Weekly Astral Weather Report For The Week Of 6/8

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

solar-systemMake love, not war.

We start the week off with the fire of the The Sag Full Moon still in effect. The higher power should still be kicking in. Have you experienced a miracle in the past 48 hours? Even a minor one? Give it credence. Let it breathe. It wasn’t a coincidence and it wasn’t trivial. Faith takes some perseverance and a little tending. The greatest transformations start as a spark, or a seed. A universe was born from a speck of dust. You still have some ability on Monday to make the connection to the bigger picture.

Take a leap.

Why not?

Venus Enters Taurus On Sunday

The planet of love enters the sign that it was born in on Sunday. Yes, the bull returns home to it’s ruler and rests as Venus is in harmony with Earth. What does that mean for all you earthlings, or even those of you that are visiting? Expect things to go smoothly in relationship. Make love, not war is the motto of this alignment. Get sweet and sensual. Extend an olive branch, break some bread and break out some good syrah while you’re at it. Mars and Venus are working towards a tryst, when the two form an exact conjunction on the 22nd. This is a time of peace as Mars is determined in Taurus, and anger is a last resort, but an explosive one if allowed to fester. That’s where loving Venus comes into play. Take your sweet time. Slow down and give thanks for the simplest things in your life. Step back from it all, affirm that you are here and begin to make the very best of it, one act of patience and forgiveness at a time. Hug. Kiss. Get juicy. Get sappy. Go see Up. Have a good cry. Wash the pain away.

Mid-week Capricorn Moon

The opti-mystic Sag Moon gives way to the waxing powers of “The Goat Moon” in mid-week. Things can have a serious turn in the work place. Bosses can grab the bull by the horns as they feel the heat from above, but don’t worry, if you can conspire with some of your work mates to fill the office with flowers and sweets, you’ll be just fine. In fact, there is a sympathetic flow between the bull and the goat and they most certainly have one thing in common and that is the allure of earthy delights.

Moon Flows Into The Waves Of Aquarius On Friday

Joining up with the forces of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron, The Moon, even though it is fading, still has enough juice to form a powerful stellium with the wave bearing energy of Aquarius. It’s a field of energy where thoughts become things, so you’d better watch what you’re thinking and dreaming about. It might just show up in your front yard or front seat. Tune your frequency to the highest vibrations possible and you can’t go wrong.

Notable Birthdays For This Week

Kanye West (6/8), Johnny Depp (6/9), Maurice Sendak (6/10), Joe Montana (6/11), John Linell (6/12), Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (6/13) and Che Guevara (6/14).

The outlook for the week? Sunny with a chance of gain . . .

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