Virgo Full Moon, Sun/Jupiter Conjunction And Patricia Cori

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

sumergeWhen two Suns become one.

The sweet tension between being emotionally correct and effusively expansive is in play right now, as The Moon crests in Virgo, opposing the Sun and Jupiter, both in the immersive energies of Pisces. There’s piety and propriety, passion and promise swirling in the ethers. Politeness and and circumspection can transform into humility, which is the gateway to understanding. Sun/Jupiter is a portal, a stargaze to mystery that is accessible by entering into them at the same speed at which they vibrate. This is not the speed of light in the physical sense, but rather in the metaphysical sense. There is an abundance of potential in the skies, but The Virgo Full Moon is the attitudinal barometer for entry into the gates of mystery.

On the practical front, this is a great day to make sure that you are coming from emotional integrity in all of your relationships. The Virgo Moon is want to be uber-critical but it is softened by the pillowy cushion of Jupiter/Sun. Ease up on yourself, but don’t checkout. Notice. Check-in. Re-correct, gently. Stay close to the purity of intent without submitting to the puritanical tyrant within.

On a macro-level, The Virgo Full Moon allows the self to see the world and it’s institutions clearly, without projection or sentimentality. Virgo is deeply invested in health, which in The US, means of course the ongoing soap opera with health care, one of the biggest drags and distractions on the planet right now. There will also be s light sense of panic for those that are depending on urn-employment benefits, which could run out, thanks to the irascible Jim Bunning (Scorpio) this should last only for few days though, so don’t clench that anal sphincter too tightly and remember, there is profound possibility in the air if you enter the space openly with humility.

patricia-coriI’ll be posting scopes for March tomorrow, but tonight, please join me over at FAR at 8pm, PST, where I’ll be speaking with author/channel, Patricia Cori, discussing her Sirian connection and her mind blowing new book, Where Pharaohs Dwell: One Mystic’s Journey Through the Gates of Immortality

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  1. I got really bad food poisoning this weekend, the second time in three months. So I’m taking it as a message I need to be more conscious in my relationship with food.

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