A Look Into The Capricorn Moon From The Natal Chart, The Cap Moon As Social Meditation And The God Particle

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Its the cool Cap moon

The Capricorn full moon is upon us. In the natal chart, its one of the most mis-understood placements of the moon. People with Capricorn moon in their chart have incarnated to take on and learn about responsibility. Quite often they’re taxed with a parent that projects their lack of success or their own patterning of fear of failure onto their children. In many cases love becomes a material exchange between the parent and the child. If the child excels and succeeds, the parent will respond with love. This is not uncommon in the parent/child relationship, but with the Cap moon, it becomes the standard operating system. Unconditional love has a price to pay.

The Capricorn moon is usually seen as the mother, classically, it is the archetypal stage mom. However in the latter part of the 20th Century, with changing sex roles, it can also be the stay-at-home father, and this would raise a very different specter of the Cap moon.

Sometimes though, the Cap moon in the natal chart is simply a function of ones economic lot in life as well. One example would be being born into a family that has little resources, where both parents work, so the child with the Capricorn moon is forced into some form of contribution to the family early on. If they are one of the older children in a family with multiple kids, they’ll be the surrogate mom (or dad). Often Cap moon people work early in their lives and have paper routes, do baby sitting or keep the books for the family business. In many cases, the Cap moon individual has a truncated childhood. While their friends are out and about, splashing in puddles and exploring their worlds with the exuberance of innocence, the Cap moon child is practicing the violin, being shuttled back and forth to some practice or recital or changing a dirty diaper. How does this affect the Cap moon adult?

In the adult life of the Cap moon individual, feelings are often remote and there is an unspoken accounting for all emotional transactions. If there aren’t other aspects in the chart that can soften the Cap moon and allow for the individual to develop a sense of empathy and compassion, it can be more than just cool, it can be cruel and calculating, since the individual has become entrained with the notion of emotional reward based on some form of emotional achievement. As a result, there can be a sense of developing relationships based solely for their ability to move the individual with the Cap moon forward, both professionally and socially. The Cap moon individual creates a social hierarchy of who they will “invest” their time and energy with. Deep down though, these people want to be loved and liberated from their need to achieve to receive.

The plus side of the Cap moon manifests in the middle and later passages of the individuals life. If they’ve followed their moon, they’re usually in pretty good place financially by their forties and fifties, which means they are more inclined to retire early and begin to catch up on the childhood they lost. Slowly, they begin to shed layers of their conditioning and emotional armor. While life has beaten down many of their contemporaries, the individual with the Cap moon is just getting started. They discover the wonder of life and since Cap is an earth sign, they are very attuned to nature and find deep emotional resonance in the wild, alone or with others. Beneath the cool facade, Cap moon people are passionate and
earthy lovers. Once the ice melts, they can revel in the senses and enjoy long and extended sessions of love making. Its not uncommon for Cap moon people to marry older people in their youth and find younger lovers in their silver years.

Capricorn is also very connected to shamanic mystery traditions and if the person with the Cap moon has any interest in indigenous wisdom and healing, they would be willing students and given their penchant for preparation, fine teachers and translators of these traditions. The one thing that the Cap moon parent must watch out for is repeating the cycle of conditional love with their children. If they can wait a bit until they have achieved something of note for themselves, they can be very good parents that can provide for their children without sacrificing feeling.

People with Saturn either conjuncting or squaring the Moon can often exhibit the same challenges/transformations of the individual with the Cap moon.

As a collective, emotional resonator of this Cap moon, people are likely taking stock of their emotional and physical reserves. There’s a sense of lucidity in the air and not taking things for granted. Opposing the nurturing Sun in Cancer, we have the reverse of the alchemical marriage as the solar agency of will is in the feminine expression of Cancer, while the emotional component of the Moon is in the most masculine of the earth signs, Cap.

The inner dialog would include a lengthy conversation of how prepared are you to take care of those that you love, in almost any social condition? There would also be a look at how much the individual itself has to successfully navigate the latter years of their lives. Getting work done now is highlighted so that people can relax a bit and enjoy the 4th of July mid-week celebration.

On a meta-level, we’re staring down the dynamic of the US and the creeping corporate consciousness of US INC., versus the nostalgic image of America as a place where lives and dreams are nurtured and families indulge in the unquestioned hope of legacy. That’s not a given anymore. The nation as a whole is likely meditating on a future that looks a lot more like 1984 than 1954.

Take advantage of this Moon and take stock of your life, count your blessings and give thanks. Saddle up and learn how to extract water from a cactus, the wagon train is heading westward into the deep of unknown psychic territories.

On a bit of a side note, the Hadron Super Collider at CERN has apparently found the God particle. Well, the good news is, is that it might silence all those atheist scientists that have denied the existence of God. The bad news is, is that they now think they are God. In many ways, its a very Capricornian experience by using science and the apex of technological achievement in an attempt to name and harness the mystery of creation. God help us with that one.

6 thoughts on “A Look Into The Capricorn Moon From The Natal Chart, The Cap Moon As Social Meditation And The God Particle”

  1. d

    Don’t worry Robert, she will…
    In the words of one of the wisest Nostradamus
    Century 8 – 30
    The treasure found will come to vex everyone…

    you can see it in the face of pope glory of the olive…May the screams of dead children hunt his dreams…

  2. n

    It somehow makes sense that the ultimate monument to hubris will be the ephemeral chasing it’s own tail, maybe they will declare that God is neither alive nor dead, depending on who plays with the doors. Maybe you can’t make this stuff up, but that is the result of over-arching imaginations, that is ironic.

    Maybe you can make this up, not like there was really any other way to play this. Of course, there is always obedience to the real law, and only outlaws have enough respect in this place to do it, more irony, but not really. That does not slow down any of the resonance of good times, just makes the edges redshift, or look like this place is not wavering so much in the valley of decision, the event horizon. That is just another dead/alive cat doing, and dancing, and maybe finding a place to stay, for one night.

  3. D

    Several weeks ago on your Blogtalk radio program, you were kind enough to do on-air readings of the natal charts of me and my incarcerated son. To jog your memory: son with natal Saturn/Moon conjunction and me with natal Cap Sun and Cancer Moon rising at exact full moon, both of us with 7th house suns. Obviously, this article clearly speaks to me because of our charts, but it is one of the best expositions I’ve ever read of the Saturn/Moon, Capricorn/Cancer, 4th/10th dynamic. INHMO you nailed it. Again.

    Although I’ve been one of your followers for only a few years, over the last 3-6 months, it seems to me you’ve produced a steady stream of excellent quality work, both here and on your Blogtalk programs. On one of your Blogtalk programs this past week I thought I heard you say, and I’m paraphrasing, that you had not yet learned to appreciate your Virgo-ness. I know there were many other factors at work in creating such a sustained and beautiful body of work, but Mars’ 8-month stay in Virgo must’ve been some support to you. In any event, I certainly appreciate what you’ve been doing and I know many others do as well. Appreciation is nice but, as a Cap Sun, I know great success is usually realized from great effort and may it be so for you. I only hope you stay accessible once this is achieved.

    I had a lot of trouble getting to the comment section here mainly because I’m tech-challenged but I hope my small chip-in is magnified many times over for you. You most certainly deserve it!

    Kindly yours,

    Diane Niece

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