Wall Street Ground Zero, A Personal View, Massive Cardinal T-Square Off In Action

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

America in contrast.

I was at Ground Zero on Wall Street yesterday. Though it might be a bit pre-mature, I felt like I was witness to history in the making. In a square, not far from where “The One World Trade Center” is erupting into the sky, a ragtag group of old and young, left and right, black, white and variant shades in between were assembling into some sort of vastly intelligent and hyper-cooperative entity. I was struck by the raw, primal, tribal, yet highly cordial immediacy of it.

At the center of it all was a space carved out for speakers to address the crowd. They would say a line and the entire crowd would repeat it, word for word, so that everyone could hear what was being said without amplification. This method of conscious mimicry arose when early on, as dissenters and agent provocateurs began heckling and shouting down the speakers. The crowd simply responded by creating a conduit of voices to speak over them. The event hackers have since dispersed.

In just eleven days, a tent city (without tents) has sprouted up from the cracks. The food situation has evolved from pyramids of peanut butter jars, to a full blown kitchen, feeding and supporting the crowd. They now have their own media center and a live feed of the event, (not covered by the mainstream news) which can be witnessed, 24/7. The call and response to the outside world has been revelatory at times. Word goes out over Twitter or the live feed channel that people are hungry and within 20 minutes pizzas magically manifest. Drummers bang out a steady beat on the periphery of the square. They’re the drums of war, the human heartbeat of change, the pulse of creation itself, rising up from the concrete jungle, where fortunes and futures are stalked and hunted down like lunch on a daily basis. Something big is afoot. People are waking up in the middle of an intense T-Square between an army of planets in Libra (Sun, Moon, Merc, Venus and Saturn), Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Scorpio. It’s a perfect storm.

Libra wants fairness and accountability. Libra wants equilibrium and justice for all. Uranus in Aries is opposing most of those planets. Saying Uranus in Aries is a mixed bag, is like saying Lady Gaga has a penchant for obsessive, self-promotion. Uranus in Aries is instant war (just add some powdered nuclear fission and shake well) as well as radical uses of technology to rapidly awaken the masses. Twitter was touted in the decidedly mixed color revolutions of this past Spring and Summer. That’s Uranus in Aries in action. Power to the people in 140 characters or less. Well, more or less. You get my drift. Uranus in Aries is also the unsteady moorings of all those nuke plants curiously placed on fault lines or at the mouth of the great mother ocean. It’s genius in the blink of an eye and destruction at the shrug of Atlas, twisted and torqued by sub sonic frequencies and artificial interference.

The key to this opposition is to integrate both energies. All that Libra is just heartfelt sentiment and frustration in the void without anyone to witness it. And here you are, right now, availing yourself of the instant reportage, brought to you by our sponsors at Uranus in Aries. U in A needs the human conduit to organically tap into its fierce, synthetic array. In Blakean terms, its the “Marriage Of Heaven And Hell.” The there’s Pluto in Capricorn, the third part of this dynamic trinity.

Pluto in Capricorn is the rise of the corporatocracy. Its TARP. Its the dismal and likely scandalous failure of Solyndra, the abandoned love child of the Obama administration, now being subpoenaed and combed over by by investigators. Its the unholy fusion of big business and big government. Its “The Beast.” The pressure on Pluto in Capricorn is being exerted from the wings, bearing down on it, forcing to react like a senseless machine. Anthony Bologna, a NYPD sergeant detective was caught on video sadistically macing an unsuspecting and non-confrontational woman. This might be the squirt heard round the world.

Within 24 hours, Anonymous had posted every detail about Bologna’s life, including his kids, their schools, etc.. I’m not sure how I feel about this. We take zealous umbrage when the all-seeing-eye invades our privacy, are we not a lesser version when we do the same to a psychopathic pawn in the game? Might it not be better served by taking that kind disclosure up about a dozen levels?

The night before, over dinner, we tossed around the merits and demerits about undressing the personal details of Officer Bologna’s life. My pal Mark, “The Trotsky Of Howard Street” rasped in his mephostophilian, tobacco-scorched, South Africanese, “Its all about turning the tables man, we can’t have true freedom without true force.” He cackled after he took a swig of his Stella, “We’ve got to take it to the man!” I felt like it was 1969 (even though I was only nine). But that’s Libra hooking up Aries, squaring off against Pluto in Capricorn.

Speaking of South Africans, one of my long time readers, Diastella just sent me a comment about my last post on “Quantum Peace.” Here is what she said in response to idealistic Americans; “I am disturbed that these very sweet and beautiful Americans that I am meeting can be part of such a ruthless and mindless destruction of innocents. Is it because the enemy is invisible? There is no target? Aaaarrrrggghhhh.” Well I can honestly say that that notion of America and its passive genuflections on the benign nature of the universe is transforming. Wall Street and what’s happening there is indicative of that. I found people sucked into that vortex that days ago were just curious passers bye and now they’re staging open mics, or attending spontaneous workshops erupting on the periphery. But the amazing thing is, is that this isn’t just money and the economy people are TALKING about, in real time, face-to-face fashion, they’re breaking down Monsanto, GMOs, 9/11, endless war, homelessness, its all on the table, or rather on the square.

America seems to be finally waking up from a long, extended state of collective somnambulance. Its awkward and in its own way, uniquely American. The feeling at Ground Zero was anything but grim. It was urgent, alert, a little edgy, but not grim. A cheery 18 year-old-girl I met had been camped out there from day one. Burdened by 10K in student loans in her first semester of college, she knew that the game was rigged and she would be paying it off for years after graduating, if she could even find a job. Undeterred, she goes to class in the day, while a friend holds down the mattress and she returns at night, while doing it with a sort of ebullience that only youth can deliver in the collapse of empire. If she were my kid, I’d be pretty damned proud of her.

But here comes the caveat moment. A lot of people coming to this are very new. They’re getting their heads cracked open (in a good way) for the first time. Its vital that they get good, solid, clear info. Enthusiastic chaos is the perfect state to insert new (diluted/deluded) programming to the unsuspecting. Identifying the “one percent” is just the start. We’ll need to get more specific on many fronts, if we want to bootstrap the planet from the center of our hearts.

Just down the street from Ground Zero, is Trinity Church. You might recognize it from Nick Cage’s symbolic orgy, “National Treasure” with its catacombs, secret chambers and iconic relics. Trinity was “gifted” to New York by King William III for a purported thirty bushels of wheat. Its currently undergoing a renovation. Its slogan, “A Church For The New World.” They may as well tear that sign down. The real church of “The New World” is down the block and has no walls. The holy sacrament is pizza. The liturgy is the assembled voices of the defiant, the dispossessed, the devout and the determined, chanted again and again and again. The sacred music is the relentless yet loving heartbeat of the mother, beaten on plastic buckets and exotic drums. I was just there and I gotta tell you, I felt the holy spirit.

You can watch the live feed of Wall Street, HERE.


9 thoughts on “Wall Street Ground Zero, A Personal View, Massive Cardinal T-Square Off In Action”

  1. S

    People are coming face-to-face with their illusions, delusions, and obsessions. It is not a pretty thing to experience on the whole but it is truly cathartic. Wall Street is just the beginning. Wait until people start acting out in front of B of A’s worldwide when they go for cash one day and it’s not there. I was in Calabasas for a tiny preview of such an event. Anarchy is good for the soul Baby :)

    Settle in, hunker down, and enjoy the ride. Or not. The party is in the perversions.

    This Capricorn sun/moon and Libra rising says: The imbalance is about to be addressed-one way or the other.

    If Mama ain’t happy no one is happy… and Grandmother is now watching…She is not happy with what is happening with her daughter. There will be drama like this world has not seen in quite a while. Guaranteed.

    Bassnectarin and timestretchin…

  2. A

    It is a good thing people are starting to wake up, it is like a path in ilussion which is fading… Next problem will be the lack of cash, I do agree… Maybe there are plans to start to make agreements between currencies in order to arrive at a sort of global currency, but crisis will continue uo to that moment which will itself be an illusory solution…

  3. T

    Thanks for your “on the spot” commentary, Robert. I’ve just prepared a post on this topic, for the weekend – but non-astroloigcal, and not in any depth, so will link to yours.

  4. D

    We must stop the private bankers Money-Creation “out of nothing” according to the “Fractional Reserve System” and give money-creation back to
    the Nations! As Thomas Jefferson said: ” If our nation can issue a dollar bond, it can issue a dollar bill. The element that makes the bond good, makes the bill good, …”
    Money-Creation is the sovereign right of every Nation, not of the private banks!

  5. Well done! Important insights ~ I humbly confess to being one of those with said ‘head being cracked wide open’ & mainly – thanks to you, Phoenix. Rocks one’s world, to be sure ~ and very much concerns me for future generations, including my daughter about to step out into the world from the comfy confines of home and high school..

    Hats OFF to that 18 year old in the now, in the know & taking a very conscientious and educated stand.

    Great point in integrating the opposing energetic forces ~ what a world this would be if we could harness this down to the individual ~ forming a collective..

    *enthusiastically nods to Sherri* ~ the imbalance has, is and will continue to be addressed & the timing of it all very telling as we as a whole, continue to embark upon this universal paradigm shift journey ~ we are riding the cusp.

    Now WHERE is my surfboard & suit of armor?

    Excellent piece, Phoenix :)

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