Zero Degrees Aries, JJ Watt Turns Harvey Into A Herocane

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium


The Moon slides into its ancient arc, gathering the silver light, swelling into Piscean fullness. We’re emotional in the wake of Harvey, manufactured, steered, guided or not, the swelling of the gulf, with Irma lurking offshore, is the manifestation of the rising tides in our lives. We’re not in Kansas anymore.

In the wake of the eclipse, we’ve witnessed the cyclonic mutation of Harvey act like a bomb on the Houston area. Houston was incorporated on August 24th, 1836 at 12:38PM (see chart below). With it’s Sun in Virgo at 1 degree, the solar eclipse took place just two degrees off it’s natal Sun and was in a 4 degree orb natal Uranus in Pisces in the 4th House. It’s fascinating to look at a chart like this and examine the cosmological make up of the city, apart from the disaster. Houston is one of the most diverse cities in the country, where Whites/Caucasians do not comprise the majority. A port city, it’s been a magnet for people from places as close as Mexico and as far away as Vietnam. After Katrina, it became home to refugees from New Orleans, displaced by their own meteorological assault. It’s also a quirky city and we can see this in the opposition of Sun/Uranus. Houston’s last two mayors have both been gay and the quirky nature doesn’t stop at city hall.

Given it’s widespread publicity in the past week, Houston has been the wild west of zoning, and while it’s not unincorporated, it’s about as close as it gets. That’s Uranus again in the 4th House. Oil is obviously king in Houston and the watery grand trine of Uranus/Saturn/Mars. Uranus provides the technology, Mars the industrial muscle and Saturn, the administrative powers. Houston, based on it’s chart built for success, and oil and gas course though that grand trine like liquid gold, the Piscean pyramid for not only it but the rest of the country.

This is not a city that will be held down. Sag rising has an indomitable spirit and also underscores the international flavor of the city. Good will follows Sag Rising and it’s been pouring into the city, not just monetarily, but also from the people side of the equation.

Vikings Texans Football

JJ Watt of the Houston, Texans has his Jupiter in Gemini, right on the DSC of Houston. Watt’s Jupiter; 1 degree Gemini. Houston’s DSC; 2 Gemini. Jupiter, is expansion, generosity and largesse. To date, Watt has raised over $20 million dollars for the beleaguered city. Watt’s TN is in Pisces at 4 degrees, and it’s conjunct Houston’s Uranus at 2 degrees. Watt has immersed himself in his true purpose through rapid response to the crisis. Born on March 22, 1989 at 0 Aries, he has always epitomized the expression of will through sport on the football field. Up until last year, Watt couldn’t be stopped. He was one of those rare players who could singlehandedly take over a game. Part Spartacus, part Paul Bunyan, part Babe Ruth, his larger than life persona had already established itself on the field, but last year, his back gave out during the pre-season and he spent the entire year rehabbing.

Now, even before the season has begun, he’s become the main story of the NFL, not Colin Kaepernick or Michael Bennett (both Scorpios) and their ever vigilant pursuit of social change. (Bennett, to his credit has donated $25,000 to the Houston area).

In a time where white men are vilified and scorned as the perpetrators of everything evil, and must be exterminated at all cost, while suppressing their masculinity throughout the process, aka a collective castration, JJ Watt bursts onto the scene to offer a very different picture of what the hard left, ANTIFA, BLM, BAMN and fourth wave feminists are decrying as the plague of the planet, history and time.

As the Pisces Moon beams down upon us, bathing us in it’s timeless glow, as the debris is cleared away from the devastation of Harvey, as the Hermit King launches his exploding phalluses, as the conductor of the tower blows hot winds from the west, Luna becomes a pale aureole in the night sky, suckling both nightmares and dreams, from the profane to the sacred, illuminating both our extreme vulnerability and our eternal strength.



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