You Are The Most Dangerous Species In The Universe — The Divine Reflection Of Humanity In Pluto In Capricorn

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

dangerousGaze into the future of Pluto in Cap.

Pluto in Capricorn has given rise, to the corporatocracy. Don’t fall for the con. Health care is nothing more than the bailout of GM or AIG. It’s complete control, the entangling of synthetic beings (corporations) and the state (people). It is the lodestone to the transhumanic manipulation that is being carried out under our very noses. It’s setting the stage for the birth of some other species, a bastard breed of genetically modified strains that rain upon us from above. They come in under the cover darkness, a virus that marshals our immunity towards it in full force. While we are battling the Trojan horse that is making us hack and spew, the real nasties hit the back door. You don’t wanna know. Or do you? There is a contagion, like blankets laced with smallpox being wrapped around out skies. If it doesn’t kill you it will make you conform to it’s overarching ideology, which is nothing less than total submission. But you have to ask the question, why?

What we know about life, about Newtonian physics, about The Greeks, about the alchemical balance of life, is that there cannot and will not ever be some event in our lives that does not reflect either some inner state or at the very least, it’s opposite. In essence, while the forces of control and domination are hustling our demise, they’re doing it for a reason. They’re scared–very scared. Why? It’s because we are the greatest threat to their sad survival, parasitic and dependent. Humanity has been in a co-dependent relationship with these sorry assholes for ages.

Think about it for a moment. We have always been led outside of ourselves. Whether it was some church or some ascended master, or some other religion outside of our own, or some alien species or race that was way more hip and on the tip than us. It’s always been about hierarchy and the other. Down there, at the very bottom was the Hu-man. Oh, we always had our space brothers, or our ascended beings or Kal-El or who the hell knows, but not the humans. Dogs of the galaxy. Niggas of the universe. Well, I am invoking the spirit of Tupac. It’s time to stand up and be counted. It’s time to be okay with being a Hu-man. Trust me–the rest of the universe is really envious. We feel. We fall. We love. We learn. We have been seeded with a unique property by a trickster god and the joke is about to hit the punchline. Remember this.

Inasmuch as Pluto in Cap represents the placement on the CAPstone and the invocation of ancient demi-gods has begun, it is also part of our process, a divine reflection. We are ascending towards our own beautiful, beatific, bodacious expression. It’s holy and whole. Somewhere out there, there are bodies floating around orbs of silvery light rooting us on. They know that the conscious embrace of our own humanity will infuse their existence with a sublime essence that is so rare and particular to this very plane. No matter what happens to you, keep this at the very center of your pineal gland and deep in your heart; “You are the shit and this is the place to be.” Don’t ever give your sacred self away to some worldly or other worldly agency. They may have all the best technology but guess what? They don’t have the range of emotion that we do. Don’t give it up or away. You are the most dangerous species in the universe. You incarnated here, took all the risks and rolled the dice. The stakes were high, but the payoff is even higher. Don’t let them fool you, no matter how rough it gets, you’re playing with house money and they know it.

9 thoughts on “You Are The Most Dangerous Species In The Universe — The Divine Reflection Of Humanity In Pluto In Capricorn”

  1. l

    Choosing Sacrifice

    Sweet teardrop rainbow
    celestial, demure
    bright drops of light
    clearing vision
    from clouds
    clean sparkling flowers
    of grace
    Taste enervating electricity
    Feel blood bathing brain
    Smell the air of change
    so easy
    like falling off a cliff
    anyone can
    In the Future
    houses will be wired
    to spy
    ‘No thought crimes allowed, sir.
    You’ll be coming with us
    for regrooving.”
    Cats and mice will play nicely,
    or feel the juice
    from which none come back
    the same
    This is the way the world turns
    from sanity or compassion
    because we are cheaper than robots.

    July 25, 2009

  2. C

    Robert, you crack me up. You are the only other person I have heard say these things. Or maybe say them out loud. And publicly. Thanks for your honesty and insight. The time of choosing is at hand. What are we made of? Those brave enough shall soon see.

  3. Robert,

    I take it, then, you are not a believer that humanity came about through the alien manipulation of DNA? To me, certain characteristics of humanity seem really counterintuitive, if we were to take the view we evolved without the agency of outside influences.

    The teachings of many ancient cultures, the symbols used by modern secret societies, and even interviews with well-known scientists point to a couple of things-

    1. Alien Astronaut Theory – An advanced race came to Earth and engineered humanity using DNA present on this planet at the time.

    2. Panspermia – Special DNA was “seeded” from space and altered the DNA of proto-humans here at the time.

    Or some combination thereof.

    I do not deny there are malevolent persons/entities that get juice from humanity’s hardship. But I also do not tend to think we are “unique” in the universe or that we sprang from the evolutionary chain as a precious snowflake, without peer.

    We are all but one lens through which the Universe comes into focus, albeit a (supposedly) conscious one. We very well could be the creatures helping Gaia establish a global mind/noosphere, but I tend to think Gaia may have had help from somewhere else.



  4. A

    It’s a good thing my mother told me from a very young age what a load of crap religion is. I thank her all of the time.

  5. N

    I personally have sympathy for panspermic hypothesis, due to many reasons too long to be explained here in few words. About Corporatoceracy i do agree with these two adds: 1) First of all, we only started this period, born from the crisis of democracy and of the principle of representation: Of precisely **who** politicians are representative of?! Actually they are representatives of themselves and of Corporate world at large, conseunsus is contructed and bought… 2) When the ones who gave consensus up to now practically to **all and everything**, when those ones will **increasingly discover** the damned knotted situation we are in, they will ask – to the **ones** who drove us where we are! – to solve the same situation…
    (I try to explain this mental mechanism in the link above, for what is possible in a blog)

    Another observation: Uranus passage into Aries is just an essay this year, but next year we will experience it in a far **stronger** way, in a purer I could say, for this year this passage of influences will have to deal with Saturn and Pluto…
    Well, let us never forget that the last period of Uranus in Aries was that of Nazism!

    What I mean is that energy has no form, it can be focused on far different, even opposite goals…
    We are in a situation in which we face the very necessity of change, that we like it or not, for good or for worse…
    (This is only a possible way among others:

    Energy **takes the form of the vessel**, let us never forget it…

  6. S

    Well, I’m really glad that I saw that entry out to it’s very end…the last paragraph was so inspiring and spot on (as far as my limited understanding goes). These days I’m calling on the energy and wisdom of Gandhi – the man who advised us to “be the change you want to see”
    Thankyou Robert for some really courageous and insightful articles!

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