Venus Retrograde Scorpio — Reconnecting With The Dead

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium


Clint Eastwood just released “Hereafter” starring Matt Damon as a psychic that can not only commune with the dead, but he has the ability to see into the future as well. Just an odd side note. Matt Damon (Daemon) is married to a woman named, “Luciana” (Luce, Light). Anyway, his gifts became too much to bear and he went into isolation. But the world and key people would eventually find him and draw him out of his self-imposed from the afterlife.

The film was released into nationwide during Venus/Scorpio retrograde, on 10/22/10, which can be reconfigured to 11/22 or “33.” Now some might see this film as an elegiac Eastwood’s meditation on his own mortality, or looking just a little deeper, it could have more profound and troubling meanings, especially in light of the last HPH report, recently unleashed onto the world.

Unlike all the others that proceeded it, each one containing enough doom and gloom to reach for a “Jonestown Kooler,” Clif’s website was always intact. Not this time. Just days before releasing the last report, his server pulled the plug on the HPH website, with very little info for Clif. Luckily, I suppose, Clif and his crew are both unflappable and highly skilled. They cobbled a new site/server together and lo, they uncoiled the latest data sets. which essentially read like a prelude to revelation. The top of the hit parade is 1 billion people to die from the Gulf Plague or as my friend in FLA, Michael Edward calls it, “The Blue Flu.” But that’s just for starters. If that’s not enough, Israel will finally throw down against Iran, which will lead to a nuclear holocaust. So if the toxins won’t get you, then the isotopes will. Clif said that November 8th is the date that they kept getting.

Now when we deal with the HPH stuff, all kinds of things get sticky and tricky. First off, High and George Ure are not just marshalling millions of spiders, crawling around the web, grabbing terrabytes of data, based on thousands of loaded keywords, they are interpreting said data. I personally think that they do a pretty good job of staying out of the way, but even people with the most pure and hermetic intent are still part of the process, no matter how detached they attempt to be. Heisenberg made this perfectly clear with his uncertainty principle. Now, that said, i am sure that Clif and George have protocols and and ways of cross checking their data sets, but they are still to some extent, influencing some aspect of the experience. The amount might be negligible, but nonetheless, they are inserted in there somewhere.

So whether it’s on the front end (loading the keywords) or the back end (deciphering and adding meaning to the info) Clif and George to some extent influence the info. Again, it could be minimal and the overwhelming evidence could thoroughly eclipse said influence, but it’s in there.

The other thing that I think takes place in the aftermath of their releases (and I think this is actually why thy do the work) is that the probable becomes possible, which when paid attention to, and aired in the space of the collective mind can be and is likely altered. In essence, through mass attention, something can shift in the matrix and things can get played out differently than the data sets imply.

Some of Clif and George’s greatest detractors will point towards predictions that did not manifest. I’m of the opinion, that this is where their greatest work actually occurs. They might even quietly and privately agree with me.

But make no mistake, when a film like “Hereafter” hits the screens, produced by Spielberg, directed by Eastwood, something is in the air. Portraying the afterlife as a realm of pure love and light, linked to our world through conscious intent, it’s a spiritual soporific for angst riddled souls. If there was a global calamity about to occur, wouldn’t it make sense to have an important film portraying the afterlife as safe and loving making the rounds? I’m looking forward to seeing the film for a number of reasons, some of which have organically emerged during Venus/Scorpio/Retrograde.

Male-silhouetteA WIDOW’S SON

Three women in my life have recently lost their husbands. I have different levels and connections with all three. The first is my own mother who lost her husband of fifty years in March. Her grieving process has been awkward and deeply painful for her. In spite of her Pisces Sun, her chart is marked by fire (Aries) and air (Aquarius). Her sadness comes out likes leaps of flames in traffic or trivial details of the day gone slightly wrong. Occasionally it becomes too much and I will get a late night call filled embarrassment and apologies for her being weak. I listen as she struggles to fill the void. In the good hours I watch her take up rituals that my father partook in, things she never had much interest in before, like drinking red wine in small glasses. Her drink has always been white wine in large, rounded and stemmed wine glasses. She struggles to find meaning.

Back in July (Cancer) I took her to a coin shop in Albany to do some business. The shop was run by an older man and his lovely wife from Thailand. The day we came, we were told by her that her husband had fatal brain cancer. He had mere months to live. Two weeks ago, I went there to sell some coins and found out that he had died. I spoke with his widow for a while. She has two children, one son, eight and a daughter, two. She has no family here. He had none at all. All she has is their business. I recognized the look on her face. It was the same as my mothers, groping for meaning amidst a torrent of emotion and memory, the spaces where words utterly fail. A week later, I had one of those late night calls and invited my mother to lunch the following day. I’m not sure when it dawned on me, but at some point I decided to bring the two of them back together.

After lunch, without my mothers knowledge, we drove to a florist near her shop. I bought some flowers and told my mother that we were headed over there and she was going to give her the flowers. She did. I wanted my mother to not feel alone and to have to act as a bridge for someone else’s experience, someone else that was suffering in a similar way.

The woman at the shop accepted the flowers and she began to open up about the lack or real care her husband received. How the doctor lacked compassion (as a practicing Buddhist she would know). She opened up like a tiger lily. She was chewing threw the medical industry in her own, dignified, yet frustrated and deeply sad way. We had momentarily given her a space to quietly grind, but more importantly, it was two women, from vastly different cultures and times, united through loss. No one can tell me that astrology doesn’t have any merit. Venus/Scorp/Retro, just two degrees off my natal Neptune in Scorp in the 11th house made far too much sense. Friendship and connection, through loss. The trinity was not complete.


Last Friday, I finally launched a show I had been planning for a few weeks. Many people who read this blog know about my friend, “The Captain” who passed away from liver cancer in September. If you’re reading this for the first time, The Captain was adder friend I met some years back on line. Two, three, posts, and we were instant friends and we knew it. Spiritual kin. Over the years we would meet up in the physical. He was part of my circle. Captain met Kate almost three years ago, set up by his niece on a blind date. They clicked. Boy, did they click. Soon, it was weekend getaways to The City. Giants and Warriors games. And one night, they discovered a band called “Alma Desnuda.” The Captain and Kate fell in love with the conscious, acoustic quartet. They would go up to SF and see them play on the weekends. They became an integral part of their lives, providing the musical backdrop to their romance. Last June, Captain was diagnosed with cancer. He told a group of us in public. Most of us met Kate for the first time that day.

In the ensuing days and weeks that followed, The Captain melted into such a graceful state of surrender. Some of us would travel down to Santa Cruz to spend time with he and Kate. In fact, I even did my show with Bill Mistele at his house. I could see how suited Captain and Kate were.

One of the things they did was get married as soon as the found out he had cancer. They did a City Hall service and were going to have their reception later. The plan of course was to get Alma Desnuda to play. It took some stars to align, but they did. Kate and Captain threw the party and Alma Desnuda playing their instruments as they walked in surprised The Captain, who did not know they were coming. The celebration was bittersweet and epic. The Captain would die two weeks later.

Alma Desnuda was so moved by Captain and Kate’s story that they have decided to make a film about The Captain to a song they had recently written, “Good To Die.” Last Friday, I brought Joe Glaser of Alma Desnuda and Kate together, live, on the air to talk about how the band was moved by them and vice-versa. Joe is the band’s drummer and also a cancer survivor. Again, Venus/Scorp/Retro, gliding towards Neptune was making itself known to me, forging ethereal bonds. I had tried to do the show the day before on Thursday, but something went terribly wrong, files were stacking on me and I could hear myself talking to myself on the show, something that had never happened before. I passed it off as Deux Ex Machina (ghost/spirit in the machine) on Facebook. Looking back on it, I’m pretty convinced that The Captain had inserted himself into that strange realm of layered feedback and distorted echoes. I guess it just wasn’t the right day.


This post started off as a quest to find the connection between “Hereafter” and the latest “HPH” report and really it just became a reflection of how we can consciously act as bridges between the here and hereafter in the face of any projection, cinematic or otherwise. As the veils get thinner and thinner between now and the months end, with Venus still dancing backwards into the underworld, unlike Orpheus, you have permission to look back (and forward), affirming your connection with the ineffable at any given moment. Reach out and re-connect with those in this world and the next.

To listen to The Daily Farcast with Alma Desnuda and Kate, go HERE.

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  1. R

    If you watch Lady GaGa’s Alejandro video again carefully, you might notice what appears to be the tail of the constellation Scorpio making it’s appearance through out the video. Some people have said that this video represents the story of Isis’s revenge against Set. I have always wondered why Scorpio would be so important, this, and after seeing the mega ritual of the 33 Chilean miners being brought up from the underworld on the Phoenix, all in pentagram tshirts, on 10/13/10, at a time when Venus, or Lucifer was retrograde in Scorpio, makes me wonder what we have in store for us as Venus, or Lucifer rises from the underworld…

  2. R

    You know when things just ‘pop into your head’ for no particular reason? Well, a phrase just ‘popped into my head’ when I thought of the Venus retrograde in Scorpio thingy happening and it was: “A Taste of Things to Come”. So, I googled it and found this George S Clinton Mortal Combat soundtrack. Pretty comfronting, I thought. Not to mention weird!!! Hmmm. It does seem a little…. dark.

  3. Thought experiment.

    You are a military planner working at the highest levels of the Israeli defence establishment. You have tasked with a raid on Iran as soon as it is confirmed that the US elections will deliver a strongly pro-Israel congress. It turns out that it is 1am Monday 8 November so that it can be the lead story on US Sunday night television. Then Cliff High comes up with same date.

    Now you have to back to your bosses and report that the risk of casualties from the strike have just doubled and that Iran may be able to launch a counterstrike within 30 minutes of the first strike. Secondly it looks like Iran may be taking serious diplomatic action. .

    I would be grateful that HPH makes a prediction of war and through that prediction cooler heads prevail and war is averted.

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