Venus In Gemini Equals Polarization In Baltimore And The Long, Hot Summer

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Suspect Dies BaltimoreWhat happens when you mix black and white? You get Gray.

In Baltimore, under the last degrees of Venus in Gemini, the poles of duality finally clash and the result is Gray, as in Freddie Gray. I can almost set my calendar to this social kindling, the bonfires of the ignorant and sleeping.

All hell broke loose on the 25th of April, Sun in early Taurus, fixed, stubborn and determined. Venus was in the second Decan, Libra, which is, the scales of justice. It’s now in the third Decan, Aquarius and the drama is getting played out on social media, the vox populi of the Aquarian Age. What’s quite revealing in that realm is that there are links between activists and all around professional shit disturbers that connect Ferguson and Baltimore.

These are hired guns, employed to fan the flames of social unrest higher and higher. Keep in mind that Fox News broke the story, and they have their own agenda, but it’s worth looking into. This shouldn’t surprise anyone as these the methods were devised by Saul Alinsky in “Rules For Radicals.” None of this is bringing us closer together and that my dear readers is the point.

On the 25th, when Venus in Gemini was at 15 degrees, Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake ordered police to stand down and even stated, early Monday that police were instructed to allow “those who wished to destroy space to do that.” Of course, in a truly embarrassing fashion, Rawlings-Blake went back on that statement and boldly claimed that she never said it, while there she is, clear as day, on TV and social media playing the video over and over again. “Cognitive Dissonance” a concept developed by the radical acolyte, Frantz Fanon was in full effect.

Ironically, the Sabian Symbol for 15 Gemini is the following; “A Woman Activist In An Emotional Speech Dramatizing Her Cause.” Sometimes you just can’t make these things up.

I have been writing and speaking about this on my show for the past few years. I could see it coming as far back as the Super Bowl in New Orleans, when Jim Harbaugh’s team played against John Harbaugh’s team in the deep of south, under the sign of Aquarius, brother against brother. It’s not going away anytime soon. Harry Belafonte isn’t going to show up on the streets of Baltimore, or Philly or Oakland, breaking out the guitar and a little “Kumbaya.” Nope. And the worst part of it is, is that there are people in power that are exploiting real anger and real issues and directing it towards not just the police (more about them later) but the soft underbelly of America, the white middle class. It’s a brilliant use of subversive misdirection, assigning blame elsewhere. Let’s take a clear look at the facts.

In the 1960’s America fought a war in Indochina, not to stem communism from encroaching into Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, but to take over the opium trade from the French in the “Golden Triangle” while creating enough social strife at home, to fuel the divide and conquer checkerboard of the sixties. The war became the ideological great divide in the US. It was a perfect chasm/schism. If you were against the war, you were likely for, feminism, civil rights, drugs, freedom of self-expression and some form of social tolerance. If you were for the war, you were likely against those social movements, especially when the anti-war movement got taken over by radicals, such as the Weather Underground, who advocated and participated in killing innocent Americans, because in their minds, during a war, their war, not the one in Vietnam, there are no innocent victims.

Dave McGowan has written at length about how the 60’s were hijacked, due in large part to the aggressive takeover of the anti-war movement by the hairy, smelly, angry, radicals from the college professors and intellectuals who were not only against the war for moral reasons, but also constitutional. In a clear example of controlled opposition, the anti-war movement had been infiltrated, it’s leaders from wealthy families from Chicago’s north side, and Jewish intellectuals from merchant class and political families.

The third reason for the Vietnam War was feeding the beast of the military industrial complex. With the rise of technology, all sorts of new weapons, planes, equipment, etc., needed to be manufactured and deployed. That’s big bucks and guess what? American parts were also winding up in the hands of the North Vietnamese. They were making money both ways.

During the war, young, black males, many of whom were not in or able to attend a college for a deferment were shipped off to Nam, where they either died, were disabled, or were emotionally and mentally wrecked. When they came home, no one saw them as heroes or as patriots, as the anti-war movement only knew one emotion; “rage.”

The inner cities were nightmares in the late sixties and early seventies, graveyards of hopes and dreams, the left behind ruins of white flight, abandoning the cities for the synthetic dreams of the suburbs. Young, black mothers who had either lost a husband/father due to death, trauma or drugs had to often fend for themselves and the Federal Government, the new mack daddy in town was right there and ready to provide hand outs and government assistance, as the Welfare State was rocking and rolling, thanks to the likes of Lyndon Johnson, Saul Alinksy, Cloward-Piven and other mass manipulators who brilliantly gamed the system, one that they also had a hand in creating.

In essence, the 1960’s became a killing field for Black American families and they haven’t recovered. In fact, now, it’s even worse. The lower level or work entry jobs that were afforded them in the 1960’s and 70’s have been absconded by the immigrant/illegal class from south of the border and beyond. Prophetically, Booker T. Washington actually warned about this many years ago.

This has been a systematic attack on a group of people from a socio-economic level and I have no problem with the anger surrounding it, but fast forward and we’re all rowing in the same slave boat now, as the middle class dwindles away due to lost jobs, decayed values and a more subtle form of demoralization. The religious and spiritual values that served as a center at times mutated into the feel good of pop psychology and secular humanism, where morality has become subjective, and where in almost one day, that same mayor of Baltimore can call the rioters, “thugs and arsonists” and come right back the next day and re-frame her stance and them as simply, “misdirected youths.” There is no center anymore.

There’s a lot of Bull in the air and you can take that anyway you want, with three, inner planets in the sign of Taurus.

Baltimore won’t be the last event like this, this year. The Summer will undoubtedly be hot, they’ll crank that up, and the action will be hot as well. There’s a Freddie Gray or a Michael Brown in just about every major city that’s happened or just waiting to happen. Here, in Austin, there’s a high profile case regarding the death of Larry Jackson Jr, killed by Charles Kleinert, a member of an FBI task force. This is set to go off in September, but today, a judge moved to have this case tried in federal court, not local or state, since Kleinert was with the FBI as well as local PD. This event has now moved to escalated.

Saturn is moving backwards in Sag and the Kelinert case is just one example, where an event has already occurred and is being moved forward in time. There will be others, dredged up and trudged out, reanimated like zombies for better or worse, serving up justice and injustice with equal scoops and shit sprinkles on top. But with the square to Neptune, getting to the truth of the mater has never been more difficult.

I want to find the highest point in world that I can publicly stand on and shout it out to the winds, bouncing off the four corners that we’re all being played, except that place is probably Nepal and they’ve just had a devastating earthquake there, so I’ll have to settle for this blog, these keys and this virtual mount.


There, I said it. But the problem is, is that there are certain groups who feel like they have been held back and held down for so long that their time has come to dish out a little pain and get theirs while they’re at it. In the short run, in a system that is rife with enablers and false representation, their blood justice might actually be rewarded, but that’s low hanging fruit of the worst sort, the sour apple, genetically modified to leave a more pleasant aftertaste, but the poison is still in there and the rewards will be bitter in the end.

The key to it all is to not react. Observe, deconstruct, watch your own pain and even prejudice, no matter what color or creed you are. If you can manage that, you might be able to see that we’re all in this together and have a chance at busting the matrix of manipulation, as one. I’ll do my part and hold the space as best I can.

10 thoughts on “Venus In Gemini Equals Polarization In Baltimore And The Long, Hot Summer”

  1. D

    And how we are being played. Here in South Africa the president was supposed to answer questions in parliament about how he was going to pay back the 246 million of tax payers money that was spent on his home. A few days prior to this a dose of devastating xenophobia erupted. The dedicated parliament session was thus changed into a discussion of the national crisis. Quite frightening to observe us being played by a man who has worked many years in intelligence and whose Sun sits at 22 degrees Aries.

    We have to speak about these things and share our witnessing. Thank you Robert

  2. H

    “We’re all being played”. It took you to say it Robert, and in such exquisite fashion, as usual.
    The “alternative” press and the “conspiracy” press will take a while to catch on, I imagine.
    And the mass media will continue to stoke the fires.
    But you have spoken the truth and that always has a way of catching on.
    Thank you.

  3. D

    Excellent post Robert. You are always on point with your analysis, I really enjoy your take on current events and I look forward to the Friday Farcast every week.

  4. p

    dont forgert re: nam – rubber…goodyear i believe it was, told the US gov they may run out without vietnam access…at the time, it was the best source for natural rubber which is needed even in synthetic variations as a seed…

    re: your austin case going federal…the federal court can best protect the private interests; its not near as possible in a state court…federal judges go through a sort of training program where the truth is revealed and their job is to protect said truth at all costs…

    truth is not meant for public consumption, so these manufactured events are started to provide public cover for private ends…

    so jade helm? :) LoL…

  5. T

    Right you are. Observe, perceive, plan, but now feels to be a really lousy time to react, act, move forward with anything. Keep your pins under you! Best, Tom

    1. a

      There is a a hexagram on the I-Ching. It’s called, “Brightness Wounded” which translates into “hidden.” Hiding the light.

  6. S

    interesting… lots of word on the wires about police actors in these events… I see this, and the hype around Jade helm etc as a manipulation to create distrust of govt… falling in line with the masonic/luciferian goal of destroying the church, state, and family unit

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