Venus In Capricorn, Pluto in Capricorn Reality Check, Staying Human

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Pluto in Capricorn; City of eternal night.

The Moon and Venus were just in Capricorn. Venus slowly approaching Pluto. It’s time for us to review where we are with this titanic, monolithic, baphomertic, Plutonian beast now three-years deep into our social DNA . Ironically, I started this blog during the late degrees of Sagittarius, right around 28 degrees, just three degrees off my natal Jupiter and on the cusp of my 2nd House. However, it would be in the early degrees of Pluto in Cap where it would really take off. So in many ways, this blog is intrinsically linked to the goat from the underworld.

Pluto in Cap has been an intense journey into the bowels of my 2nd house. Its dredged up fears about survival and isolation. Early on in Pluto in Cap, I had a lover whose father played pro-football and molested her as a child, the most inviolate aspect of Pluto rising to the surface.

It’s no coincidence that we’re seeing it raise its grotesque countenance amidst the so-called charity of “Second Mile.” Oh yeah, that shit is Pluto in Capricorn. A so called benevolent foundation, right and respectable, giving kids from broken families a chance in life, with a fatherly figure like Jerry Sandusky giving them “hands on” guidance in life. Pluto is the expose of the most unthinkable; Violating young boys, fatherless and desperately looking for direction, acceptance and love.

2nd House is values, the root chakra, the most basic and fundamental issues in the life of the individual. Its where the shadow (Pluto) seeks to interpenetrate the most intimate confines of the soul as it manifests on the material plane. It is also where Pluto lives in the US chart at 28 degrees. Jerry Sandusky, born January 24th, 1944 his Venus is in Capricorn at 9 degrees. Yup. Squaring the progressed U.S. Moon in Libra at 6 degrees, currently conjuncting transiting Pluto. Even though its a ways out this country is going through its Pluto return and we’re starting to get ungodly glimpses at the seamy underbelly of it; sex, corruption and power. Sandusky is a skeleton key to a closet so dark we tremble at the disparity between the world we thought was safe and the one that truly exists. That’s the way it is boys and girls. No escaping it now.

(Editors note. Bernie Fine of Syracuse has just stepped down for being accused by three young men for sexually violating them. Fine is a Capricorn 0 degrees)

The serpents are being exposed to the light. Don’t turn away or we might miss our chance to make it right. You see, enlightenment doesn’t come cheap these days, those well worn affirmations are of little use. Its all about power now. Do you want to take it back or not? You have a choice. This isn’t the time for turning your other butt cheek. There are people playing a high stakes game of no limit hold’em with your future and your children’s future, and you’re not even aware that you’re at the table or if you are, you might have a shitty hand. You’ve gotta play it anyway. Look, if you want to be here now, you’ve gotta commit to the process from your core.

As Pluto in Cap descends deeper into my 2nd House, its been a textbook transit thus far; divorce, death of a parent, etc., etc., etc.. So I know a little about this transit. We’re all three years into this now and Pluto in Capricorn has been grinding our egos down. No more conspicuous consumption, no more profligate spending. Less is more. The belts are so damn tight, we can barely breath and yet we continue to go on, dream, reach and laugh, sometimes really, really darkly. Can you say pepper spray meme? And you ain’t seen nothing’ yet.

In 2012, the U.S. will experience its Pluto return–exactly. It will enter this critical degree shortly after the new year, around the 24th of February, which is generally considered one of the most depressing times of the year. The holiday hangover has set in and Spring seems a distant destination. It plants the dark seeds for an even more ominous date; May 16th, when Pluto will be at 9 degrees, but transiting Uranus will be at its closest angle to both natal U.S. progressed Moon in Libra and transiting Pluto, squaring at 7 degrees. The Moon will also be in Aries, conjuncting Uranus, squaring Pluto, opposing the progressed Moon. They meet up again in dramatic fashion, exact on the 24th of June at 8 degrees and once more in 2012 at 7 degrees, exact, just a week after the London Olympics have ended. That’s three, exact stations of the square and one 2 degree orb with transiting Pluto at 9 degrees. The world is waking up at light speed and no matter what the so called experts say, not every angle is cornered, not every exit covered. Don’t believe it for a minute. You’re a feisty bunch and no matter how many heavy metals are coursing through your blood stream right now, your hearts still burn bright. You know what’s luminous and don’t ever, ever, ever let them take that from you, no matter how or who they show up as. It could be some Kafkaesque mid-level civil servant trying to jack you around with some Agenda 21 bullshit or it could be your ex-husband or wife doing their best to play “Little Brother.” They only exist for you to define yourself against their petty tyranny. Once you claim your place on this plane, they’ll shrivel into non-existent meaninglessness. They’re just thought forms externalized for you to test yourself against.


Just think of how many times you’ve seen a hero go through an entire movie, never faint or fall, find love at first sight and not look back, then slay the bad guy and get some prestigious global award without even breaking a sweat? No, I’m not talking about Barack Obama. Just stop that. If you think really hard, it doesn’t happen. And if it did, how boring would that be? Well this is that time in the movie, where we’re tested and have to get out of some sort of strait-jacket with a tooth-pick and a stick of gum. Its where we hop the prison walls and by the skin of out teeth re-group to re-enter the fray, more determined, wiser and conscious than ever before, much to the chagrin of those pesky thought forms. That’s close to where we are right now. Let’s survey all the damage done thus far under Pluto in Cap.

The Bailout
It was the single largest transference of wealth in recorded history. The toxic debt was wearing holes in the corrosive virtual vaults the world over and Ben Bernanke and that hologramatic clone, Hank Paulson told congress they had to pay, one way or another. The total amount was $13.87 trillion, yes trillion federal reserve notes. The bailout has virtually crippled the US economy, slagging us with a downgraded credit rating. There were over 40 European banks that got a big fat slice of that bailout money and now they’re sucking on a toxic lozenge. Belgium just got their credit rating downgraded after they bailed out Dexia, who just three months prior to getting an infusion of cash had been given a clean bill of health.

The Financial Coups Of Greece And Italy
The common theme of Pluto in Capricorn has been the rise of the corporacratic state, a plutocracy. Yes, we are seeing the formation of an entitled plutocracy with this version of Pluto. They’re doing it by burdening countries with obscene debt that they accrued in currency swaps and deadly derivatives, then through either the impotence of leadership (see Greece) or the failure to uphold the public trust (see Italy), both those governments have been deposed and replaced by previsionary governments that were not elected, but rather selected, because they would carry out the marching orders of the IMF, World Bank, etc. Those countries are now effectively owned by their debt holders.

The Rise Of TSA, DHS and FEMA
While these agencies have been in existence since 911 and before, they’ve become more ubiquitous in our lives. TSA and DHS have announced VIPR, which means that busses will be stopped scanned and searched. The NFL has announced that they are going to employ TSA like scanners at all games.

Solyndra and Light Squared
These are two businesses that the government has had direct stakes in funding. In the case of Solyndra, there was fair warning that they would run out of money before they could reach market penetration, and yet that didn’t stop the government from being a source of capitalization for both companies. Solyndra failed. Add yet another $300+ million to the past due bill.

In what might be the most explicit example of Pluto in Capricorn, D.C. decided once and for all, that they would get into the healthcare business, working tirelessly with insurance providers they put the finishing touches on Obamacare, which was so gargantuan, that almost no one in the house or senate had read it all the way through. It is the undoubtedly the most aggressive fusion of governance and business since FDR launched the new deal. You don’t have to be a paranoid tin hatter to comprehend that simply due to the administrative access and the ubiquity of data gathering, personal records, etc, there is no denying that the government will have more information about the individual than ever before and if the government, which is now in the business of being efficient, is its wearing its corporate suit, then by default, it must view humans, health, life and death through a dispassionate lens that only supports the most efficient processing of its citizenry. So in essence, if you’re considered to be a drag on the system, you will be health care managed out.
It also raises questions about how the developmentally disabled and special needs community will be dealt with as well. These are individuals that are not cost effective at all.

Goldman Sachs
What do I have to say that hasn’t already been said about GS? One of Obama’s largest contributors, it is acting as a government unto itself with no oversight influencing policy through deep pocket lobbying. Again, its the reciprocal relating between GS and D.C. which fuses business and governance which brands the corporatocracy of Pluto in Cap.

All of these things have added to the proliferation of Pluto in Capricorn and its rise in the USA–three years in, a self-assembling machine of a techno-fascist consciousness is unquestionably on the rise.


The first thing you can do is stay human. We’re dealing the poles of Capricorn and Cancer. Cancer is all about nurturing, loving, caring, giving birth, maintaining, fixing, healing, soothing, investing in continuity, legacy and the future. Cancers are often characterized as “cheap” in the extreme; “thrifty” is the more complimentary term applied to their quaint notions of frugality. Its because they are deeply invested in tomorrow. Cancers are great savers; bank accounts, clothing scraps, soup and soap makers. They are deeply engaged in the art of every day living. There’s message in the opposite of Capricorn. Cancer embraces human values. Cancer has emotion. Cancer feels. In order to balance the decidedly totalitarian energies of Pluto in Cap, people need to Occupy Cancer.

In effect, that’s what the Occupy Movement is about anyway, an outward demonstration of all that’s Cancerian and deeply held; feeding people, concern for the resources of the future. Hell, even the protest tactics of hunkering down into a human shell and getting doused with pepper spray is a Cancerian modality of protest. In order to maintain aspects of our humanity, we must not abandon these principles as machine consciousness seeks to devour it and everything else in sight, assimilating all.

Let me say it again; You’ve got to stay human.

On the flip side there are some real and very deep lessons that we can learn from Pluto in Capricorn. There is almost unfathomable intensity and dedication to goals that are at the heart of Capricorn’s psychic agenda. What we’re seeing now in the world is not the effect of some willy-nilly, seat of the pants, series of ever-darkening random events that are manifestations of our corrupt collective nature. There’s the 3,000 year plan, the 1,000 year plan, 500 year plan, 100 year plan, etc., all being executed. It’s called “The Great Work” and ultimately, its about a small segment of the population re-casting the planet and everything else in their own image. The NWO and chips are all just mice nuts. The goal is to use the power of 7 billion souls to create an anti-universe out of dark matter. Fear, degradation, shame, anger, hate, brutality, are all fuel for the infernal fires of the soul smashing reactors of astral technologies. And yet, there is something to be learned from this. To dismiss it outright and rail against its inhumanity would be to miss some significant points of integration. Humanity is losing the war on imagination. Because no matter what your views on totalitarianism are, you have to submit to the fact that there is a dark vision that is played out with unceasing effort. There is an idea, plan and commitment to that plan. How committed are you in your own life? What’s your plan? How can you drive your unceasing engine of accomplishment and achievement towards a goal without being buffeted by the slightest ill wind? That’s what we have to learn from this Pluto in Capricorn cycle. Just how tough and enduring are you?

So what we’re seeing here is a classic case of synthesis; Affirming the life-giving qualities of Cancer while mastering the energy of endurance, focus, commitment and unyielding effort towards the advancement of a goal, Capricorn. That’s where we are.

In many ways, it is the essence of the alchemical marriage. While Capricorn is an Earth sign and considered feminine, for me, it is the least feminine of the Earth signs. It is the manifestation of Saturn, which I see as decidedly patriarchal, almost Yaweh-like, and yet it is earth, which is a yielding element. So perhaps the ultimate symbolic expression of Capricorn is Baphomet, half man, half woman, all beast. But setting that aside and simply looking at the energy of Cap, it is male. Cancer is female. We are in the nexus of balance, trying to find the sweet spot in the middle of opposition on our own terms, afraid of neither our nature to master and achieve without sacrificing our ability to care and love.

Let me say it again; “Stay human.”

How about a little Capricorn Bowie and “Heroes.”

21 thoughts on “Venus In Capricorn, Pluto in Capricorn Reality Check, Staying Human”

    1. a

      I think the trick is to get as many of THEM to really understand that they are we and we’re going to have such am amazing time that they won’t want to miss out. Everyones rises together.

  1. p


    I found your site through astrodispatch (the “This is the Face of Pluto in Capricorn” article — I think that was the title).
    This most recent post of yours is the one I’ve been dreading.
    Of course, I’m very glad you posted it — I thought all of this was in my own head 🙂

    Your site, planet waves & joseph farrell’s site are practically all I read for “news”, these days.
    I scan news blok just to see what the headlines are, but I lack the time and emotional energy to read
    all the articles.

    I dipped back into Clif High’s site yesterday & almost wish I hadn’t.
    “It’s Your Fault”, his latest article puts everything into VERY stark terms.

    Is it just me, or does everything that’s happening seem hyper-real, surreal and unbelievable, all at once?

    1. a

      Hi Pam ela,

      Thanks for stopping by. No, its not just you. We are in endgame now. Things are happening at lightning speed and there is a flimsy hold on reality on so many levels. I think the next big shockwave coming at us is an environmental disaster of epic proportions. I hate to say, it might even be my beloved west coast. Hang in there. PS. You might also like Theo White’s site; globalastrology.

  2. D

    Obamacare!! I really dont’ get why American’s are so riled up about the idea of government healthcare. Every other 1st world country has it and values it highly.

    In the U.K, no party no matter how right wing dares infer any kind of overt threat to the National health service if they value their position in power. And the most recent back room stealth beginining privatisation attempt by the Conservative party, championed by the health minister, Andrew Lansley has been eviscerated by public opinion.

    An up and coming rapper even wrote a song about it, posted it on youtube and garnered half a million views in the UK. It’s pretty good political rap; funny video too. Read the comments to get an idea of the strength of feeling in the country.

    1. a

      I spend close to 2,000 words on the state of Pluto in Capricorn and everything associated with it and you myopically focus on how WE feel about Obamacare? You deserve the world that’s coming at you like a freight train. But I will take five minutes out of my life to explain its context in this piece and why its important. Number one it is a SYMBOL of Pluto in Capricorn. If you haven’t noticed, this is an astrology blog. Pluto in Capricorn is the rise of the corporacratic state. Its the fusion of government and business. Those models are theoretically based on models of efficiency, which is the classic terminology for fascism as defined by Mussolini.

      Number two; Obamacare is not an opt in program. It is mandatory. So if you had a health plan that you actually liked and could afford, that option is no longer available to you. You have no choice and you’ll get the care that’s mandated and that mandate comes from a top down, centralized bureau. Now, if the fed gov had a track record of really caring and helping people, I’d lighten up on the brakes, but all I have to say is, “Katrina” or “BP” and immediately, my good faith goes out the church window.

      Lastly, have you read Obamcare? Do you know what’s in it?

      Well don’t feel bad. Neither do our elected officials. Most of it was drafted by John Holdren and Zeke Emmanuel in conjunction with the major insurance providers and designed to manage people out of the system, the system being the life support system.

  3. p

    Hey Robert,

    Thanks for the reassurance :P!

    Yes, I know Theo’s site very well.
    It wasn’t available to me for 6 months, while I was living in the m.e. — I even wrote to him about it.
    He’s an excellent astrologer & a caring human being.
    I’ve been waiting for him to put up another post, the last one is from the 4th of Oct.

    Been meaning to tell you something: certain posts of mine don’t reach you — I noticed this
    when I was living in the m.e.
    Realized I had to be very careful with the words I used. Even changed my contact address.

    I listen to your radio program regularly — ever consider getting Joseph Farrell on the show?
    He understands the relationship between astrology and planetary changes/evolution, and writes about it
    in one of his books. AND, he’s a caring human being.

    That’s what stood out in your latest post: the necessity of being human. More & more, that’s the only thing
    that interests me — finding the good humans and connecting with them & listening to what they have to say.

    Thanks for making that point, loud & clear.

    Warm regards,

    1. a

      Hi Pamela,

      Went to Joe’s site tonight and checked him out. He feels pretty kindred to me. I’ll reach out to him and ask if he’d like to be on the show one day. M.E. is Middle East? Was my site censored?

  4. p


    Yes, the mideast — I learned awhile ago not to type in certain place names if I wanted my emails to get through.
    It’s a habit that persists.

    The “comment awaiting moderation” stayed up for weeks, after a few of my posts in the comments section.
    I didn’t feel that anything I wrote in these posts would have upset you, so I don’t think that you didn’t approve them.
    I think they simply weren’t allowed to go through because of certain things I mentioned.
    In retrospect, I should have sent those comments to you in an email.

    No, your site was never censored, but sometimes it wouldn’t come up for a few days.
    There was something I noticed about the thing on the left side, which says which cities are logged onto the site.
    It would show that I was on, and a few moments later, it would show that another person from the same place was on as well.
    No way could someone else have been on your site, from the same place as me — you can trust me on that one.
    The only conclusion I can draw is that my movements on the net were being tracked.
    It hasn’t happened since I left the country.

    If you have the time, try to listen to Joseph on the Byte Show, discussing “Grid Of The Gods”. It’s a 4 part series and very enlightening.
    It’s available on youtube.
    Joseph is very intelligent, articulate and researches his books very thoroughly.
    I’d buy every one of his books if I was living in a country where they were available. 🙂

    Warm regards,

  5. “Humanity is losing the war on imagination”… That is beautiful! Robert, I appreciate so much that you are clearly articulating what is going on behind the curtain. I have a handful of people that I can talk to about what is really on my mind and I am just enjoying the heck out of your show and your website. Reality described astrologically – wow, what a concept!!!. Last month, my main client happened to mention her intention to get a flu shot. Whew, it was hard not to lose it right there! But I have convinced her on that one little point. So you, Robert, are making a difference. Thank you. I guess vaccines and chemtrails are the issues that get me the most… so invasive. But you make the point, and we must remember that our fear is their fodder. Here’s my thought for the day: OCCUPY CHRISTMAS – FEED THE MANY, NOT JUST THE FEW.

  6. s

    Super Cappie here in the midst of extreme change.

    These are my suggestions:
    Love your neighbor more.
    Love yourself more.
    Stop lying to yourself.
    Stop lying to others.
    Forgive yourself.
    Forgive others.
    Tear down this world.
    Rebuild this world.

    Humanity is merely in flux. It has happened a few times. Things will improve 🙂 Occupy the Federal Reserve and the IRS.(Especially the IRS)

    No one is alone on this Earth. There is much more help available than can possibly be imagined. Ask for the help you need and you’ll get it. No matter who you ask from.


    Everyone be VERY thankful for the bright, Angel-sent, ever-lovin’ lights of the always-fabulous Robert Phoenix.

    He rules 🙂

    1. a

      I want to repeat this with emphasis; No one is alone on this Earth. There is much more help available than can possibly be imagined. Ask for the help you need and you’ll get it. No matter who you ask from. Amen to that sister.

  7. d

    Yes Capricorn right now is hard, cold and sick with power. Whether this is male or not, I am not sure with the alchemical transmutations we are experiencing in what it means to be male or female, but yes I understand the traditional polarities. Capricorn has a mystical layering which has been forgotten – Pan-nish and ancient of the earth. Presently these old ways are not part of world consciousness, but perhaps when Pluto ingresses further into Capricorn then there shall be more awareness of these ways. Right now we are having the climate talks – COP 17 here is SA – and it is extremely sad the level of compromise that is being reached – trying to solve everything within the old paradigm during these retrogrades and eclipses – where was the astrologer? Science teaming up with ancient teachings and knowledge is lurking on the fringes and there are some bright minds unearthing quite revolutionary systems. Our voice is small but it is there and this gives me hope that Pluto will bring forth Capricorn’s true nature – a fertile, simple and overly-abundant ability if we are aligned. All creatures and plants have the ability within them to transform the toxins that are in their matrices but not humans – perhaps because we have placed ourselves outside the bounds of natural cycles. e.g. the older women in Chernobyl have been eating the mushrooms that proliferated through the aftermath years there and have not been oncologically affected the way the younger people have. I do believe that Capricorn holds within its energetics a profound feminine softness – like soft tissue – which shall be remembered over the next years and re-integrated – these people that I speak are of the older communities from India, South Africa, Columbia and some 1st worlders too.They work in an unstructured and quite chaotic way unlike the S L O W terms and conditions way of academia – this is very exciting stuff but still in the gathering phase at this time.

    1. a

      This is a great contribution to the discussion and I wholeheartedly agree with your take on the ancient, neo-pagan elements of Pluto in Cap. Once we move over the mid-point of Pluto in Cap in December of 2015, the energies will tilt more in the direction of what you’re referring to, or at least that is my belief. When I think of the highly magical elements of Capricorn itself, Patti Smith comes to my mind. Here’s a fitting version of Patti’s magic.

  8. I really liked this article. It touches themes I have and I am living through. I am a Cancerian going through this deep plutonian Capricorn reality. And yes it is making me more Cancerian in a way. I would say rather than thrifty, its pulling out a resourcefulness in addressing survival issues that I did not know I had. Fixing shoes that are broken as cannot afford a new pair. Sewing holes in socks, pants. Finding infinite ways to cook very basic ingredients. Gathering all the coins around the house, so I can still have my morning coffee (trying to look causal as I dump 20 dimes on the coffee shop’s counter every morning is a bit hard on my ego, but I am doing it). I have been thinking myself about the Cap energy lately. I have been exposed to some Cap energy lately and its interesting to see how unyielding this sign can be at times. Boundaries of steal, Saturn will not rescue. Maybe there is something here in the Pluto in Cap energy: we are all somehow getting to the point where we would like to be rescued. But Saturn is a stern teacher that will watch, but not reach out.

    For many this is a time of redefining the relationship with God, as this is a time in which the divine feels a little frosty. You said it very well: ” How tough are you?” Seems that this is the current name of the game. In this phase we are still doing it all alone, scratching out of holes we have fallen into. But gradually this is becoming more collective. As more fall through the cracks, a group resourcefulness will appear. Lets hope this happen before the boot of Pluto presses down too hard. If we do not move into collective consciousness before that, we will, I feel, experience some of the other faces of Pluto. Death. And the psychopath. In which case we will go through a collective journey into the underworld without precedence in modern history. One we will survive, but not without psyches of titanium.

    1. a

      Great insights. We’ve gotten so soft and pre-fab. We’ve lost touch with a sense of competence/confidence on some level. I don’t think any of us want to return to the time of covered wagons and yet there is a quality of soul that we can re-claim through necessity. Too much and we’re ground down into the dust of flesh, but there seems to be divine intervention at the most unexpected times.

      We’re doing the heavy lifting now, but I can assure you, we don’t always lift alone.

  9. Alone….all one….all the melt downs of that plutonian kind….leave us a little ‘energy starved’….well had that energy implosion….a few years back. The commerce trade is ‘currency’ of all kinds. It is hard to come by any way you look at. I am going to need a sharper box cutter to cut myself out of Saturn’s box, some times are easier than others…..Lord Saturn and king of the underworld Pluto….and Ur anus back to collect on a debt from his son.

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