Uranus vs Saturn, Healthcare, Polarization, Town Hall Tussles And Saul Alinksy

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

610821-the_mutiliation_of_uCronos gets ready to emasculate Ouranos

My house smells like onions. I harvested a small batch of them from my exes place just the other day and their pungent aroma now fills my small flat. The minor miracle that these hardy tubers represent is that they were left unattended by me for the past year. I planted the tiny seeds at the tail end of the growing season last year and then ultimately left my household. Even with the neglect that they were subjected to, they rose like towers with crowns of spores to seed their legacy forever in that small stretch of dirt on the side of the house. The corn we grew there was majestic and sweet, but the onions, are a testament to endurance and creation.

It was heartening to see that even when I walked away they thrived. It’s comforting to know that there is a process that takes place, even in our absence, one that represents magic in the void of control. As a metaphor for our times, I feel like this bodes well. We may stress and fret about what may or may not be, our role in it all and yet there are things that even with our most focused scrutiny, we cannot fully comprehend the mystery that sustains life on our world. Those onions, ruby, gold and white remind that there is a greater process at work and part of it’s beauty lies in the mystery of faith.

if you have read this blog on a semi-frequent basis, you might think I’m either on the money, a tad too paranoid or as flakey as philo dough, but whether or not you agree or disagree with my perspectives, what cannot be denied is the extreme polarization that is now taking place in The US, especially as it relates to healthcare. We have two major aspects that are contributing to the widening gap between the left and the right as well as a sub aspect that relates to polarization as a strategy, which I’ll get to later, but for now. let’s look at the big, celestial, stand off.

Saturn Vs. Uranus

The opposition between Saturn and Uranus is now fully in place and will get closer and closer from now until the middle of September. They have not ben this close in opposition mode since election night and lo and behold, Obama is dealing with his greatest political crisis in his early reign as CEO of The United States Inc. Uranus is fast, rebellious, compelling and even cruel. It is the planet of revolution and change. Venus is often linked to Lucifer through it’s connection as “The Day Star” or “The Morning Star” et al, but Uranus, as expressed through it’s pure and thoroughly rebellious nature (think punk rock), might actually represent more of the classically Luciferian traits than Venus does. Fuse that with Pisces and it’s penchant for illusion and delusion and we have an energy that can conjure great holograms of hope, pictures of promise and channels of change. There is a propensity for magic as well manipulation when Uranus meets Pisces. Also it’s important to note that Pisces rules all liquids, not just water. It rules oil and booze as well as vaccines.

Progressive astrologers might view Uranus and Pisces as the harbinger of the new, while Saturn in Virgo could easily represent the old guard; stodgy and overcautious. Here is where the opposition really comes into play around healthcare. Virgo rules health. Period. End of story. Saturn is patience, time, judgement, karma and old age. It’s no surprise that some of the most vocal opponents of Obama’s plan are people over fifty. Are they driven by their informed scrutiny or fear? Is the leadership in the house better informed or merely arrogant in their inability to engage the debate, without demonizing their own constituency? The gap is wide and getting wider between not just the left and the right, but the people and the federal government as Saturn and Uranus stare hard at one another in opposing corners. But is the polarization that we are experiencing deliberate?

Polarization = Strategy?

Now that the debate/dust up is in high gear, people on both sides of the issue are starting to look at Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton’s mentor, Saul Alinsky (Aquarius). I have gone through Alinsky’s chart before, especially as it relates to Obama, but it’s worth noting again that one of Alinsky’s key strategies from “Rules For Radicals” (dedicated to Lucifer by the way) is this: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Is this not what we are experiencing and even experienced during Gatesgate? Did we not witness racial polarization in action? Ironically, as a result, Obama’s popularity numbers with white voters went down considerably, while his popularity with non-whte voters, rose at almost the same percentage. Again, polarization. What’s interesting to note is that Alinsky had Chiron in Aquarius at 22 degrees, which is exactly where Chiron is now. Here, we see not just the wounded healer in speech, but also the use of Aquarius, strategy, media. mass communication to go after the weak spots and vulnerabilities in communication. Is it any coincidence that we are witnessing mass polarization as a strategy as formulated by Alnsky? Alinksy also had Chiron conjuncting his Mercury in Aquarius, which hyper-stimulates the dynamic of using shock, rebellion and polarity to mobilize and organize. But is this debate, these heated town hall meetings not just a strategy, but an integral part of the plan?

If Team Obama is following the doctrinaire of Alinsky, by the book, then there is another layer to what’s happening. Here is another bon mot from Alinksy; “The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.” Is Obama and The DC gang pushing hard so that when they unveil the next iteration of healthcare reform, one that they probably already have cooked up, that the reflexive force exerted upon them by the masses will be successfully dissipated as a solution in a classically Hegellian fashion arrives on time. just like magic? It had better, because one of Alinsky’s other guiding principles talks about the importance of time and timing; “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.”

4 thoughts on “Uranus vs Saturn, Healthcare, Polarization, Town Hall Tussles And Saul Alinksy”

  1. T

    I was wondering what your take on the current sad scenario would be, Robert. 😉

    I’ve just read a long piece on the present debacle by David Michael Green who is a progressive (or thinks he is – he should’ve supported Kucinich if he was REALLY progressive, as should millions of others who now try to denigrate the President for whom they voted). Anyway, you might be interested in his take: http://www.regressiveantidote.net/Articles/My_1933_Nightmare.html

    I think the USA is fated to be divided like the Grand Canyon is divided, I see it in the 1776 2 July chart – very clearly. Whatever the reason du jour may be, Alinsky or McCarthy or whoever, the divide will always yawn between two clear camps. This is another example. I do think though that the right-wing extreme propoganda is stirring up this division to be far more militant than it would otherwise have been. I mean – are ordinary Americans so selfish and uncaring that they don’t mind that almost 50 millions of their compatriots are without health care? I don’t think they are, but Limbaugh, Beck and co and others in higher places can get enough loud mouths to convince enough non-thinking people to go along.

    I’m really afraid that something bad will happen if this goes on much longer.

  2. A

    The people you see on tv loosing their minds are all white. They are freaking out because “they are loosing their country” not because of health care reform.

  3. a

    Twilight: Yes, The US chart is problematic, especially with the influence of Gemini, creating the cultural split, but also as it opposes Pluto in Capricorn, which will sweep across the US stellium of Cancer, creating even more opposition. Beck and Limbaugh whip up the worst of the populist fears and likely serve the same master of those on the left that offer up an “alternative” point of view. Beck is now the golden boy, posing as the vox populi, but only as it serves to be a divisive voice, not one that is really willing to take on the deep void of the elite.

    Abra: Unfortunately, it’s coming down to a numbers game that only the most cold hearted economists can swallow. There are more minorities now combined than there are “white” americans. If you really wanted to wield power, you would go with the numbers. It’s Occam’s razor at it’s finest. If the tide were reversed, which it has been for a number of years, then the pandering and the programs would be tilted in the other direction. No matter how you slice it though, it’s both sides being played and pitted against one another in a crassly, calculated, game theory of economic leverage through numbers.

    Elsa: Your comment actually falls right in line with the John Titor timeline. I do not wish to see this, but it is a reality that we must be prepared to face.

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