Deciphering The Babel Code

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Deciphering The Babel Code

Welcome to the Babel Code, a meta-key to planetary shift. Unlike the “Bible Code” which looks for cryptogramatic clues to the present and the future by unscrambling hidden prophecies from the Old and New Testaments–a holy word jumble, The Babel Code uses contemporary events of significance and aligns each event within a hexagram of the iching. There are sixty-four chambers of the iching and sixty-four-meta-events that interlock like a cosmic puzzle.

The first meta event plugged into the matrix of the Babel Code is the outing of Idaho senator, Larry Craig. By now everyone knows the jokes and the ridiculous denial of Craig’s “homosexualist” tendencies, but getting caught with his pants down is significant. Craig is playing the very public role of scapegoat for those in power whose secret lives can no longer be hidden from the velocity of authenticity that is impressing itself upon our lives with greater intensity and frequency on a daily basis. The net affect is, is that if you are out of balance and hiding out, the ascending vibration of love and truth will ultimately have it’s way and any unclaimed aspects or degrees of shadow will be for lack of a better term, “illuminated.”

Here is the first station of the Babel Code and Larry Craig:

Splitting Apart
Hexagram 23

In every life, all is not what it seems. At this time, reality seems like a hall of mirrors.
Intrigues are multiplying like summer flies, and there are rumors of discontent. It is the time of illusion, disintegration, distrust and deception.

When you find yourself trapped in a hall of mirrors, sometimes it is necessary to retrace your steps. Return to the familiar; take solace in what is firm and secure. There is no blame in holding back; indeed, it is your responsibility to keep your strength intact for the period of resurrection, which follows the period of disintegration as surely as dawn follows the night.

Discretion is the better part of valor – and good timing is very important too. Learn to choose the proper moments for action, thereby avoiding futile effort. Be particularly attentive at such a time as this for changes that signal a time to retreat.

In the realm of personal relations, discovering illusion is always painful, and confusing. When in the midst of such a period, it is wise to avoid undertaking any bold new moves, and it is especially important not to jump to conclusions too quickly.

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  1. T

    Come on, — everyone knows Larry Craig has a “wide stance” — and there ain’t nuthin’ wrong with that! It’s nice to see that the party of “family values” is showing a lot of compassion for Senator Craig, though — that’s refreshing…

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