Uranus In Aries Recycling, Fascism, World Wars, Cool Tech Toys, & New Scapegoats

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

ballet1Fractured images of the “Ballet Mecanique.”

Uranus is in a new cycle. This is significant. On April 1st, 1927, Uranus entered the sign of Aries. It was April Fool’s Day. Not much happened on April Fool’s Day, but in the following week, some of the most monumental, far reaching and reverberating events of the 20th Century took place.

• April 4th: Colonial Air Transport inaugurated the first regularly scheduled airline service in America, carrying six passengers on a flight that departed Boston at 6:15 pm and landed near New York City (at Hadley Field, New Jersey), at 9:00 pm. The first ticket was sold to Mrs. Gardiner Fiske for 25 dollars.

• The Urdu language daily newspaper, Inqilab, described as a periodical that that “changed the course of Muslim politics… of the entire Indo-Pakistan subcontinent” was founded by Ghulam Rasul Mehr and Abdul Majid Salik. The paper, which lasted until 1949, two years after Pakistan attained independence.

That was just one day. Here we have the launch of personal, scheduled, air travel and the marriage between Islam, the mass media and politics.

• April 6th: An explosion at the refinery of Producers & Refiners Oil Company killed 13 employees and broke almost all of the windows in the company town of Parco, Wyoming. (This mirrors the explosion at Fukushima which occurred in the transition from Uranus in Pisces to Aries in 2011).

• April 7th: At 3:25 in the afternoon, the Bell Telephone Company made the first successful demonstration of long distance mechanical television transmission, transmitting a 30 line image at the rate of 10 images per second with the aid of a system using the rotating Nipkow disc. Herbert Hoover (at that time the U.S. Secretary of Commerce appeared before a camera in Washington, and as he spoke over a loudspeaker by telephone to AT & T President Walter S. Gifford, Hoover could be observed on a 2 by 3-foot (0.91 m) television screen by an audience in New York. Hoover told the group, “Human genius has now destroyed the impediment of distance, in a new respect, and in a manner hitherto unknown.” The breakthrough in the invention of a completely electronic television system would take place five months later on September 7. Hoover’s speech was followed by the first American television entertainment, a performance (from a studio in Whippany, New Jersey) by vaudeville comedian “A. Dolan”, who appeared as an Irishman and then donned blackface for a minstrel show act. (This is not one of America’s finest moments).

• April 8th: The beam wireless service was inaugurated between Sydney and London by Amalgamated Wireless Company, allowing messages to be sent at the speed of light at the unprecedented distance of more than 10,000 miles (16,000 km). Using shortwave radio, messages could be sent by telegraph between the two locations.

• April 10th: Ballet Mécanique, composed by George Antheil, was given its American premiere at Carnegie Hall, and booed and hissed by the crowd. Combining classical music with the sounds of machinery (including factory whistles, elevated trains, canning machinery, and airplanes), but no dancers, the ballet had debuted in Paris on June 19, 1926, and was not performed again for more than sixty years.

So, let’s just wrap our heads around this for a moment. In just ten days, they witnessed the birth of TV, the wireless transmission, the inauguration of personal flight and a ballet that celebrated the oncoming machine age of the 20th Century. There was the mediafication of Islam and this other little tidbit that I left out; The rise of the communist party in China. All, in just over a week.

This rocket ride into the future was just getting started. From 1927 to 1934, Uranus’ seven-year-arc in Aries produced just about every important technological innovation of the 20th Century. It also saw the rise of various forms of Fascism. From Hitler, to Mussolini, to Mao, the singularity of the great man ascended over the planet. Of course, there were sacrifices, many that would occur as a result. The actual wars themselves didn’t really get stirred up until Uranus went into Taurus, because all wars are about resources, human or otherwise. But the parallels of our time, the initiation of the next Uranus cycle is here.

Uranus in Aries ushered in one of the bloodiest centuries on record and one of the most technological advanced as well. How could we not capture all the blood and guts without grabbing the attention of the masses and traumatizing them, from the movies houses and newsreels of the 30’s and 40’s to the embedded reporters on the front lines of Nam, the burning of the Branch Davidians and the fall of the Twin Towers, repeated over and over and over again.

Well it’s all cycling back, returning again. ISIS is the new Third Reich. Islam is the new Nazism and the sexy tech that’s been R&D’d for the past five-years, will hit very soon. From drones, to self-driving cars, to appliances that spy on you, to wearable tech, it’s all going to come at you at warp speed. We even have a new class of scapegoats this go round and it’s not the Muslims. The Muslims are just a tool, a ploy to whip White America into a frenzy, fury and fear. No, the real sacrifices are the Christians, who are literally getting their heads handed to them in Syria and figuratively here in the states. It’s cool to hate, mock and disparage Christians. You can get away with it, without any sort of punishment as hate speech and it’s flimsy protection apparently doesn’t extend to them.

Islam is the new red threat brought to you by the likes of Pamela Geller and other, frothing Zionists who want you to look in any direction save that of Tel Aviv. They are creating the threat, while the powers that be play the greatest scam of cognitive dissonance ever. On the one hand, the executive in chief tells us again and again that the goal is to destroy ISIS, but never once mentions radical and Islam in the same breath. Meanwhile, Trump wants to shut it all down and members of the press are accusing him of being the new Hitler, while promoting a brand of American Fascism.

It’s all part of the new Uranus cycle, replete with the reanimation of threats, victims and the invocation of a new world war.

Haven’t we seen this already? Aren’t we hip to the game? The persecutors are still the same, they’re just shifting the blame, finding new scapegoats, creating more of a divide and conquer dynamic than ever before.

Take back your own power. Sift through their lies and deceptions. Don’t let them fractionalize you or anyone else. Don’t be a pawn in their game.

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