Uranus In Aries Off To A Hellish Start — Potential Deep Sea Volcano Is Emerging In The Gulf — Special Two Hour Podcast With Dennis Whitney

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

gulf_blazeSmoke on the water.

In yesterday’s post, I tracked inventions that were brought into manifestation during the last run through of Uranus in Aries, which lasted from the late twenties, to the mid thirties, moving into Uranus in Taurus in 1936. I brought inventions like the jet engine, computer, and atomic energy forward to give people an understanding of the impact that those inventions had during Uranus in Aries. I also described the creative energy as being fairly neutral and indiscriminate. I had no idea of how dramatic an entrance this has made. Prepare to be shocked by what you are about to see. This is footage from the Deep Horizon rig, crumpled on the Gulf floor. The video shows a fire raging out of control, 5,000 feet down. This appears to be no mere oil field, it looks like an undersea volcano spewing the fires of hell.

Is this just some dark astro-theology? A blazing sulfuric rite of sacrifice at sea? It feels as though the planet is being turned into a weapon and is being used against us. All of this energy is accumulating as we hurtle towards the grand cross and ensuing lunar eclipse.

I’ll have a special, two-hour-show on BlogTalk starting at 9AM PST. I’ll be joined by Dennis Whitney of Strange Planet and perhaps some others, as this crisis deepens.

Hell fires unleashed. . .

6 thoughts on “Uranus In Aries Off To A Hellish Start — Potential Deep Sea Volcano Is Emerging In The Gulf — Special Two Hour Podcast With Dennis Whitney”

  1. k

    I really appreciate the frequency and the quality of your posts. Thanks for what you do.

    As I watched the news today, it occurred to me that the tone of the reporting has changed. I’ve read the many theories that abound about this being a deliberate attempt to destroy the Gulf/America and I’m open to that possibility, but I wasn’t ready to go there. But today I feel different.

    Initially, there wasn’t enough coverage and now we’re entering in the phase of disaster porn. Images of oil soaked wildlife and tearful fisherman are now the focus. It feels like coverage of this tragedy is now being used ON us. Maybe to keep us afraid and feeling powerless. Stay alert and don’t mistake fear and loathing for compassion. The effects of this aren’t just economic and environmental – bearing witness to this atrocity is traumatic and people are deeply affected by it. And that’s why for the first time I entertained the idea that this is an attack on the consciousness of everyone watching. Whether the leak was started on purpose as a “false flag” or not, the 24 hour nightmare to watch makes it easy to slide into despair even if everything for the most part in your life is pretty OK. Just stay awake and don’t get sucked in is all I’m saying. There’s more to this than we know just yet and we’re gonna need our strength.

  2. d

    The other night when I watched THE moon rise with Jupiter and Uranus (all at 0 degrees Aries) I noticed on the same line a bright star to the right. Called Deneb Kaitos, this star is the Whale’s tail of the constellation Cetus. This star is associated with Saturn and Tiamet, the strange and ferocious Mesopotamian monster from the deepest waters who swims beside and beneath the Pisces fish. Two seasons ago as the whales were returning from the Antarctic the navy were testing some new weapons – sonar it is thought – and there was a mass beaching. The authorities ended up shooting most of them in the head. We have had very few whales coming in since. This is an ancient memory and all warriors are being called upon from all GPS’s of our sphere.

  3. a

    Diastella, I am usually not at a loss for words, but I am right now. I’ll rally and summon the strength to keep on pecking away, but tonight, it’s all too much, for I have a sense as to what lies ahead and it is not pleasant. All is not lost, but much will be. Stay strong.

  4. p

    Hello Robert,

    I don’t know where to send an email to you, so I’m using the comments’ page.
    Any idea why Jay Weidner’s sites have been taken down?
    That interview you did with him had me on the edge of my seat, but listening to it
    with headphones is not recommended: the weird sounds were ear-piercing.

    The very next day, I printed out 2 of the articles on his main site, thinking,
    “if anything ever happens with the internet, I want to have these articles.”

    Have you heard anything?

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