Uranus In Aries And The Techno Gap Of Spiritual Evolution

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Where’s my flying car? Where’s my Mars colony?

We are about to change the channel. Uranus is getting ready to move into Aries. On March 12th, it takes up residence in the sign of the Ram, for eight years, finally departing into Taurus, on March 6, 2019. Jupiter has already blazed a revolutionary trail. It’s been “The John The Baptist” to Uranus’ “Jesus” getting things fired up, especially, in North Africa, The Middle East and now The Midwest, aka Wisconsin. Aries, visionary soul, Gil scott-Heron, once intoned that, “the revolution will not be televised.” He might be right. While the anger and the frustration, from the banks of the Nile, to the halls of Tripoli is palpable and quite real, perhaps the genesis of these spirited regime changes that have been initiated are not.

Webster Tarpley and Wayne Madsen have noted that there seems to be a manufactured vibe to it all. Their thinking is that the reason these are happening now is twofold. One reason being that they are like pressure valves, to release the mounting tensions in those regions, where food prices, inflation and unemployment have stirred the masses.

Really, it’s the rising coast of food that is doing it more than anything. Feed people and they’ll put up with most tyrants, but tyrants never seem to quite figure this one out. They want to have it all. They want to dominate AND starve the masses. Just feed the masses and most of them will be like cows grazing. But that’s not enough. Never. Ever. Have them on their knees begging for rice or borscht or burgers. Anyway, it’s on. Release the pressure and manage regime change.

The other stated purpose by the likes of Tarpley and others is to get rid of the old guard-middle-men like Gaddafi and Mubarak and insert a new, more compliant boss (Suleiman) or generic IMF/UN toadie. The unrest is real. The inception may not be. The fallout is very real though. Gas is climbing and the dollar is falling. This is just with Jupiter in Aries. Just wait until Uranus blazes with the fire of the individual, will and self-expression. Look out.

On April 3rd, The Sun, new Moon, Mercury, Mars (0 degrees), Jupiter, Uranus and Black Moon Lilith will all be in Aries. That’s a lot of fire. Folks, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Astrology is a dualistic practice in many ways. In each sign, there is an opposing polarity. With that in mind, we can agree that all signs are predisposed, positively and negatively. Uranus in Aries is the expression of will on anabolic steroids. It will manifest in both light and dark camps accordingly. Based on the rush of innovation which took place the last time Uranus was in Aries (1927-1935) most of the game changers of the 20th century were discovered and developed; computers, the jet engine, television, sonar. radar, nuclear energy, and complex polymers, just to name a few. All were featured in the theater of war in WW2. That blitzkrieg of development was a quantum leap in not only vision, but production and scale. Just to give you an idea, when Uranus in Aries was just taking off, the rocket engine, television, radio and the lie detector were all launched into our consciousness and yet one of the most polarizing figures of the wild west, Wyatt Earp was still alive. That’s how much of a leap in technology took place during the late 20’s and early 30’s. Now, we have a different time scale and a much greater dilemma.

We’ve had almost ninety years of continued, hard core development ever since, funded by trillions of dollars from many different directions. Then we have the alien influence. yes, the alien influence. Crashed and downed craft, back engineered. Then there’s the alien known as”Tesla.”

So the R&D that went into the beginning of Uranus in Aries would be akin to the early designs of the Bronze Age in scale. We’re dealing with machines the size of dust and the synthetic hybridization of all life, which leads to the next and perhaps the most important part of this equation; The suppression of highly advanced technologies.

Both Gary Mackinnon and Ben Rich, revealed in their own, unique ways that there is a distinct difference in what we call “reality” versus what others with the access to hyper-dimensional modes of transportation have at their disposal. Rich was the CEO at Lockheed Skunkworks, heading up the best and the brightest engineers, metallurgists, software designers and test pilots on the planet. Their most visible addition to the arsenal of the US was The Stealth Bomber, but it’s what you don’t see or aren’t aware of that is their most compelling creations, because according to Rich, on his deathbed, he confessed that “we not only can but have gone to the stars” and that free energy does indeed exist and that it would take an act of God to release to the general public for “the good of humanity.” This is the real rub. This is what we will need to confront in Uranus In Aries. Because if we cannot get to the next level technologically as a whole, if those quantum developments cannot be applied to the rest of the world, then we are staring down something that will irrevocably change it.

On Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the majority of humanity has progressed through the middle stages. While there are still huge swaths of poverty in places like Africa and The South Pacific, much of the world has shelter and food. We are clothed and in the last part of the 20th and early 21st century we have had our brains hooked up to the global mind via the internet, which has accelerated an awareness in both political and spiritual consciousness unlike any other epoch in history. We know more than ever. That’s a fact jack. So, we’re sitting on the edge of a vast void, the point of departure into the great abstract, the mystery of God and the universe. We’ve put in our time over the last 3,000 years and we are ready. The problem is, is that the pharaohs of antiquity, who have maintained their positions through various cultures, continents and corporations do not want us to have access to the technology, which is the ultimate game changer and puts us on a more or less equal playing field. In essence it gives the “little folk” more power and takes more from “them.”

I get it on some level. They worked hard to gain access to those secrets. They had to deny a whole lot of soul, take creepy vows and who knows what else, so they are reluctant to flip the switch for the less “enlightened” who did not have to endure those kinds of sacrifices, but if we cannot make this leap, here is the scenario; The world is remade, literally before our eyes. However, instead of the new golden age, we get the shadow of technology; GMO’s, synthetic bio-remediants, rogue nano-tech, chemical aerosol dispersants, fake weather and ultimately artificial life.

With the amount of hacking now taking place to our bodies and our environment, “we” are being designed and engineered as the new robots. This is the danger and dark shadow of Uranus in Aries. Instead of a new cycle, we are staring at a re-cycle. Instead of a heightened fusion of spiritual awareness and technological advancements, we are looking at a new synthetic genesis; remaking the Earth and all in it as an inorganic domain, with the soul of creation supplanted by the forces of anti-life, the ultimate consumption of a parasitic agency of galactic proportion. This is where we are.

That was the shadow side of Uranus in Aries. The lighter side is the emergence of planetary genius and I am not referring to the Raelian version of a “Geniotocracy.” I am referring to the explosion of consciousness and vision in each and every man and woman. This is ultimately an outgrowth of the desire to be free. Freedom engenders a new way of thinking and seeing the world. It illicits questions like; “What if?” and “Why not?” It breaks down barriers of stifling beliefs and rigid assumptions. It is the very breath of life itself. Freedom is inspiration. Uranus in Aries will bring most of the planet face-to-face with inequities and the ever tightening vice-grip of financial constraint. Staged revolt will not be able release enough pressure. Voting will take on a new cynicism. We are close to arriving at the conclusion that voting matters very little at all and when we do, most elections will be deemed useless. We’ve rapidly cycled through hope and change and “patriotic-tea-partiers” that want to cut everything but making war. The left/right, us/them didactic has run it’s course and will be far less effective in herding people into positions. The signal has changed.

In Uranus in Pisces (by the way, I will do a review of Uranus in Pisces shortly) we spent an inordinate amount of time trying to understand the nature of illusion (Pisces) and we took radical and unusual measures to try to understand why. Gatekeepers galore exploded onto the scene. Alex Jones and David Icke rose to prominence during Uranus in Pisces. Conspiracy became darkly cool and hip. Dan Brown headed people off at the pass and cleverly steered them in a direction that addressed their conspiratorial curiosity, but then explained it away as being a lone, anti-religious nut (Angel and Demons) and a hard-core catholic gone bad (Da Vinci Code). A lot of show and little tell. We spent the majority of Uranus in Pisces trying to come to some radical appraisal as to why the world is so fucked up and who was behind it. Uranus in Aries will be anything but that. It will be a time of action. A time of deeds. It will not be an easy time. Do not fear. You signed up to be here, so you’d better make the best of it. Face your fears and become an agent of change. Uranus in Aries proclaims that we must all lead the way.

12 thoughts on “Uranus In Aries And The Techno Gap Of Spiritual Evolution”

  1. Hi Robert. Admire your work.

    I conveniently watched “The Day the Earth Stood Still” last night for the first time, and want to believe it has something to do with the upcoming Aries party.

    Also, Klaatu was easy on the eyes.

    We’re going from a little less imagining (Pisces) to a little more doing (Aries) and I like it. Dunno about anyone else, but I’m done with the horsesh*t parade.

  2. p

    Hi Robert,

    I’m living out in the sinai.
    I’ve been admiring your work for the past year.
    FANtastic post — i think you’re right on target.

    yesterday, i suddenly had this flash of fearlessness —
    it became clear that all my “discretion, fly under the radar, etc.” stuff that’s served me (?) for the past 8 years
    had run its course. i feel it’s time to boldly come forward and to shine.

    keep up the great work!


    p.s. in the last paragraph, i think there’s a typo.
    you wrote, “alex jones and david icke rose to prominence during uranus in aries.”
    i think you meant “…during uranus in pisces.”

  3. p

    yes, yes, we are definitely perched on the edge — the world looks very different from where i am sitting and writing this to you.
    it’s important to say this: it’s thanks in part to your website and a few others that i feel connected to the rest of humanity who are witnessing
    what is currently unfolding. i feel a part of the world community because of the fact that there is a world wide web. during that week when we were
    cut off from the net, it was as if we were cut off from the world — as if we were cut adrift in a vast ocean.

    perhaps uranus in aries will birth a new technology which is not dependent & which cannot be simply “switched off”, and at the mercy of TPTB.
    surely, it’s worth exploring.

    From Laurie Anderson:

    “She said: ‘What is history?’
    And he said: ‘History is an angel being blown backwards into the future.’
    He said: ‘History is a pile of debris and the angel wants to go back and fix things, to repair the things that have been broken.
    But there is a storm that keeps blowing the angel backwards into the future.
    And this storm, this storm is called Progress.’ ”

    peace & love from the edge,

  4. Sometimes the innovation is the combination of existing technologies. Sound recording+ Movies= talkies, or Talkies+Politics=Modern political propaganda (Triumph of the Will). Sometimes the technology is hidden, Hydro Norsk builds first heavy water plant in 1934, there was no official commercial use for this stuff until the Manhattan project. Sometimes we don’t realise that it was an innovation that belongs to this period (Autobahn/Freeway).

  5. c

    Robert I found your site about a month ago with the help of Ellis Taylor mega spell what a gem you are. I like the new direction the show is going with the knowledge of other top astrologers. I am now discovering this art and realise that this is one of the secret keys that have been hidden from us. Thank you for all your insite.

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