Uranus In Aries 20, Conjunct US Chiron In Aries 20, Firefight At Lackland Air Force Base

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

a-cowboy-gunfightUranus has just hit 20 degrees in the sign of Aries. This is significant on a number of levels and an event today in San Antonio that darkly resonates with this important aspect.

Let’s break it down.

Uranus is the planet of rebellion, novelty and change. Its energy and impact is swift and sudden. Aries is action, energy, the will, sexuality, violence, the army and guns. Since Uranus transited into Aries in 2011, we’ve witnessed a wave of color revolutions (all timed around February, the month of Aquarius/Uranus).. We’ve also seen the ideal and nature of not just the male sex, but humanity turned upside down, which is also Uranian. From Bruce Jenner’s strange transformation to Caitlyn, to the rapid rise of transgender politics, to the oncoming arrival or robots and drones, Uranus in Aries is re-writing the rules of being human. Now I might not be in agreement with them, because I have a quaint notion of what an organic, human being is, but we can clearly see the Uranian mutations at work. These have all taken place in the first two decans.

In the first Decan, which started in 2011 and ended in 2013, we saw Aries in it’s own Decan where the energy is sudden, swift and impactful It’s act first and ask questions later. In addition to the color revolutions, which took place during the bulk of this period, we also saw the Benghazi event, where the US consulate was assaulted in Libya, and the deaths of Americans, Christopher Stephens (Christ sacrifice) and Sean Smith. One of the underlying themes of Benghazi has been Arms (Aries) dealing, which would eventually wind up in the hands of ISIS/ISIL.

In the second Decan, which started in 2013, we moved into the realm of celebrity via the Leo Decan, and it’s here where we deal with the bulk of violent indiscretions in the NFL (Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy, Ray McDonald) and of course, the ongoing concussion crisis, manifesting in the film, “Concussion” starring Will Smith. Leo rules our pastimes, and our pantheon of heroes, Apollo incarnate. Enter Bruce Jenner.

As noted in previous blog posts, Jenner, ironically hails from Sandy Hook and like his handler and strange/estranged paramour, Kris Jenner is a Scorpio. In fact, Kris/Caitlyn/Kim are all Scorpios and all three have Pluto in the 10th House, which is plenty of fodder for another post altogether.

Jenner was a Leo hero, an Olympian, and incarnation of Apollo himself, the Sun King and under the gaze of Uranus in Aries, became, well, the Sun Queen. Our heroes were transformed, in many cases, tragically, under the Leo Decan and just as Uranus was about to transit into the Sag Decan, we witnessed the death of Antonin Scalia, Sag deals with law, religion, borders, philosophy and the higher mind.

What’s interesting about this transit is that the US chart has Chiron in Aries in the 4th House of the Sibley Chart, Sag Asc. Of course that’s the wound of the gun and violence. It’s using our sons and daughters (4th House) as cannon fodder for the corporate generals of the military industrial complex. It’s the wounded warrior come home. It’s also gun related violence and while I am not a proponent of gun control, one can see the 200 year-old wound than never heals, whether it’s here or abroad. We’re weary of-violence and it’s impact upon our lives.

Today, right on schedule, there was a shoot out, just south where I live in San Antonio, on an Air Force base, where two people were killed and the base has been on lockdown all morning. This is thoroughly indicative of the Uranus transit to natal Chiron in Aries—there’s more coming.

Over the past few days, there’s been crazy chatter about nuke powered drones piloted by ISIS coming out of the White House. There’s also new nuke deals done by the Obama administration as well. And, we cannot forget to mention that Indian Point, the nuclear power plant that supplies New York with energy is in dis-repair, a ticking time bomb, an executive order for martial law just waiting to happen. Uranus rules uranium and in the 3rd Decan, with supposed religious differences coming to the fore, extremist factions with dirty nukes, or explosive weapons resembling them enter into the discussion.

I’m not here to spell doom and destruction, I’m not a prophet of dark visions, but I am here to figuratively diffuse situations by shining the light of awareness on where we are.

On a personal level, we’re crying out for more freedom, more personal expression and ironically, more accountability. Over the next two years, with Uranus in Aries in the 3rd Decan, more and more people will be asserting themselves in the quest for personal and spiritual liberation and no, one, faction will have the sole right to do so. But the litmus, the deciding factor in all of this is the ongoing pursuit of truth and while this is an entirely subjective enterprise for most, there are deep down, common threads that bind us all together and we’d better start weaving them into a new tapestry of the human experience pretty damned soon, or we’ll be at each others throats, much to the pleasure of the puppet masters of antiquity.
Editor’s Note, the Sun enters Aries, 20 degrees, tomorrow, where it will conjunct Uranus on the USA Chiron at 20 degrees.

7 thoughts on “Uranus In Aries 20, Conjunct US Chiron In Aries 20, Firefight At Lackland Air Force Base”

  1. R

    May I add that Mars is currently opposed to the USA’s 7th house Uranus?
    Sounding more and more like a witch’s brew –
    Add the eye of a fly, the toe of a crow.

  2. M

    Apologies for commenting in the wrong section…love your new “magic’ that you have talked of in your last two shows.

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