A Re-Telling Of The Goat’s Tale — An Alternate Version Of Capricorn

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Murray Hill is back with his final, insightful installment into the archetype of Capricorn. Murray is putting together his own tarot deck and a website (coming soon) that will be home for further explorations of archetype and myth.

A Re-Telling Of The Goat’s Tale
We have seen that Capricorn brings the Saturnian planetary archetype into Human expression, while the symbol of the Goat-Fish symbolises the physical embodiment of this archetype in both the three dimensional physicality of linear time-space, and the liminal realms of spirit. The symbol of the Capricorn Goat-Fish is one of the most ancient and enduring mythopoeic entities, being historically rooted within the cultures of pre-history that pre-date by millennia its current astrological roll.

Exactly where and when on the historic timeline the Goat-Fish myth became grafted onto the Saturnian myth is unclear. But there are compelling clues as to why it happened and the underlying motivations behind it. The black magic spell that is presented to us as money provides one of those clues, particularly in its current form as the global-financial control and extraction system. What is clear is that we have an admixture of two very powerful astrological and archetypal entities; both of which are expressions of their own discrete and separate historical evolution (both cognitive and psycho-spiritual).

The mixing of these pre-existing archetypes – Capricorn and Saturn – has had two especially significant effects; firstly by diluting, diminishing and distorting their separate discrete historical identities, and secondly, by creating a combined hybrid form that casts an obscuring veil over the entire complex. What we are confronted with in contemporary times is a conflation (which is defined as “the process or result of fusing items into one entity; fusion; amalgamation”) – an amalgam laden with confusion, loss of clarity and indistinct edges. Conflation is synonymous with confusion – specifically the confusion associated with the loss of clearly defined and respected boundaries, and the consequent loss of clear definition, meaning and understanding. The degradation of vital, sacred and divine boundaries is readily apparent in all aspects of the contemporary world. We live within a world of conflation.

To separately address the conflated Saturn and Goat-Fish aspects of the Capricorn complex we must tease them apart, then reassess their combined nature within the contemporary context of the current 2018 return of Saturn to its home in Capricorn. This particular scrutiny is predicated upon a planetary history that lies well outside of the Western scientific narrative. This alternate history is however solidly represented within the Gnostic and Toltec traditions, and further supported by research that lies outside of the current scientific paradigm. This writer is however working from the point of view of Toltec initiation and Seership in the Celtic tradition. To be clear, this account is not New Age “channelling”, it is however the result of first hand organised and coherent Seership undertaken over many years. These topics are huge and for brevity’s sake will be skimmed over rapidly to facilitate getting to the point as promptly as possible.

The indigenous civilisations of Mexico, Central America and South America (among many others) describe a global pre-history that is delineated by epochs or “Suns”. Literally the quality and nature of the radiant output of the Sun (visible & invisible) is different during each epoch. As a consequence the quality and nature of life on Earth is very different during each “Sun”. Living, organic Human Beings come into very different forms of expression during each age – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. According to the Toltec teachings we are transitioning into the Sixth Sun right now. The transition between each of these epochs is marked by a great undoing of the previous age – human social structures are disrupted partially or in their entirety, the biosphere is altered, while geological and geographical changes occur to a greater or lesser degree. These regular punctuations are illustrated by the inexplicable breaks, discontinuities and mysteries that reside within our planetary and human histories.

Mature cultures are fully cognisant of this reality and make the transition with grace, accepting that their old ways have come to the natural end of their time. Immature cultures tend to fall into confusion, chaos and self destruction. In our contemporary times the intensity and colour of the light emitted by the Sun does appear to be much changed when compared to just a few decades ago, and those of us with a few decades under our belts can clearly identify these changes. This writer resides in NZ which by the virtue of being located on the edge of the antarctic ozone “hole” is bathed in particularly direct and unfiltered solar rays. These changes are becoming very apparent.

Historically, the ancient Toltec Seers identified the presence, on the planet, of a non-human energetic entity that had “infected” Human Beings on an individual and collective level. This entity is referred to as the Predator/Parasite – as it predates upon and parasitises the Human Being on a psycho-spiritual level. Even though much erroneous and confused (and confusing) material has been produced around this topic, the Toltecs were sure of one thing regarding this scenario, and that is we are not powerless victims. We do have the power to rectify the situation. Like all parasites, the only power available to the Parasite is that which it appropriates from its host – or put another way – that which we choose (consciously or unconsciously) to give it. The path of the Toltec involves stalking the Parasite by holding up a mirror to the parasitic complexes that are operating within the totality of our own being – and then resolving them – this is the path of the spiritual warrior and it recognises the truth that each of us must choose to do this for ourselves. From this point of view it is easy to recognise the individual and collective parasitism that is currently at work on the face of the planet. The attack on the biosphere of the entire planet is an outward and violent expression of the non-human nature of this entity, coming into expression through the Human Being. We have become slave servants of a mortal enemy which is inimical to both us and organic life itself. The indigenous cultures of the planet have been harshly repressed as many of their spiritual teachings speak directly of the Parasite, from the point of view of both identifying it and “treating” it, as it is in reality a form of psychic illness. The shamanic traditions in particular possess the “cure” or the inoculation for this malady. The ruthless destruction of the indigenous cultures and their wisdom is a survival mechanism belonging the parasite.

Historically it appears that the Parasite opportunistically entered into the Earth’s energetic system during a planetary realignment (some would say catastrophic) event, which massively disrupted, or possibly even entirely dropped out the living electromagnetic fields of the planet and its creatures. The planet and our energy bodies were literally and metaphorically knocked off their axes. This event directly involved the planet Saturn, which was until this moment identified as the dominant and pre-eminent source of light and illumination for the Earth. The emergence of the Earth and our species from the faux light of the Saturnian “parent”, into the direct solar radiance of the Sun was corrupted by the Parasite. It could be said that the birth of our galactic mind and our conscious emergence into our galactic home was aborted and replaced with a simulacrum, a parasitic installation. The potentiality of the galactic mind has been subverted and for all intents and purposes replaced by a parasitic pretender. This thing that we identify with and as “I” is an interloper.

We come from the stars and beyond, and we are destined to return to the stars, taking with us our recently acquired human form. You might like to consider this, as the word “consider” itself derives from “con-sidera” “to be with the stars”. It is the process of coming into alignment, integration and activation with, by and through the Human Form (the Anthropos) that brought us here. We are now being awoken to the very nature of this task by the challenge that confronts us in the form of the Parasite. We are an alchemical process that has been temporarily contaminated by an uninvited “alien” element. We are inviting ourselves to restore our divine selves and our sacred purpose to their original and true spiritual intent.

Historically what could have been a collective planetary initiation – the emergence of the Planetary Goddess Sophia and her Human Beings into the galactic garden – instead became a traumatic and wounding event. Instead of being a celebrated, collective and sacred ceremony, it became a wounding trauma.

That relatively brief birthing moment of divine openness during the transition from the previous Saturnian era to the emergent Galactic era, was appropriated by an opportunistic, parasitic and predatory entity that is inimical to the organic living light of the life force, the very life force that we are.

This trauma has played out repeatedly over the entire duration of our known history and beyond. In fact this traumatic wounding has been intentionally imprinted upon our very beings, and it is kept alive and animated through constant and repetitive re-playing of the trauma. This black magic ritualised re-traumatising is evident in our so called “insoluble” problems. Seemingly perpetual cycles of war, exploitation, repression and disease are actually “open” ritual events predicated upon sacrifice of the very life force that animates us and our intended but now largely forgotten transmutation. The original “sacrifice” was the so called catastrophe associated with the planetary reconfiguration that we experienced. We were and continue to be entirely capable of healing this wound, but this healing is never allowed to occur as evidenced by the ongoing black magic ritual traumatising of the world and its inhabitants.

Trauma creates compartmentalisation within the Human psyche. Our psyches were temporarily broken open and exposed during the planetary realignment. Our intent was for our psyches to become truly galactic. Instead, ongoing ritual traumatic abuse has perpetuated this broken and compartmentalised state of being for aeons. Our innate abilities and drive towards healing are divinely powerful, and only high levels of repeated trauma can block that natural healing process. As our powers of healing ramp up in response to our situation, so too do the levels of abuse required to maintain the requisite levels of trauma and hence control over us.

The name of the game is planetary control, slavery, trauma and abuse. The occult or hidden aspect of this programme has become global and highly technological. In doing so the programme has revealed itself, and so too have the earthly agents (servants) of this programme and the entities behind it. All has been revealed and continues to be revealed. It is finally open and exposed to all who have the eyes and heart to see. This then is the apocalypse – the lowering of the veil. The truth of our situation revealed.

The black sacrificial ritual is saturnian, as Saturn represents the old planetary order which we were in the process of outgrowing. Saturn is now unfairly portrayed by the black magicians as the jealous father who would rather sacrifice us, than see us leave home and mature into the solar and galactic beings that we truly are. The scapegoat, the sacrificial victim is the Human child, for it is the child that is most true and most open to the life giving forces of nature and nurture that embrace it. To perpetuate the programme, the child must be sacrificed upon the altar of the current dream of the planet, which is a nightmare, a dream of hell on Earth. This sacrifice must be repeated for each new generation.

This then is the conflation at the root of the Capricorn Goat Fish’s relationship with Saturn. Saturn should have been the respected parent – the provider of security, safety and nurture. Instead it was re-configured and portrayed by the controllers as angry, jealous and destructive towards its own progeny. The poster boy for our enslavement and sacrificial killing.
Both the victim and the perpetrator of the sacrifice was the Goat. The Goat child (the human chid) was exsanguinated and burned upon the altar of a false god (Saturn). Abusive parental control became the conflated Capricorn archetype of corporate hierarchy, discipline and control – the black suited priest class who manage and enact the sacrifice.

Saturn loses all virtue and becomes the abusive parent. Compartmentalised Capricorn loses its spiritual tail and becomes the hardened and concretised head of the organisational pyramid. Both the victim and the perpetrator are the Human Being, the Goat-Fish, once whole, now broken asunder. The intent of this series of three articles is to cast some illumination on the presence and nature of the Parasite as it functions through the Capricorn-Saturn complex of Human archetypes.

Ultimately and most importantly we must see that the Parasite does its work through us. We are its conscious and unconscious slaves. Most of us remain “blissfully” unaware even of its presence, while some actively and willingly become its servants – but even this tiny sub-group has a negligible sense of what they are truly dealing with. An artificial and simulated sense of self and reality obfuscate our ability to see the truth of our situation – this applies to all of us – the masses as well as the controllers. The intrinsic nature of the Parasite-Predator is a slippery thing to get a clear fix on. It is reflexive for us to externalise it and project all of our fear, pain, blame and anxiety onto it. It is reflexive for us to attempt to identify and locate it and declare war upon it. We must be clear within ourselves that the Parasite is a non-physical, psycho-spiritual entity that inhabits a separate but parallel reality to our own. The only power that the Parasite possesses is our power. The only work that the Parasite is capable of doing is our work. The only reason that the Parasite appears to be invincible is that we Humans are ourselves invincible spiritual beings of infinite potential. The Parasite is an empty shade that possesses nothing of its own – it can only copy and mimic. It is not to be feared.

It is only when we see that the only ones who can control and abuse us are ourselves, and that the only ones who can save us are ourselves, that we see that we can stop this madness in a heartbeat – and I am sure that we truly will. Attributing and projecting our wounded condition onto an outside agency or an “other” is ultimately pointless as it only furthers our victim status. We know enough to heal ourselves right now. We possess the power to heal ourselves right now. It is all there, right in front of us.

At the time of this writing astrologically, Saturn has returned to its native home in Capricorn. Collectively we have a powerful and potentially transformative moment within which to heal ourselves and our world. For a while the cycle is complete and the ouroboros is closed. It is time for us to the shed the old skin, the old ways, and emerge renewed. This applies to all of us. We carry this potential within our beings.


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