Year Of The Metal Tiger — Brace Yourselves For Corporate Warfare

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

red-tigerThe Tiger is about to bear it’s fangs.

Sunday, in case you missed it, was The Aquarian New Moon. It’s the first new moon of the chinese new year, which means that it’s officially the “Chinese New Year.” Back in 1998, I was part of the great dragon in the San Francisco, China Town, New Year’s Parade. I think I was part of the alimentary canal. It was great fun. The dragon is organized by one of the Kung Fu schools in Chinatown and I knew one of the instructors there. We all got together back at the YMCA in Chinatown afterwards and feasted on great Chinese food and ice cold Tsing Taos. It was a great memory and I was really struck by the power of the community which was mostly Asian, and how they embraced non-Asians with equal, open arms. I felt a lot better about humanity after I emerged from the belly of that paper-mache beast.

But that’s not what’s happening with The US and Japan in what is rapidly decaying into the first open conflict of corporate warfare of the 21st Century. To understand what’s taking place, we have to zoom out again to get the 50,000 foot view.

We’re dealing with Pluto in Capricorn. This is the rise of the coporatocracy and I have banged out against it over the space of this blog from it’s inception. Everything that manifests now in third dimensional reality either reflects it’s expansion and influence or defines itself against it.

On the mundane level, we have the thoroughly controlled, supposedly grassroots, Tea Party rising up and shaking it’s collective, weathered and vain popping fist at the establishment. The Tea Party is the echo of the past, a reanimation of this country’s roots, when the so-called American Revolution was set into motion. Remember, Pluto was in Capricorn during those revolutionary times and as such, it was in opposition of The US Cancer Stellium (Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter). So we’re seeing the ghost dance of liberty being awkwardly staged across our lives as paid and played figureheads like Sarah Palin and Joe Farah are quickly escorted into positions of leadership, all there to control and stage manage the rage. Gate keepers. Bad shepherds.

But the American mind-set has been so entrained in Hegellian dialectic (problem/reaction/solution), they are ready pounce, frothing, mouth foaming as the Pavlovian ring of the Tea Party bell is sounded. Tea baggers don’t question who or why certain people are there, steam pressed, wrinkle free and ready to lead them in cheers that ring hollow and yet advance agendas at light speed.

Palin gets in her “gosh,” “gollies,” and “geeze” then tells the crowd that they aren’t going to take the terrorists shit anymore and that we’ll wipe them out at every turn, including Iran. That’s why she’s there. If you are a tea bagger and you happen to stumble upon this site, rid yourself of any notion that Glen Beck, Sarah Plain or Joe Farrah has your backs (they’ll quickly have what’s left of your bucks though). But back to the corporate wars of Pluto In Capricorn.

At the beginning of last year, The US government was buying companies like my kid was buying Monopoly properties the other night. In case you missed it, they “saved” GM. But did they really save GM and to what end did they make such a magnanimous gesture?

demoratner1841650Steve Rattner was appointed Obama’s Auto Czar. First off the whole “Czar” thing, which basically started with conservative darling, Bill Bennet being appointed as “The Drug Czar” is borderline illegal. These are not elected posts and don’t even have a formal title like “Attorney General” or “Secretary Of The Treasury.” These are semi-official titles for departments that don’t exist, Czars emerge from the private sector and act swiftly and decisively when it comes to enacting some form of policy, often without the same oversight or vetting some other positions might actually incur.

Rattner came out of the private sector where he worked for Quadrangle, an equity fund, read hedge fund, read highly capitalized gang of marauders that throw their financial weight around to influence and dominate markets. So Rattner comes into the early stages of the Obama admin, when he essentially nails patsy CEO Rick Waggoner to the wall, forces him to step down and then orchestrates the government purchase of GM/Chrysler. Almost as soon as he does his dirty work, he resigns and then floats back into the private sector, crossing that moving, Maginot Line which is supposed to demarcate the private form the public sector. Once Rattner was paid for his hit, he was gone, scurrying back into “private life” with a little pension scandal looming over his head.

While being in the car business shouldn’t be a front-line assembly for a government “By The People, For The People,” one of the reasons that The Gov got into the purchase of Chrysler/GM was, according to Greg Palast, to have access to their pension funds, which of course could be tapped to help out their pals at Morgan and CTI who were the main lien holders on the GM/Chrysler debt. Pensions are something that Steve Rattner seems to specialize in. Then there’s the whole Eliiot Sptizer saga, which, while on the surface looks simply like a bad indiscretion and stupid move on his part, he had The New York pension issue squarely in his crosshairs. Again, Greg Palast delves into the Spitzer case and comes up with the fact that Spitzer was getting ready to pounce on Bernanke, and of course the NYC pension fund, which became a showdown item between him and Andrew Cuomo.

prius-converted-plug-inEliot Spitzer was crucified on the altar of infidelity, while Steve Rattner skulks back and forth Wall Street and K Street without impunity.

So where does that leave us now, as a corporation, I mean a country that is in the auto-business? Well we have to take care of our product, don’t we? Build a better, more efficient and affordable car than anyone else? Isn’t that the American way? Not in the 21st century. Nope, the new business model is to use the iron hand of the government to slander and then enforce recalls, thus wrecking a long standing brand, essentially your competitor and one of the main sources of income from a foreign country. I’m talking about what’s happening with Toyota.

This battle is just getting started. It’s full on corporate warfare, only one of the corporations is also wearing a badge with 50 stars on it. The US and GM/Chrysler have gone full contact against Japan/Toyota. First it started with the sticking accelerator. Now it’s other issues. Obama has actually stepped in and forced recalls on all Toyotas. The President of Toyota has refused to go before congress. Now Honda is being dragged into the fray as well. What the hell is going on here?

Well both companies are direct competitors to Chrysler/GM and the production of the their troubled Chevy “Volt” line, a car that was designed to compete head on with Prius and The Accord hybrids. I’m not the only one thinking along these lines. Would it be too far fetched to have introduced glitches in the products at the assembly line level? Could a glitch in a chip been programmed to throw a monkey wrench in Toyota’s generally solid and bullet proof reputation? What’s to be gained here?

Getting back to the theme of the “Year Of The Tiger.” the “Metal Tiger” at that, it’s creating a deeper socio-economic conflict between The US and Japan. Obama is already pissing off China by meeting with The Dalai Lama. Now The Chinese are selling US Treasury bonds. It’s East vs. West. Next to be drawn into this socially engineered, street-fight, will likely be Russia. So on one side, there will be Russia, China and Japan, forging an alliance, with The US. Israel and Europe on the other side. The Asian community, especially The Chinese, no matter how much communist gruel they’ve ingested over the years have built-in Mao inhibitors and that is culture, tradition and superstition. This is not a year for the type of timid display that the Chinese (and Japanese) are mostly noted for. The Metal Tiger is a badass. It rules cars, machinery, technology, currencies, metals and armaments. The Tiger is the equivalent of Aquarius in the western system and since The Chinese New Year broke in February (Aquarius) under an Aquarian New Moon, we’re dealing with very cool, calculating and detached energies. Sentimentality will not play a huge role in the Chinese and Japanese mindset. The gloves will be off. Sides will be chosen and with cool detachment and reserve, The Chinese and The Japanese will do whatever it takes at some point to bring the circus tent down. Perhaps this is the cold light behind the illumination of shadow puppets moving across the screens of our minds. Perhaps the Chinese and the Japanese are being provoked, having sharp sticks being jagged at tigers in a cage. Maybe the whole idea is for them to dump all that bad paper they’re sitting on and shove the whole damn thing right off the cliff it’s tenuously hanging from. It’s subversive as hell and of course the blame is always pointed elsewhere; “Look at what those heartless people just did!” Rarely do the real perps ever get nailed. Some other judas goat is there for the hanging. Speaking of Judas Goats . . . .

I’ve always had this sneaking suspicion that Judas was not the betrayer Christ spoke of. No, I always though that the real betrayer was “Paul” formerly “Saul Of Tarsus.” It was Paul that took the teachings to the world and started the franchise of churchianity, expressly against the wishes of Yeshua/Emmanuel. That’s another entry altogether.

So it really comes down to the big cardinal cross that will align itself in June, with Saturn in Virgo, Jupiter/Uranus in Aries, Pluto In Capricorn, Sun in Cancer. This is a very tricky time, especially with the Uranus/Jupiter Aries conjunction. What happens during late June in the skies will have a powerful effect on human affairs. The energies of conflict, nurturing, efficiency and critical thought will all be in play and I doubt that the Metal Tiger will likely be caged to the extent it is right now.

15 thoughts on “Year Of The Metal Tiger — Brace Yourselves For Corporate Warfare”

  1. k

    When is the start and end date of Pluto in Capricorn?

    How does one calculate the other times Pluto was in that sign.

    When you mention that Pluto was also in Capricorn during the American Revolution, I made a link with Greg Braden`s book Fractal Time (which I found to be alright but forgot most of it). Does the planetary energies make history repeat itself? Not sure if my question makes sense…Does the cycle of the planets affect the cycles of events on Earth?

  2. A

    “Tea baggers don’t question who or why certain people are there, steam pressed, wrinkle free and ready to lead them in cheers that ring hollow and yet advance agendas at light speed.” As long as they are white…you betcha!

    “Palin gets in her “gosh,” “gollies,” and “geeze” then tells the crowd that they aren’t going to take the terrorists shit anymore” I am not going to take her shit anymore! What a freak show and I wish you wouldn’t defile Kali anymore by comparing that freak show to a Goddess…

    “Again, Greg Palast delves into the Spitzer case and comes up with the fact that Spitzer was getting ready to pounce on Bernanke, and of course the NYC pension fund, which became a showdown item between him and Andrew Cuomo” Very interesting dynamic….would like to see it unfold like a lotus blossom.

    “I’ve always had this sneaking suspicion that Judas was not the betrayer Christ spoke of. No, I always though that the real betrayer was “Paul” formerly “Saul Of Tarsus.” It was Paul that took the teachings to the world and started the franchise of churchianity, expressly against the wishes of Yeshua/Emmanuel. That’s another entry altogether.” I couldn’t agree with you more…love to hear more….

    Once again….thanks for the brain food

  3. L

    Huh…as soon as the Toyota stuff started, I said to my daughter, who owns a Toyota, that this this was Corporate sabotage….Thanks for confirming my intuition.
    and I here I was thinking that the years of the Tiger meant had had to stay alert in Business…..Geeze. Good Article!

  4. C

    I’m with you. I have long felt that Paul was the maniac behind the defeminization of the early teachings of the “Christianity Roadshow”. I believe he was jealous of the Magdalen energies and made sure of the duality rather than the unity of the feminine and masculine. Can’t wait for the article. Keep uo the good work. I love your contribution to the ever expanding awareness.

  5. T

    That was a terribly naive analysis of the auto industry in the US. You describe it as GM vs. Chrysler vs. Toyota (and you forgot Ford). But actually it’s General Motors-Opel-Vauxhall-SAAB vs. Ford-Mazda-Volvo-Aston Martin vs. Daimler-Chrysler-Fiat vs. Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing of North America Inc. And FYI, the Toyota CEO has agreed to testify before the House. And there really isn’t much trade friction between the US and Japan, since Japan is still in a decade-long recession and isn’t fighting with any trade partners, it can’t afford to .

    Furthermore, you’re buying into a right-wing lie, ironically, one spread by Palin to damage Obama, about “czars.” There is nothing remotely illegal about czars. That is merely an informal name for standard executive office appointed positions. They don’t have any more power as “drug czar” than under the real name of their appointed position, “Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy.”

  6. a

    Sorry, I ‘ll hit you back when I have more time with an informed opinion. I don’t buy into the Palin trip at all. See my post. Czars are corporate. Plain and simple. I’m not into them and I could give a rats ass how Sarah Palin feels about them. Obama is a disaster and all he is, is a continuation of the Neo-con banking community that put Bush into office and Palin is part of the game as well.

    More later. . .

  7. Japanese automakers make a fair amount of cars in this country and buy some parts from us auto parts makers. Meanwhile American cars are not necessarily made in America. Mine has a big and bold “wholly made in Mexico” sticker on it. (It’s been a good car for 6 years BTW)

    I happen to still think the only thing keeping the house of cards in place is the economic “mutually assured destruction” that would happen if Japan, china, and the u.s. go at it. We’re still the world’s largest consumer and japan’s economy is running on fumes without a light at the end of the tunnel. Meanwhile China is likely to have social unrest if their economic growth experiences some major hiccups.

    No doubt balance of power is heading East and the U.S. is being deflated on purpose from superpower status. My question is whether it’s deflated with a bang.

  8. a

    Okay, let put a few pieces in place. Sometimes, from the outside, you can see things a little differently. Here is an excerpt from Ontario’s “Financial National Post”;

    “There can be little doubt that Toyota, the world’s greatest auto maker in recent years, has become the victim of much more than another typical out-of-control All-American media frenzy. When top-line political gamesman such as U.S. Transport Secretary Ray LaHood, Congressional pit bull Henry Waxman, and conniving United Auto Workers executives start piling on, this is clearly much bigger sport that the usual ritual public lynching of auto executives, a routine occurrence in Washington. The attack on Toyota, at this time of U.S. economic weakness and populist excess, is fast turning into a great American nationalist assault on a foreign corporation, an economic war
    . The White House has denied any such motivation on the part of the United States. But that denial lacks credibility.”

    From the blog, Flopping Aces:

    “There’s something inherently sleazy and suspicious about an WH administration mouthpiece that unequivocally states that Toyota owners should simply “stop driving” their cars until they’ve taken them to a dealership. In the wake of such an unprecedented fear mongering campaign, the mud slinging began, and within days, Transportation Sec’y Ray LaHood, was softening his harsh blow.

    But “just words” matter, and one of the nation’s most popular vehicle manufacturers saw their shares fall as much as 8% on the heels of LaHood’s explosive remarks. Obama’s pet, Goldman Sachs, downgraded Toyota from a “buy” to “neutral”. If you use AutoBlog’s figures, it’s 16.7 % over the past five days

    Chuck Justice of Habeldash also chimes in:

    “The second motive is fairly obvious, but many Americans may have forgotten this nugget of information: the U.S. government OWNS 60% OF GENERAL MOTORS. GM has been playing catchup for years to produce a comparable product. And they have; however, the perception is what they’re truly fighting. Reliability, safety, fuel efficient aren’t exactly the first words that come to someone’s mind when asked about an American car. Although now those statements do describe many American automobiles, the perception hasn’t changed. The government bailed out GM and Chrysler, gave a good chunk of it to the United Auto Workers union (which strongly supported Obama), and now they’re trying to figure out how it can make money.

    This isn’t a situation of two private companies competing that continually produce better products as a result of the competition – it’s a private corporation being attacked by the most powerful entity in the world. This act is similar to Hugo Chavez in Venezuela taking over companies he thought were adjusting the prices of goods, except this is America, or so we’re told.”

    But you can go right ahead TTT and chide me for not being anally specific regarding the sub-divsions of each automaker. I posted GM and Chrysler, because it was those two companies that benefited from the bailout.

    Yes, Japan is running on fumes and this, in my opinion is cage rattling. Baiting.

    When did Bush, or Clinton or Reagan or Carter ever get so deeply involved in an auto recall?

  9. B

    When I look at Obama I see a man with a keen intellect, a huge heart and a very shiny soul… Can’t say the same for most of those mentioned above… Paul included.

  10. a

    Hmmmm, for me Obama really presents a spiritual and intellectual conundrum with lots of psychic hurdles to overcome in order to embrace what he is doing. There are well documented lists as to what he pushed for prior to his election and what he has actually done that are grand canyon wide between the two. I will not re-post here, because it’s fairly easy to find. John Pilger is a man that I think you would respect Badg, you should look up his work on Obama. It’s critical and scathing. Pilger’s progressive and socialistic credentials are peerless. He does not come from any side with an axe to grind and therefore I find his litmus to really meet the test of fairness and objectivity.

    I find that a president needing teleprompters to speak to a class of kindergartners to be not only bizarre, but pathetic.

    I also have hard time listening to him when he drops into his “cool jive” patois, using it as a painfully obvious device that “he is down with the people.” He does this when he is stressed. The deliberate act of manipulating the emotions and the psyche is painful to watch. If I were an African-American, I would be thoroughly put off by this device. It’s like he has his “Uncle Tom Tone” then he has his, “Hip Tone.”

    He and his WH attorneys fought vehemently for torture, arguing that combatants, (ie) terrorists, no longer have any rights, because since they are “terrorists” they have abdicated their status as humans. In essence, they no longer exist. They won.

    He has ratcheted up the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He is also banging the war drum in Iran. He is continuing the occupation of Iraq by building the largest government facility in the world, outside The US.

    He has consistently supported big money by hiring the likes of Michael Taylor, former CEO of Monsanto to be the head of The FDA. Are you kidding me? The man that represents the people that are making franken foods the plate-du-jour for every household in America, possibly the world, now controls the largest and most powerful division of the government that is supposed to have oversight with the likes of Monsanto, has just been given the ultimate power to advance the Monsanto agenda, while fending off as many broadsides against the GMOs as possible.

    Obama helped pass “The Food Safety” act which did nothing but reinforce Monsanto’s position.

    At some point, shiny soul or not, you have to know a man or a woman by their works.

    In Human Design, Obama is a Projector. Projectors have a tremendous capacity to extend their auras. Their presence is unmistakable. But according to HD, Projectors have no energy centers and amplify the existing energy around them. He’s been able to exert such force because of the hope, faith and good will, massive amounts from his many supporters have been channeled in his direction.

    Obama is of my generation–Generation Zero or Gen Jones, whatever you want to call it, and I want him to succeed because he is my generational peer. I want him to succeed because there is so much on the line. I want him to succeed, because so many people have invested huge amounts of hope in him and if he doesn’t, they will be crushed and with it, the soul of a nation. But I cannot dismiss the facts, evidence and more importantly, my own instinctive and intuitive response to Obama and his progress or lack thereof.

    For your sake and that of the planet’s I hope his “shiny soul” busts out big time pretty damned soon.

  11. Maybe Obama has an enlightened part of him when he’s at home with friends, or writing books, or playing basketball. But I have yet to see him do anything differently from the way a Clinton or even a moderate Republican would behave. Very disappointing. Though his campaign was absolute proof in the power of a well-crafted mythology.

    I do not believe in, or follow, the theories of David Icke but when Icke talks about shapeshifting lizard people, that’s kind of the feeling I get from Obama.

    I did not get that feeling from President Cheney or his puppet W. They gave off completely different kinds of bad vibes.

  12. D

    The Mythmaker: Paul and the Invention of Christianity, by Hyam Maccoby, Barnes & Noble, Inc. (1986) is an interesting read.

  13. W

    No kidding about the end of June. It’s unnerving me already. ha. We’ve also got a Full Moon lunar eclipse (partial) exactly conjunct Pluto at 4 degrees on the 26th. Can’t get away from those damn Cancer/Cap eclipses.

  14. S

    I operate with these dogs and as far as animal behavior goes, I am a solid believer in nurture and coaching. I’ve met Jack Russell Terriers that I wouldn’t go close to again, but have by no means had a bad expertise with an American Staffordshire Terrier. If you are talking about their owners- well, that’s a various story. Humans are animals as well, and we tend to each have our unique concepts about “moral concepts”.

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