Fading Sag Sun, A Shot Of Vision, Re-definition Of Faith in Neptune/Chiron in Pisces and MuteMath’s Brilliant Odd Soul

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

The odds are about to even out

Sometimes light pours through the smallest of cracks during the darkest time of the year. This is the celestial season of the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, where in our darkest hour the light begins to seep back into our awareness and linear time with incremental advance. Most times its too subtle to tell, but it is there, gradual, second by-second, minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, day-by-day. Soon, we are swimming in the (lux)ury of radiance and the dimmest of days are behind us.

In my last post, it might have seemed that these are days to be gotten through and endured. Make no mistake, I think our greatest challenges lie ahead, some sort of reckoning lurching towards us in the season of night. Something Titanic (To be re-released in April of 2012 in 3D).

What is the most audacious act of social, civil and religious disobedience you could ever partake in? Is it squatting on the outskirts of Lloyd Blankfein’s summer estate? I’ll tell you what it is; It is loving one another. It is acting as though the person in front of you is the most sacred being on the planet. Its listening with full intent while another speaks. Its seeing through the steely wool gauze of chemicals and metals in our sky and realizing that we are flying through space, wheeling amongst stars at incredible speeds, voyagers on a breathtaking cosmic journey. It is knowing deep in your heart what is right and wrong and living from the conviction of that place; unimpeachable congruence as an agency of wisdom and truth. Its honoring and standing up for those that can’t. Its seeing the divine in the most wretched and despised of our species, yes, for even the smallest spark dwells therein. To affirm and decree this is the most outrageous and courageous stance you can take. Its affirming that you are alive and have been given the chance to test yourself against the crushing gravity of these times.

Before the Sun shifts from Sag to Cap on the solstice, we can tap into the exuberance and optimism that is the beneficent font which flows ceaselessly from the archer of vision and insight. When the Sun shifts, a sober, saturnine appropriation of our affairs and the world shifts with it. The high-flying benevolence of Sag moves into practical application. Capricorn becomes the stage for enacting sagacious strategies. Here, there is no loss of momentum, only a continuum, a wheel of evolution, cycles of being that we can integrate at its every turn. Give thanks and praise to all that’s God and good and prepare to move to the next level.


It was December of 1989. I was in Ocean Shores, Washington. It was Christmas Eve. I had been up late with Mad Max, a consultant. We talked about the nature of psyche and the shamanic experience. He went to bed and I stayed up for a while watched the scene from the Vatican, the one that had been played out thousands of times before. A year earlier I was midnight mass tripping on E at Grace Cathedral, newly engaged and feeling like anything was possible. I traveled on a photon beam through time. I was the baby Jesus. I was the straw in the manger. I was the lambs bleating their ancient song. I was the starlight in the cold clear eve of a new age born. I was the approach of magic on camels through the silent night. That was then. A year later in the heart of my Saturn return in Cap in my 2nd House, it was rough sledding. I was restless. The Seattle winter was cold in more ways than merely physical. I struggled to find meaningful work, caught in the riptide of a local backlash against Californians, I felt like I was living in quicksand.

After Mad Max went to bed I pondered the concept of faith, God, all things eternal and my soul. Something strange and very uncomfortable occurred. A voice came to me, well more than a voice–a voice and a presence. It essentially said to me that “If I could let it all go and surrender, that I could be at one with God in my conscious awareness. This was not some sort of generic, New Age, universal oneness trip. It was clearly personal and felt very “Christian.” As I lay in bed, my semi-naked wife next to me, in the hush of the night, I was being asked to give it all up. I had no guarantee if I’d still want to be with her, or if my goals would remain the same and if the world would hold the same meaning as it had. It felt like a conversion moment. I thought about it. I liked my edge. I liked my ego. I liked the drama of duality. I could not say goodbye to the “little i.” And then, the moment passed. The angel moved on.


MuteMath, one of my favorite bands has just released “Odd Soul” their third and best album. I’ve been playing it non-stop since I downloaded it last week. Sonically, it’s amazing. Songs like “Blood Pressure” and “Walking Paranoia” are fueled by muscular funk, riding the hot rails of rapid tempo shifts and air-tight-time signatures, whomping baselines and sweet harmonies. They’ll throw down 70’s jazz fusion, pro-rock, North African rhythms, Cajun shuffle, all in one song. It’s inspiring and breathtaking. They take huge risks sonically and thematically. Born again Christians, Odd Soul is at once an affirmation of their faith, (see the cross on the lapel in the CD cover art) and a deep query regarding the roots of that faith. They’re not taking anything for granted. They’re working it out in sound. Its dynamic, frenetic and inspiring. Perched between the expectations of their charismatic traditions and the secular marketplace, they’re carving out a deeply respectable niche as brilliant musicians, fixed on an uncompromising vision. I cannot recommend their latest work enough. Its helping to push me through patches of dead space and the growing shadows of despair.

In many ways, their music/soul is reflective of Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. They, along with Tim Tebow are giving Neptune/Pisces/Jesus a new slant that feels transcendent. Tebow apart from his offseason Summer job, shearing foreskins from indigenous people is one of the good guys. Yeah, he sings hokey songs about God and points upward like most believers do when something important happens, but there can be no denying the essential nature of his goodness. Each game he plays, he flies a child with a serious illness to the game and puts them up at his expense. He brings them to the game and onto the field and talks to them. He meets them after the game for more connection. Bash him if you will, but if you don’t think we need more of this type of care in the world, Christian or not, well, I’ll say my own little version of a prayer for you.

Neptune and Chiron in Pisces fleshes out the failure of faith, especially in the realm of false profits/prophets and in its wake something profound, holy, sacred and untouched by the degradation of the world can emerge. Maybe that angel from Ocean Shores has circled back today and is spreading its message on virtual wings.

How much would you be willing to let go and surrender for peace and an unshakable love in your heart?

Its recently come to my attention after close to three years of blogging and breaking it all down, that we need a new vector, a different approach. All of the symbols are out in the open. As SB 1867 passes and the troops return home, there is a feeling of endgame in the air and yet I am giddy. I am filled with an optimism not truly fitting for the tenor of our times. There’s a new spirit coming and its going to surprise and lot of people, even so-called “true believers.” When it calls, listen very carefully.

“Blood Pressure” by MuteMath from Odd Soul uploaded by them on this writer’s birthday.

10 thoughts on “Fading Sag Sun, A Shot Of Vision, Re-definition Of Faith in Neptune/Chiron in Pisces and MuteMath’s Brilliant Odd Soul”

  1. W

    Tebow came into the workplace of a friend of mine when he was still at UF for a FL/GA game promotion at her magazine. She told him one of her co-workers, who happened to be out of town at the time, was his ‘biggest fan’. He let her take pictures of him sitting at this girl’s desk, typing on her computer, talking on her phone, feet propped up on the desk… he even left her a jersey, a note and an autograph. She said he was humble and took time with anyone who approached him.
    I’m glad to hear he’s chosen this particular way to give back… My little sister was one of those terminally ill children that celebrities went out of their way for, and it was definitely a dream-come-true moment for her.

    exuberance – my favorite Sag word :) Thanks for the MuteMath intro and the optimism… I’m feeling it too and was starting to wonder if I was all by myself.

  2. t

    Started listening to ‘blood pressure’-liked it and the video… so when was your birthday? Happy Belated to you. There are plenty of new labels to make and put out and put on anyone willing to take ’em’… like ‘giddy/depressive’… lol I get the high giddies but then crash sooner or later. Like to keep that ‘giddy’ high up.

    Wonderful interpretation of Neptune/Chiron in Pisces. Big changes. I am really excited about Uranus now in Aries-what will it do when it hits the degrees of the Uranus/Neptune conjunction of those strange days called the early 90s? And since it will be squaring Capricorn at 19ish degrees what will the deja vu of those days do?

    1. a

      2012 will be interesting. The outer planets will be equally distributed in terms of degrees and closeness, all within a ten degree orb. Add Jupiter in the early stages of Gemini and we have a nice alchemical soup brewing in the heavens; air/jupiter, fire/aries, water/neptune, earth/pluto. Humanity = aether. Oh boy, the early nineties. Not sure I want to go back there. :-). Say hello to the good ole days for me. You’ve got one more day of Sag. Giddy up!!! 9/22.

  3. s

    i just heard the true end of mayan calendar is dec 24, 2011, also a lunar eclipse?? what do you see?? enjoyyed your latest piece… could it be it’s all about letting go?? thanks for mutemath intro, i’m diggin it

    1. a

      Ah, so you saw this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKlcheOXx00 There seems to be some debate about a partial solar eclipse on the 24th, not a lunar. People are scrambling to try to chart it, since NASA isn’t saying a word about it. The signature for that day happens to be 5 Caban, which is all about synchronicity, investigation, intelligence and organization. In the Arguelles system it is “Empower In Order To Evolve.” Caban is loosely translated into “earthquake” or “formidable power.” 5 Caban also happens to be my Mayan signature in the long count. Glad you’re digging Mute Math. See them live if you can.

  4. d

    this is interesting….i am not a catholic, but a close friend for years and years is Portuguese and so, there has been this mass influence in my life. Due the history of committing whatever atrocity and then going to church after – and the worst haters being the most pious – religion has always been top of the taboo.

    My friend’s ma gave me a madonna to put around my neck recently. I have been wearing it because Mary seems to be very involved in the healing work I am doing for over a year now. It is quite amazing what has been happening, the more so because this is so far from who I thought that I was. My daughter was given a free hearing aid from a company in Germany…my house was burgled yesterday and all the thieves managed was to use my spraypaint to practice on a wall…gosh this sounds so miraculousy. Anyway – I love Mary – and I am finding that the more love in more of our hearts makes each day magical and seriously profound

    1. a

      “I am finding that the more love in more of our hearts makes each day magical and seriously profound.” What I find interesting about this statement is that it seems to be getting easier to anchor that feeling or presence. Peak experiences where one seems to be in a zone or field of some sort, are lasting longer and longer. People are getting better and better at owning their congruence or so it seems. I have a friend who’s sort of a canary in a coal mine in that regard. I’ve known him for ten years and have seen him do dramatic swoops and dives with his emotional state, tortured by a very confusing and painful past. And yet over the past year, I’ve watched him get better and better at holding fast, staying in his zone, reprogramming the guilt, hurt, shame and suffering, quicker and quicker each time he gets a life shock. If he can do this, I know something very subtle, yet profound is taking place. Nice story about the hearing aid. Have a great solstice.

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