Warrior Mother, Jenny McCarthy’s Scorpionic Battle Against The Medical Establishment, Autism, Amanda Peet And Disbelief

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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JennyMove over Sarah, there’s a new warrior mom on the block

Before we head into the gauntlet of tonight’s debate and the post-debate, debate, which will no doubt erupt over both candidates, I want to take time out and share with you one of the most astonishing videos, from one of the most surprising people I’ve re-discovered. If you haven’t already figured it out, part of this websites function is to provide you with tidbits and tools for personal empowerment and self-actualization. From the music, movies and books in the sidebar, to the daily astrological overviews of our current social-milieu. That said, I want to share and celebrate a heroic one, whip-smart womans stand for the health of her and our own children. Please shout a deep and hearty “Huzzah!” to Jenny McCarthy (Scorpio).

I always loved her for her nutty sense of humor and of course, her drop dead good looks and figure. But I recently saw her interviewed on CNN about her new book Mother Warriors: A Nation of Parents Healing Autism Against All OddsWarrior Mothers: A Nation Of Parents Healing Autism Against All Odds, which picks up on where her previous book, Louder Than Words: A Mother’s Journey in Healing AutismLouder Than Words: A Mothers’s Journey in Healing Autism which chronicled her son Evan’s struggle with Autism and her own personal discovery of self-empowerment, which led her to questioning the wisdom and safety of the number and schedule of vaccines for children. In the interview she came across as clear, truthful, righteously angry, informed, compassionate and fiercly loving. She shouted down the greed of The AMA and their aggressive, profit driven schedule of shots and even the established belief that a child cannot recover from Autism. Based on diet, supplements, chelation of heavy metals (which she did not do) and Candida cleansing, she and other parents have seen remarkable results in the condition of their Autistic children. I was struck by how forthright, funny and laser-like she was in this interview, unshackling herself from the consensual party line handed down to her by the high priests of modern medicine. So I decided to look into her chart and find out what drives this unique and inspired woman.

Born on November 1st, 1972 (no time given) she is a Scorpio Sun, with a Virgo Moon (healing focused), Mercury in Sag and Venus and Mars in Libra. Her Scorpio Sun gives her the ability to investigate, probe and get beneath the skin of things. It sextiles her Jupiter in Capricorn, which invites this activity into her life, rewarding her innate curiousity and the desire to get to the bottom issues. Her current beau, Jim Carrey is a Capricorn and had no doubt played a role in furthering this process of personal empowerment for McCarthy. Her Mercury in Sag is sextile Pluto as well, adding a scalpel-like edge to an already penetrating personality. Very little escapes the inner gaze of this woman. Her natal Mars is in an exact conjunction with her natal Uranus in Libra. This is a woman that is a champion for rights, a rebel who will seek out unconventional ways of finding out and expressing her truth. Her Mercury is also conjunct Neptune in Sag, which gives her the ability to tap into immense compassion and inspiration, not some insipid and limp version of deep feeling, this combo can allow McCarthy to merge with levels of mass suffering and be motivated to do something about it. Her deep feeling doesn’t just exist in the trans-personal, her natal Venus in Libra is conjunct Pluto in Libra, so intense and deeply transformative relationships are essential for her. No doubt, both Carrey and her son fall within this rubric as does her rumored bi-sexual dalliances with Jenna Jameson and other women, who have claimed that they have shared some fairly intimate moments with Miss Jenny. In addition to Mars conjuncting her natal Uranus, it trines her Saturn in Gemini, giving her endurance and fortitude when it comes to standing up and fighting for a cause.

If I were Amanda Peet, who is currently engaged in a war of words with McCarthy and McCarthy’s stance on Autism, even referring to McCarthy as “a parasite” I would think twice about messing with this “Warrior Mother.”

These are just a few dynamic aspects of this funny, sexy, brave, and brilliant woman.

While Sarah Palin is clearly lost amidst the clamor of voices in and around her head, parroting the party lines of McCain and Joe Lieberman, Jenny McCarthy is dialed in like a laser beam, cutting through the bullshit of the established and entrenched medical community with her deeply personal journey regarding her sons recovery and the liberation from limiting beliefs.If she were running for office, she’d get my vote.

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