Uranus In Aries Update — The Gulf Of Course — Rumours Of War

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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Finally getting back into the swing of things after my Hejira to the mountain of most high magic. The Gulf still bleeds. I get emails from folks, that if true, are nightmarish. Everything from terribly sick clean-up crews, sans respirators, to dead whales being blown up because they are too big to move. Somewhere in The Gulf are dolphins I once swam with. The rupture in the crust of the Earth’s surface is also a rupture in our psyches, our etheric bodies and we are leaking out into the metallic skies ourselves. But in the wounding we are vulnerable and we are closer than ever before. In spite of scalar waves that emanate from non-space, bombarding us daily, we are primal bodies that exist out of time as well. Those bodies are on high alert, our senses attuned to the danger in the winds. If you don’t feel alive now, then simply pop another Xanax, chase it with a Mike’s and pull down the shades.

We are primordial. We are muck. We are ooze. We are slime. We are Starseed. We are the muddy waters of creation and we feel the deep ache of our body as we glide through darkness of space.

Like our ancestors who lived in synchrony with the stars and the seasons, before methane clouds and illuminated fluorescence, we can sense something very wrong in the air. And like the members of those tribes, we are talking, sharing, speaking of signs, affirming the imbalance, even though those around us, tasked with reporting the truth, have long abandoned their posts. It is up to us now to verify that there are some mighty powerful things going on.

As we enter the vacuum tube of the big cross in the sky, wheeling our way, with the eclipsed shadow of the goat moon in it’s wake, I cannot tell you how many people send me emails or notes on FB, complete strangers that are wiping the ancient sleep from their eyes. The gash in the heart of the world has shook us from our slumber. We don’t need CNN or MSNBC or David Brooks or Thomas Friedman to confirm this. You know it and I know it and if you don’t, you will. If you are reading these words, you’re part of the wake up party. It doesn’t matter if Google or your so-called superior brought you here, you are opening and your soul could care less if your personality has issues with it.

Uranus In Aries–Early Returns

So far, Uranus in Aries has wasted little time in butting it’s head into our reality. Remember that list of bullet point items of inventions from “The Age Of Genius” that I posted? Jet travel? Nuclear energy? The rise of fascism? Well straight out of the chute, we’ve got some phantoms from that time marching straight at us, into the present. If you have listened to my show, you’ll know that they are picking up high levels of radioactivity in The Gulf. Very high. Dangerously high. What does that tell us about oil? Is oil a radioactive/carcinogenic substance by nature? At the end of this post, you’ll be able to see the work of Wade Smith, a safety officer walk through the abandoned oil fields of Martha, Kentucky, getting radioactive readings that are through the roof. This is a field that has been abandoned for quite a while and the meters on the geiger counters peak. What does this say about oil in general?

Do a Google search for “Is Oil Radioactive” and you’ll get 10,400,000 results. One of the top results is a patent for removing radioactive waste from oil. It’s getting clear that the answer is likely “yes.” The very nature of oil itself is radioactive. So here we are, Uranus in Aries, uncovering another iteration of it’s essence. Throw in a little Neptune (Oil) in Aquarius (Uranus/Uranium) and someone or something is trying to get our attention. Is there a correlation between the rise of cancer in the 20th century with the rise of oil and petroleum based products? Chiron in Pisces is demanding that we discover and uncover the nature or all things viscous and fluid, from heroin to heaven itself and everything in between. Oil, our dark God, is not immune to our examination of it’s properties.

BP bought over thirty of Kevin Costner’s machines. Hooray! That’s Uranus in Aries, with a pinch of Jupiter to boot. Let’s hope they actually deploy them and that it’s not too late for them to make some, even small difference.

Buried underneath the rubble of the 24-hour-news-cycle was the story of Tyson Larson, a 28 year-old inventor that was working with a water based fuel system. He was refining his version of compressing hydroxy gas in his workshop, in business park in Simi Valley. The name of his company was “Realm Industries.” Something exploded and Tyson was blown through the back of his workspace. Coincidentally, a SWAT Team was just down the street doing some sort of training drill. Coincidentally a disaster clean-up company, Serv-Pro, was right next door. Nothing happened to them. On a side note, forget getting a Subway, get a Serv-Pro franchise. Disaster is going to be a booming industry in the months to come.

Young Tyson Larson’s life was ended as he searched for an alternative to petroleum. This is not uncommon when it comes to challenging the status quo regarding energy. Now I am not saying that Larson was the victim of foul play, but based on the history of inventors getting threatened or even murdered, we cannot rule out the possibility. Whether it’s dealing with unstable elements or edgy competition, being an inventor in the realm of alternative energy is not for the faint-of-heart.

My pal, Molly Hall chimed in with this about Larson, “That does illustrate the Uranus-Pluto sq. Major explosion, wanting to expand the ‘realm’ – also such a young inventor (Aries) meeting death suspiciously. Yep.

They’re probably not showing you this on your local news, but The US and Israel have quietly moved 12 ships past The Suez Canal, despite the protests of Egyptians at a clear sign of advancing aggression on the seas towards Iran, where Harvard educated, Mahmoud Ahadminejad flashes devils horns and prances around as the new Snidely Whiplash. The dark shadow of Uranus in Aries.

So what does it all mean? It means that you have to get very real, very quickly and you need to know who your neighbors are, where your water is and that you are not alone. Far from it. It’s perhaps the greatest conspiracy of our time; We are far more connected and self-assembling than we know. Welcome to the wake up party.

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  1. S
    Susan in Brussels

    Hmmm…. planning to swim with Dolphins with my kids from a boat in Egypt’s Red Sea from 10-17 July – bad idea?

  2. B

    what now a radiation tax? or a handy excuse for all the birth deformities cause by DU?
    when are the murdering turds gonna realize that being dead does not equate to being silent…?
    Century IV – 5
    Cross, peace under one the divine verb accomplished,
    L’Espaigne and Gaule united together
    Great disater near, and combat very bitter
    No heart so bold as not to tremble

  3. A

    I saw a very interesting you tube video about it “raining oil’ near NOLA…Apparently, the dispersant Corexit 9500 enables the oil to become light enough to evaporate and come down in the rain…

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