Equine Magic With Linda Kohanov, Spielberg’s War Horse, Happy Trails Sag

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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Equinenomics 101

As the last rays of the Sagittarian Sun dissolve and bleed into Capricorn, it seems timely to post last weeks interview with Linda Kohanov, founder of Eponaquest and author of “The Tao Of Equus” a groundbreaking work on the relationship between humans and horses. Along with the best selling “Tao” Linda has also authored “Riding Between Worlds” and “The Way Of The Horse.” Next fall, her fourth book on equine magic, “The Power Of The Herd” will be published across all formats.

I decided to reach out to Linda and have her on in the aftermath of Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar’s decision to lift the ban on killing horses in the wild and allowing slaughterhouses to once again, kill, butcher and pack horse meat for human and animal consumption. This was initiated under the sign of The Centaur. Linda’s concern is that it opens the gates to raising horses like cattle and destroys their literal and symbolic nature.

On 12/25, Stephen Spielberg releases, “War Horse.” It is based on the novel of the same name by Michael Morpungo, who heard the tales of soldiers from Devon who fought in WWI. In his research, Morpungo estimated that ten million horses died during the war, both in battle and slaughtered for their meat.

As Russia and the US swing their intercontinental ballistic flaming phalluses across the forbidden interzone of the missile shield, is “Warhorse” a symbolic precursor for something more ominous, such as Albert Pike’s lurid vision of a Third World War?

The horse (Sag) has taken us to the foot of the mountain. As the Capricorn Sun awaits us, its one foot in front of another as we ascend.

Here is Linda and I from last Friday’s Farcast.

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11 thoughts on “Equine Magic With Linda Kohanov, Spielberg’s War Horse, Happy Trails Sag”

  1. f

    Strangely ? enough/There was a great deal of talk about putting horses on the menu here in OZ. this year Some people couldn’t see a problem while others /the majority / could (moi aussi). They also spoke of culling, (what a word –sanitises) the wild brumbies ( Horses) which are also tied in with the Aussie Legend . All related to the destruction of the white culture here in OZ.

  2. E

    I am deeply grateful for this excellent show, Robert (was a great accompaniment to pie-making…). I’m excited to check out Linda’s books. THANK YOU and happy return of the Light. in appreciation, Emily

  3. D

    Spielberg blew the opportunity and the reviews were poor. He would not understand the feeling behind the emotional bond between man and horse; each bound in a life and death struggle which made no sense to one or the other amid the killing fields for the Rothschild’s profits. How could Spielberg understand any of that? Jerkoff. Reflects the ‘respect’ afforded to either horses or infantrymen.

  4. Y

    AS Globalism, TREASON and, indeed, MASS EUGENICS unfold all around us,
    Spileberg’s on hand with PC moral alibis —-for himself.

    Meanwhile, Hollywood continues to BALK and BURY the awesomely relevant,
    staggeringly significant 60th Anniversary of the

    ———————–KOREAN WAR——————————.

    This is ——way not good.

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