Update On Pluto In Capricorn, SCOTUS Ruling And Glen Beck’s Controlled Opposition

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

tribeckaBeware the Beck and call.

We are deep in the pitch now. There is no turning back. The tea baggers have pushed away from shoal of familiarity, the muddy banks of their present misfortunes and social entropy. Scott Brown took down Martha Coakley and while no one will ever mistake Scott Brown fror Ron Paul, it marked the beginning of a movement. Glen Beck might have laid the astroturf, but it will grow upon it’s own accord. My guess is that Beck will be found out soon enough. He’s a third-rate Goebbels that manipulates mostly white rage against the machine. He’s the perfect howdy-doody, mouthing the party line of controlled opposition. Beck is a mainstream version of Alex Jones. Both are feeding you mostly spoonfuls of bullshit, but they’re nicely seasoned and deep fried. But what Glen Beck does not understand is that the energy he is unloosening in his perverse and nearly pornographic propaganda, is enough to stir the numb and befuddled masses. Beck will be happy to lead them right off of a cliff into the crashing waves and jagged rocks below. But that ain’t gonna happen.

Many Moons ago, as I stared down the beast of Pluto In Capricorn and began to look at it’s celestial arc against our skies, both present and past, I could see the opposition begin to form in the US Chart, a brave stellium of Cancerian Planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter).

Currently, transiting Pluto and transiting Saturn are opposing and squaring the natal US in Venus respectively. People are being dislodged from their complacency by the strain of the economy, political double speak and overall bad vibes. The slumbering masses are stirring.

The latest electro-shock to the body-politique was the stunning ruling by The Supreme Court that corporations and not just any old US corporation, but any corporation in the world can spend as much as they want in the forthcoming elections. They were granted individual rights and “freedom of speech” so to speak. It’s all preemptive. With the midterms coming up, they will stock the coffers of as many candidates on both sides as possible. Don’t think that this is simply yet another mad, power grab by the right to reinstate their majority. The right and the left are fair game when it comes to corporate finance. The left as we have seen doesn’t have imminent domain when it comes to morality and doing the right thing. Bill Clinton passed both NAFTA and GATT under his watch, promoting globalist expansion at breakneck speed. Don’t be deceived by the right hand or the left.

Meyer Amschel Rothschild once said, “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.” In a more direct manner, SCOTUS has made this entirely possible. With the corporate coffers open wide, it’s easy to stock and finance opposition, so that no matter who is elected from either party, they are beholden to do the bidding of their masters. This also applies to tea-partiers as well. I would advise that group if they are serious about their intentions, that their candidates and the people promoting them are thoroughly vetted.

I was talking with a friend last week and we were kicking this around and I said to him, that the only truly trustworthy candidates would ultimately be those with extreme positions on either side–so extreme that no corporation would even send them money through a fifth party. So if you want a real revolution America, you’ll want the candidates that are either hardcore-vegan-communitarian-animal-rights-tri-sexual-Orions, or back to natural-law-outlaws that will tell you all about “The Strawman” and that you really don’t exist. If you want unsullied representation, look to the edge and the extreme. The Scott Brown’s of the world are just more pod people that have hatched into our collective consciousness at their most ripe and convenient moment.

On the night of the mid-terms on, November, 2nd, there is a powerful stellium in Scorpio. All of those planets line up in the 12th house of the US. That means all kinds of things can happen, like back room deals, schizophrenic voting machines, behind the scenes power grabs and quite possibly the unveiling of such unsavory machinations. Mars will be in Sag, so people will be in a fighting spirit, up for truth. That said, any commodity, even the ones that we hold most precious and dear are corruptible. But make no mistake, when pundits begin talking about the second American Revolution, know that there is some real astrological weight behind the statement. The US was formed when Pluto was in Capricorn at six degrees. Transiting Pluto comes close, twice in 2010, reaching five degrees, getting hot, then drawing back. It’s not until January, 2011 where Pluto meets Pluto will we see the full blown effects of this transit.

Mark, a reader and pretty sharp guy floated the idea that creation and chaos cannot coexist without one another. I agree. The other that seeks to control and dominate resources, emotions and thoughts is simply acting as an agent to spark the flames of liberation in the friction of it’s fiction. In other words boys and girls, if we want to be both accountable and free we need to understand the other side and what it’s like to not be the things we covet yet take for granted. If the pendulum swings too far one way, it will have to come back and return the balance towards a sacred synchrony. Those cattle prods jolting your soul are your wake up call.

I found this great graphic over at Revolt Of The Plebes and it illustrates where we are in the cycle of liberation.

The next time you see the likes of Kissinger, Bush, Netenyahu, Pelosi, Cheney, Reid, Obama, Clinton, Beck, Hannity, O’Reilly and others of their ilk, try to smile and remember that they are doing their very, very best to help set you free.

14 thoughts on “Update On Pluto In Capricorn, SCOTUS Ruling And Glen Beck’s Controlled Opposition”

  1. B

    The evil games the stem-brained play
    To scar our souls and ruin the day
    ‘They’ steal the Truth to keep us blind
    To honour the greedy and cremate the kind
    and reward the stupid and swiped of mind
    to torture and murder as though it weren’t crime
    “Know them by their fruits”…but they can’t see
    That what they do does not set them free…

  2. A

    In other words, gazing the Tyter Cycle in History to win the Bondage, which is the poisonous fruit of Dependence come from Apathy and Complacency, we need Spiritual Faith… I absolutey do agree and this is exactly what we lack right now in this world…

  3. Thanks for the shout-out, Robert. Douglas Rushkoff, a thinker and writer I have tremendous respect for, said something pretty smart on his blog here – http://rushkoff.com/2010/01/22/corporations-as-uber-citizens/

    On the topic of “spiritual faith as a solution” – I happen to love studying religion, spirituality, and mythology, but increasingly I feel like faith or belief in such things are like looking at the finger pointing at the Moon rather than the Moon itself (to borrow a cliche.) I’m starting to feel that a faith in God or Spirit places our attention on something that isn’t real. When in fact we should be focusing on developing a greater awareness of the earth, the universe at large, and the ultimately non-dual nature of the Universe/Multiverse.

    I think that when people seek the metaphysical or supernatural, it’s because their perception of the physical and natural worlds are way more finite than they need to be. “Any sufficiently-advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” -Arthur C. Clarke

    Not only that, but “Spiritual Faith” can become very problematic in the ability to manipulate it. Just taking the example of Christianity in the United States, I think it is undeniable that the blatant manipulation of Christianity by corporate and military interests is arguably the worst thing that has happened in our country in the last 40 years. Another example would be the millions of New Agers who use their ideas to put an angelic face on crude Baby Boomer materialism.

  4. B

    Nostradamus is in great cheer
    He literally beams from ear to ear
    he’s not been this happy for many years…

    Century IX – 44 [$$]
    Leave, leave Geneva every last one
    Saturn will change from gold into iron
    All opposed to RAYPOZ will be exterminated
    Before the pounce the sky will show signs

    Will the corporation to take over the world be called RAYPOZ ? …

  5. R

    Mark, my spiritual compass for nearly all things is William Blake. He managed to carve out a niche so unique, that everyone else is just pretty much re-inventing the wheel after him. His vision was immense and transcended duality. He humbly understood his place in history and eternity. He was a fierce proponent of truth and he disdained cruelty and ignorance with an old testament fury. For Blake, God is imagination, but not bereft of charitable values. In fact, the more one gets closer to the idea of creation, the more humble they become in the grandeur of it’s immanence.

  6. I am not really familiar with Blake but from the little I do know of his concept of God, and from what you describe, it is probably closer to the “truth” than most. I’ve heard God described as a sculptor. The sculptor loves the piece of marble, but he/she does not hesitate to shape it according to hir vision. And the Sculptors tools are polarity and opposition. Though they only appear as polarity and opposition to us because the workings of our nervous system and our social conditioning direct us at dualistic viewpoints. Duality is still a necessary part of non-duality. The truth of infinity contains a vast multiplicity of finite existences, including our lives, our nations, our Earth, and the Galaxy itself.

    As an aside, Steve Jobs used to have one of the world’s largest collections of William Blake. I’ve always wondered if Apple was somehow connected to the Tree of Knowledge/ Tree of Good and Evil. Though I don’t know if that symbol resonates in Blake’s work….

  7. R

    You would love Blake Mark. My good friend, Richard Grossinger, the publisher of North Atlantic Books recently penned a voluminous tome on creation and the essence of God in “The Bardo Of Waking Life.” In it, Richard puts forth the idea that creation is invested in itself through novelty, innovation and complexity. So in essence, it has an investment in life, versus annihilation.

  8. A

    Within that chart it shows that one can go from apathy to dependence…that is where I dont get the flow….how can you go from not giving a shit to dependence? I am going to hang with the hardcore vegan treehuggers thanks…

  9. Yeah, I would be very careful with that chart. I did some research. It lacks any historical reference and is much-beloved by some very sordid characters on the extreme reactionary right-wing.

  10. t

    you are left wing, I see a complete lack of common sense in the current leaders. N.Y. trial for terrorist, giving terrorists rights.

  11. k

    Woah, I totally missed this entry….I probably saw the title and ignored it since I haven’t the faintest idea about US politics. (I am seeing my dad today so I can ask him what the hell Teabaggers are hehe…)

    In regards to the chart I would see the flow from apathy to dependence as follows: An apathetic person, by not giving a shit, gives away his power and loses control over his life/destiny. He is a sheep in the making with no vision or sense of direction. Along comes “Anything” that will take his power and consequently control him. Mr. Apathetic has lost the power he didn’t care for in the first place and is now dependent on a person/system that will lead him to the sheep pen. There can never be a void of power. Then obviously comes bondage, ’cause you’re in the fucking pen!

    I could continue the little analogy of the sheep that discovers the difference between the fence surrounding him and that surrounding his soul. He asks himself questions and sees sheep on the other side of the fence. Those sheep are outcasts and not well liked by the sheep inside the pen. But through spiritual awakening, he sees that the fence can be jumped over and all it takes to get to the “other side” is courage. He longs for the other side because in a time far far away, that is where he used to live before he fell asleep (became apathetic) and was unconsciously led to the pen. So the little sheep musters up his courage and jumps over the fence. He is free! On the outside of the pen, there is grass in abundance to be shared with much less sheep. There is so much grass and the sheep is very hungry. He is to busy eating to give grass to those still inside the pen. He remembers his life of lacking and wants to ensure that his stomach will always be full…Slowly, he becomes protective and jealous of his precious grass…

    I could continue the analogy, if I knew what complacency meant! haha

  12. k

    I was really into Blake’s work on the book of Job while in university.

    Turns out there is a link between Job, the Chariot of God and some kabbalistic stuff I read about in Drunvalo’s work. I should probably look into it more. I wonder why Blake was so interested in Job.

    It’s funny that you mention a pendulum…I’ve always debated whether life is a pendulum or a cycle. My most recent conclusion is that nature works in cycles while humanity swings on a pendulum. (It seems like all the “movements” are a reaction to the previous one ie: the Romantic period is a reaction to the Enlightenment period.)

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