so am I. 😉

  35. s

    I have just recently started researching Masonic symbols and NWO theory stuff and I ran across this excellent post. Just wanted to say thanks! I feel like I’m of the 0.001% who really know what’s going on here.

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