Aquarius Omarosa Goes Off Rez, Past Life Echoes with Trump, & The Prime Directive of the Galactic Center

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

When she made her move into the public eye, Omarosa debuted on season one of “The Apprentice.” In the midst of good guy, real estate hustler, Troy from Boise, and the eventual winner, and first apprentice, Bill Rancic from Chicago, Omarosa stood out with her Ebony cover, high cheekbones, and what appeared at first to be an equally high degree of intelligence, forcefully articulating her ideas. But as the show progressed, Omarosa’s IQ began to dip further and further into a weird nether world where stupidity crossed over into crazy. Was her sharp articulation simply a facade for someone not actually all that bright or did she have some emotional quirk that kicked in and overrode any sort of brimming intelligence? She was fired by the Donald in week nine, but would gratuitously ride the rails of the celeb reality train for most of the decade, appearing on Celebrity Apprentice, All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, The Surreal Life and Celebrity Big Brother. An Aquarius (we’ll get to a lot more of that later) she’s made a life of living in public, well that and moving through husbands and fiancees at a Zsa Zsa Gabor like rate. Since 2000, she’s been married twice and Michael Clarke Duncan, the actor died on the watch as next up in Omarosa’s life.

Prior to 2015, she was a Democrat and in fact worked for Al Gore, while Gore was VP. “Gore’s former office administrator, Mary Margaret Overbey, has said Omarosa, “Was the worst hire we ever made.” She was later transferred to the Commerce Department via the White House personnel office. Cheryl Shavers, who then served as the department’s under secretary for technology administration, said that at the time, Omarosa was “unqualified and disruptive,” adding, “I had her removed.”” (Wikipedia). Remember, these were Democrats, the practitioners of tolerance and social justice.

I got some heat the other day on the video that Heather Eland and I did on the eclipse and the nodes. I was deconstructing the South Node in Aquarius, where I was revealing some of the darker sides of that sign. First off, astrology has an inherent duality wired into it. There’s going to be positives and negatives for all signs. That’s part of the code. Transcending duality is the name of the game, but in order to do it, one must be aware of the inherent polarity of the process.

Let’s start here. The Sun is in it’s detriment in Aquarius. I know that it might be a tough pill to swallow for Aquarians, but that’s a fact. It doesn’t make them any less interesting, compelling, cool, or culturally relevant, since their sign has shaped modern culture as we know it. It’s the sign of the New Age and predominates the realm of “isms.” From Fascism to Socialism, Aquarius is embedded in there, as groups, organizations and systems that manage mass consciousness. That’s Aquarius. It’s a sign that rebels against ideologies, yet desperately adapts and clings to them as they define the character and the nature of the individual passing through a particular phase. I find it ironic that the two most influential figures in Punk Rock, an Aquarian genre of music, were Johnny Rotten (Sex Pistols) and Joe Strummer (The Clash). They were astrological opposites; Rotten the anarchic Aquarian and Strummer, the Leo frontman who abandoned his squatter mates and roots, to become a rock star. In the alchemical equation, Aquarius needs Leo’s heart and Leo needs Aqua’s cool head. Leo is the captain, Aquarius, the team. Neither can function without the other.

From a more classical perspective, Leo is the King and Aquarius is the Fool. Aquarius is disruptive and in the right circumstances, keeps the King humble by pointing out his foibles. This is what we are dealing with, with Trump and Omarosa, but which one is the fool?

Trump’s chart is unique in that he is a Leo rising, with dominant Mars in Leo on the Asc. Yes, this is king-like-territory from the perspective of the ego/self, which the ascendant plays an important role in defining. But he also has a Sun/Uranus conjunction in Gemini, which gives him an Aquarian aura, so Trump is both the King and the Fool, which can be very confusing and an extremely difficult aspect to integrate into one being. With his ASC at the end of Leo, most of his first house is Virgo, which means his sixth house, is Aquarius. The sixth house by the way is the house of apprenticeships (also open enemies) and in Aquarius, the show was a perfect fit for Trump. Which leads us to Aquarius, Omarosa.


Well, well, well, well, lookie here. LOL. Where do I start? Let’s start with the Aquarian Sun in the 5th House. She’s all about disruption, even if she can’t see it, but she’s also all about the ego, since the fifth house is Leo’s domain. Omarosa sees herself royally no doubt, with her Sun there. Hmmm, that’s a Aquarius/Uranus/Leo molotov cocktail. I wonder who else has that going on in their chart? She also has Sun conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius, which amplifies EVERYTHING about her, positive and negative. It’s clear that she’s a BIG personality, but just because she’s convinced in some ways of her own divine right (again who does that sound like?) doesn’t make her right. In fact, the Jupiter effect on her natal Sun could conflate her identity to such an enormous proportion, that she could be completely out of touch with who or what she is.

Yesterday, on the Today Show, she sat down with Savannah Guthrie and completely dominated the interview, from start-to-finish. Who else does that remind you of? Here is what she said to Guthrie at one point; “Savannah, slow down… . I’ve got all the time you need. You don’t have to ask 10 questions in one second. It’s OK.” Then, two minutes later, she’s scolding Guthrie because the interview was supposed to be seven minutes and she gave Guthrie eleven. Consistency and being reasonable are not just weaknesses in Omarosa’s character, they are on the cusp of crazy, almost a manageable form of schizophrenia, that’s aided and abetted by a personality so large, it overshadows a troubling instability.

I saw it when she first plopped onto the screen in the Apprentice. Omarosa has some of the worst traits imaginable; she’s completely unstable, but the force of her persona provides considerable cover. My next thought is; What the hell was Trump thinking when he let her into the White House? She had been kicked out of there in the 90’s for being incompetent and disruptive. Why couldn’t Trump see what could happen with her? His blindspot in this situation is outright troubling. Perhaps astrology can lend us some clues here, as Trump and Omarosa are in a flame war that borders on the bizarre.


With Libra Rising, Omarosa is blessed with the looks and deceptive charms of Venus on the ASC. I use the word, “deceptive” because the seventh house Aries is an indicator of dominance in close, personal, relationships. But check out Pluto on the ASC. It’s nearly exact her ASC in Libra. People with Pluto on the ASC can be extremely polarizing, unless aspects from Pluto make it more manageable. In her case, the square to Saturn in Gem, conjunct the South Node in Gem, creates even more polarization. If I were an executive, say of a company or the fucking White House, I wouldn’t let the mayor of crazytown anywhere near my organization. She’s a destroyer. Saturn is also the father in the chart and her father was murdered when she was seven. Pluto (death) square Saturn (father). What is she working out here?

Is she capable of loyalty? Maybe. Like her old friend, the Donald, she was also born on a Full Moon. Trump = Full Moon in Sag, Omarosa = Full Moon in Leo. Give her all kinds of respect, kudos, kiss her ass and maybe that Pluto sextile will kick in and she’ll stay with you through the tough times.

She’s childless. Would having a child have changed her life and activated that Pluto sextile to the Moon? Perhaps. But maybe, she’s already had a child or cannot conceive. Black Moon Lilith in Cap in her fourth house (home/maternity) suggests dark secrets around the mother and her own mother issues.

Her BML is in Trump’s fifth house, ruled by Capricorn and Pluto has been on her BML for a couple of years now; Intensity, darkness and even death. Gemini, LaToya Jackson, accused Omarosa of murdering her fiancee, the aforementioned Michael Clarke Duncan while Jackson and Omarosa squared off on Celebrity Big Brother. Seems like O has issues with Gemini with her South Node there in the sign of the twins.


One of the analogies I have used for Sag, Tommy Robinson, the Zionist agitator who has gone after gang groomers in the UK, is that he’s got that Sag propensity for stepping in shit on the way to church and as he cleans his heel, finds a diamond ring embedded in the gooey funk. While I think Tommy is a Zio plant who is used like a pawn in a sophisticated game of misdirection, and while he actually threatened the legality of the rape trial he was knowingly covering it while on probation, he comes off as a political prisoner and a living example of free speech and free assembly rights being trample upon. At the end of the day, Robinson’s life will be better off in some way, joining the ranks of Mandela, Biko and Assange as political prisoners of conscience. That’s the Sag good fortune, until he steps into another pile of shit again.

Well, Omarosa’s True Node is conjunct the Galactic Center, so she has some sort of cosmic mandate to get to the truth, be authentic, etc., in the most pure of Sag terms and this is what’s confusing about her as she launches her next book; “Unhinged” which appears to be a tawdry tell all about her fifteen-year relationship with Trump, including the year she spent in the White House. She’s being scalded by critics, both on the left and right for her cut loose confessional. Remember, her TN is in the third house, Gemini’s home. Oddly enough, Trump and Omarosa’s nodes are opposites. Ironically, this is usually an aspect that’s good for partnership between a man and a woman, which he leads me to speculate a deep, past life connection with Trump and O and she’s getting some payback, no matter what it takes. Her Moon in Leo (4) is in his twelfth house, conjunct his Pluto in Leo (10). In the twelfth we delve into the realm of secrets and past incarnations. That’s a past life marriage aspect, children too, perhaps even aborted or missing children. With Saturn in Gemini (26) conjunct Trump’s Sun in Gemini (22), we have another past life marker. With her Saturn close to his Sun, she’s got a lesson to teach the Donald and this aspect is why he’s kept her around. Plain and simple, he owes her. If I were to speculate what the relationship was in a previous incarnation, I could see Trump as a plantation owner and he was in love with O, they had a child, and something happened to the child, perhaps the child might have even been aborted or taken away. In fact the whole plantation piece makes a great deal of sense, since Trump is always accused of being a racist. Even now, Omarosa is playing that trump card, when a few months back, she swore up and down that he wasn’t one.


One of the things that I have talked a great deal about is Trump’s Neptune/Mercury square and how it’s a classic aspect of a liar and someone who conflates the truth. In it’s best manifestation, it represents the ideal of Norman Vincent Peale and the power of positive thinking. Peale actually married Donald and Ivanka. At it’s worst, it’s outright deceit. Tump’s Mercury not only squares Neptune, but Jupiter as well, leads to hyper-exaggeration. From a cultural perspective Trump has railed against fake news and an artificial media that’s an appendage of the deep state and this fits into the Mercury/Neptune square, since Mercury is information and to some extent the media and Neptune of course is delusion. Trump’s deficit has been turned into a weapon against the press, which decidedly deserves it. The Mercury/Neptune square is also representative of leaks. We associate leaks with with water, and Neptune provides plenty of that. Well guess who else has that Mercury/Neptune square? Omarosa, the latest leaker with her recordings of Kelly and Trump. While she’s compelled to tell the truth with that TN at 27 Sag, she doesn’t do a very good job of it, which her Mercury in Pisces (Detriment) in the fifth house (Fall) squaring her Neptune in truth telling Sag. She’s a mess and clearly cannot be trusted by anyone and yet, buried in there somewhere, the dog poo of her confessional, there’s probably some golden nuggets that are both real and true, but the issue less about the message than the messenger, and one who is probably settling a deep score across lifetimes as trans Mars in Aqua emboldens her Sun while traversing across Trump’s house of open enemies. What’s the saying? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?

Will the Left adopt Omarosa as a comrade in their fight against the president? If I were them, I’d be very careful about forming any sort of alliance with her. She’s about as trustworthy as a gypsy card reader at a county fair.

8 thoughts on “Aquarius Omarosa Goes Off Rez, Past Life Echoes with Trump, & The Prime Directive of the Galactic Center”

  1. J

    You parsed all of that splendidly, Robert. Lionel let loose on Trump for this today along the “what was he thinking?” line. I haven’t watched any interviews with her nor did I ever watch any of the Apprentice shows, but you just have to look at her pictures to get a good read on her. Like I said, this is a thorough and succient analysis of their astrology. Thank you!

  2. S

    Hi Robert,
    Just getting back to you on – found the comments section on SPREAKER. So no need to walk me through it.
    Loved your “ O and Trump “ piece!! Your a really good writer. My husband and I had a good laugh at morning coffee over it. — CHEERS! Sj ????

  3. K

    Excellent post on Trump and Omarosa. I have really been enjoying your YouTube broadcasts. Just watching 8/15/2018 Alex Jones Live “Pedophile Crisis Exposed” and thought about your astrological reading on Alex last week. He is definitely continuing to be under attack, as you said he would be, and the pedophile issue IS heating up even more. You can see the braodcast on click on ‘on demand’

  4. S

    Nice and thorough analysis. I pine for the good old days when the Big O stood for Oscar Robertson. Just joined a gym, and the bike I ride for an hour sits between the Fox and CNN screens. Since we don’t have cable, this is the first extended foray into cable news. Do they slip an IQ dissolvant into their coffee? Wow. Blithering inanity. Pythonesque twits. “Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am . . . “

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