Uranus In Pisces — The Plague Petri Dish — Uranus In Aries — Rise Of The Transhumanist Culture

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Human-FormThe alien invasion is on.

Ever since the Swine siren started sounding, I’ve been mucking through the brackish and swampy waters of vaccines, the history of allopathic medicine, eugenics, for-profit-Big Pharma, tracking plagues, re-combinations, and Sci-Fi maladies like “Morgellons.” And, and, and, it all seems to be vectoring into two nodal points (population reduction and species augmentation) that converge into one; “Transhumanism.”

Before we get to the transhuman fetishists, I think it’s important that we take stock of the stars and do a quick review.

During the past few months, we’ve been engulfed in the health care debate, mostly as Saturn in Virgo opposed Uranus in Pisces. It’s been a classic standoff that resulted in the fractalization of a number of different realities nd sectors of society. We had progressives versus conservatives, people demanding health care, people demanding their right to choose their health care, you name it. Meanwhile, Swine propaganda started flowing like poison milk from the rusted teat of a mechanical udder. Awareness grew, people woke up and the rush to “voluntarily vaccinate” wasn’t that pronounced. The WHO feigned shortage, hoping people would be motivated by their consciousness of lack. Driven by fear, they trusted the voices in their head as they heard them coming out of their TV, talking heads with titles, spewing sobering statistics, pushing the agenda, driving the dependency deeper and deeper into the psyche, persuasively willing an act of obedience; the child following the commands of the uber-parent, without fail.

joseph-moshe-arrest-teargasBut there was revolt! Nurses sued to not get the jab. They got a reprieve but then some other strange, strain mutated in The Ukraine, where The WHO still refuses to release the sequence of this new and decidedly more virulent virus, one that destroys the lungs, leaving them saturated in blood. It’s like a freakish mutation of Ebola and The Flu. In the background of it all, the specter of Joseph Moshe trapped in his VW, enveloped in clouds of poison gas for two hours, while being surrounded by Feds outside the federal building in L.A. grows larger and larger, casting a shadow across the internet with his warning that a deadly vaccine was created in The Ukraine and would be unleashed upon the world for the sake of depopulation way back in August. Moshe is now safely tucked away in Israel, his home country, probably in some very deep form of relaxation and therapy.

Then we had Desiree Jennings, a Washington Redskins cheerleader. She got a regular flu vaccine and her body betrayed her. She couldn’t talk, complete a coherent sentence and did most everything backwards. It was heartbreaking. Then she underwent a radical chelation therapy and the strange effects of the vaccine disappeared. She returned to her normal self, as vicious bloggers accused her of “faking it the whole time.” It’s ironic that she’s from DC and cheers for a team that has the most racist name in all of pro sports (Redskins), representing a native culture, whose population was reduced by the introduction small pox, venereal diseases and alcohol. This has all just been in the past ninety days! Talk about event acceleration!desiree

So I’m deep in the backwaters now. I stepped off the boggy shoals where Virgo’s earth muddies, then dissolves into Pisces’ pools of effluvia, contagion, conjecture and conspiracy. I keep coming back to Uranus in Pisces–science gone-too-far effects of mad Uranus, soulless little Dr, Frankensteins cooking up all kinds of bizarre GMO’s, nano tubes, hexagonal chips. unlikely recombinants, you name it. It’s all floating around in test tubes and vials, liquid and viscous. Fluids are the conductor, the channel they move through is Pisces’ watery realms. It’s almost like the worst aspects of both, potentially visionary planets/signs being brought to bear upon us. It sent me spiraling back to the Spanish Flu of 1916 and how the soldiers from the US that jumped into the war in 1913, were vaccinated and a number of them brought the deadly flu home with them. Then I dove deeper into the illegitimacy of vaccines and the repercussions they have had on our health, from allergies, to autism, sensing that we’re just beginning to scratch the surface of the dangers of vaccines in general and the broad spectrum of disorders brought on by them. Then the big questions began to surface.

What if those vaccines basically insured that people would ultimately get sick with something over the course of their lives and would have to be treated by the cold and unfeeling, allopathic medical machine?

What if vaccines were really about thinning the heard and making sure that The AMA had plenty of return customers and recurring revenue?

What if the majority of our illnesses were brought on by vaccines and the whole concept of healing has been nothing more than a horrific charade?

It’s all happening while Uranus is in Pisces, the aqueous spawning grounds for what is yet to come, the petri-dish for the viral expansion of plagues disguised as some sort of naturally mutating malady.

Uranus In Aries — Heralding The Transhumanist Revolution

We live in a time where nearly everything unfolds in a classic, Hegellian dialectic, of “problem, solution, outcome” or “thesis, antithesis, synthesis.” David Icke and others use this model over and over again to address the unfolding of our times. Create a crisis, react out of panic or fear and have the so-called solution ready at hand, with a new outcome that is more or less pre-determined. The Swine Flu experience could not prove to be a better example. Create the Swine Flu, then create the so-called “cure” (The patent for the vaccine predated the outbreak by a year) then implement the social order to distribute and inoculate. Problem. Reaction. Solution. So what if the solution was not the vaccine itself, but potentially, more of the problem? Then what? We would have yet another solution. What would that solution look like? Before we go down the rabbit hole, looking for the genetically modified roots of the issue, we need to have a gaze into Uranus in Aries.

Uranus will slide into Aries in March of 2011, so we have a little time here to digest the gravity of it’s transition. Uranus is the lightning bolt of change, the thunderclap that destroys form and ultimately ushers in “new order.” I’ve always felt that out of all the planets/signs, Uranus/Aquarius has the most luciferian energy and resonance, even though Lucifer is more classically associated with Venus, “The Eastern Star.” But I also see energy as not being the sole province of any one group or society. If the energy of change is simply that, then we all have to learn how to organically co-create with it. If it is used or directed in a way that violates the principles of free will, forcing change upon others against their will and volition, then it becomes something altogether different, a medium that is used for manipulative ends. Uranus/Aquarius play an important role in the cycle of chaos and creation but when it is harnessed and funneled into the Hegellian model that we have just looked at, then it becomes an agency onto itself, being formatted and used in ritual masses of technological occultism. So the energy is there and it’s being used and often abused. It’s how YOU deal with it and marshall it in your own life as a greater wave of being and transformation.

Organically, this manifests on the individual relationship between the soul and the personality. If the soul wants nothing more than to experience pure Godhood and authentic expression of “The Will” through the self, then that type of chaos, dis-ordering and life energy will have it’s way. It will smash anything that stands between it and the souls desire to become a greater force in the life of the individual. This is the organic expression of the energy on the individual level. It’s how you deal with it. Collectively it’s a completely different paradigm, but still something we can work with and transmutate, through the alchemy of personal liberation and the conscious shattering of illusions.

blavatskySo we have Uranus or Ouranos/Aquarius, the destroyer of form, scientific, abstract, detached, and technologically obsessed. Without conscience or some form of divine morality, left unchecked, it is pure Atlantean expression; crystals and chimeras, master root races, the exaltation of the spirit at the expense of the will, subjugation of classes, techno-slavery and driven to destroy the impure other aka “Lemuria” or “Mu.” Blavatsky talks about this ad nauseam in “Isis Unveiled.” She places the “Aryan” root race at the top of the racial pyramid. And what will Uranus be transitioning into? Aries. The astrological symbol of the “Aryan” ideology. Ironically, “The Goat” and “The Ram” will simultaneously rule the skies from 2011 onward (the occult significance of this can and will be delved into at a future date). Many people believe that “eugenics” or the science of racial purity had it’s roots in WW2 Germany, but the real root of it can be traced back to Atlantis and Blavatsky’s re-telling of the tale, which corresponded with a eugenics movement that was growing at the turn of the century in England and one, key, individual, galton“Sir Francis Galton” (2/16/1822) (yes, he’s an Aquarian and he’s also Charles Darwin’s cousin). Galton is widely considered the father of eugenics. From Wikipedia:

Galton invented the term eugenics in 1883 and set down many of his observations and conclusions in a book, Inquiries into human faculty and its development. He believed that a scheme of ‘marks’ for family merit should be defined, and early marriage between families of high rank be encouraged by provision of monetary incentives. He pointed out some of the tendencies in British society, such as the late marriages of eminent people, and the paucity of their children, which he thought were dysgenic. He advocated encouraging eugenic marriages by supplying able couples with incentives to have children.

Galton’s study of human abilities ultimately led to the foundation of differential psychology and the formulation of the first mental tests.

Galton also devised a technique called composite photography, described in detail in Inquiries in human faculty and its development, which he believed could be used to identify types by appearance. He hoped his technique would aid medical diagnosis, and even criminology through the identification of typical criminal faces. However, he was forced to conclude after exhaustive experimentation that such types were not attainable in practice.”

While Galton laid the brick and mortar foundation for eugenics, it was Aldous Huxley’s older brother, Julian, who took it to another level. JulianHuxley In the second of his Galton lecture series, Huxley’s ideas in part are summarized on The Galton Institute’s website:

Huxley’s suggestions for positive eugenic policies were far more controversial. His idea of graded family allowances being used to persuade specially able parents to have more children seems unlikely to appeal to any politician seeking votes in a democratic society. He also advocated a much greater use of AID, which he called Eugenic Insemination, and the setting up of deep-frozen sperm banks containing donations by eminent men, Nobel Prize Winners for preference, from which a prospective mother could choose the qualities she particularly admired and would like for her child. Assuming, of course, that she herself could supply a set of genes of comparable quality compatible with those of the donor. Huxley hoped that many of the users of such a sperm bank would opt for intelligence and he calculated that if the mean IQ of the population could be raised by as little as 1.5 per cent this would lead to a 50 per cent increase in the number of people with an IQ of 160 or more. That, he believed, would be a considerable step towards a better society.

Huxley eventually went onto become a prominent member of UNESCO, which would later wed a number of ideas to concepts like population and birth control. In fact, Huxley grafted his eugenically inspired ideas onto the concept of not just “genetic load” but “planetary load.” It’s here, with Huxley that we begin to see the convergence between the environmental movement (aka population control) and eugenics. Alas, it is also with Julian Huxley, where eugenics, which had become tainted with the failed brand of the Third Reich, got a new name and a glossy new set values as well. Thanks to Huxley, eugenics softly morphed into “Transhumanism.”.

In the next part of this series, we’ll look at the definition of “Transhumanism” who some of the players are, how it relates to the Uranus/Aries alignment and what it might mean for you.

4 thoughts on “Uranus In Pisces — The Plague Petri Dish — Uranus In Aries — Rise Of The Transhumanist Culture”

  1. B

    Moving on from all previous stem-brained thinking …
    What will happen when the world wakes up to the complete understanding
    that wisdom and intelligence are not the same? And wisdom comes only by the expansion of our hearts…
    Uranus in Pisces gives such energy…but how the coming Uranus Pluto square plays out will be one for the history books.
    This really is humanities time to shine…

  2. B

    Tingles of sychronicity abound …the midpoint of the first Uranus Pluto square 23 degrees Aquarius is the same degree of the Neptune Chiron Jupiter conjunction …what are your thoughts Robert?
    Will Chiron in Pisces sextile Pluto bring knowledge to help us heal our planet?
    Challenging times indeed…

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