Tyranny Of The Status Quo, Mars Retrograde, Pluto Retrograde, The Reclamation Of Power

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

tyranny shutterstock_164135415:15 AM, Saturday morning, and I’m ten miles from the Mexico/Texas border. The palm trees outside my hotel window are damp and sway in the hazy, tropical winds. The sulfuric light and heavy condensation makes them look like strange, sweating, vegetation on a Martian landscape. Just on the other side of the parking lot are acres of budding, GMO laced, stalks of corn. I head downstairs to the hotel’s lobby.

Just after five AM, it’s me, the fish and the talking heads on the big screen. There’s Ben Ferguson, the thirty-four-year-old conservative that makes you want to detest all things conservative. He was the youngest, nationally syndicated talk show host in the US. He’s in his early thirties and vibes like he’s in his early fifties. And there he is, bashing Trump because he dared to speak out about how the game is “rigged” in reference to Trump’s broadsides against the electoral process. Depending upon where you align withTrump he’s been either bitterly complaining about the process like a sore, uninformed loser, or he’s been blowing the lid on how corrupt and conniving the process itself is.

If you are an insider and part of the status quo, Trump’s laments are music to your ears, because the rules were changed to prevent something exactly like this. To prevent an outsider like Trump (even if you don’t think he’s an outsider) from actually doing some damage to the GOP and their inside game—it’s not who we elect—but who they select.

For almost anyone reading this blog, that’s not news. We’ve been sick over rigged elections for years. Whether it’s the faulty two-party-system, or hijacking the national vote via the black box, we know the results are fixed. But what Trump has accomplished has been to point out that even the selection process itself is rigged.

Astrologically, we can see the astral upsetter in Trump’s 10th House, with the Sun/Uranus/TN conjunction in Gemini. Gemini as we all know rules duality and sometimes even duplicity, For the Donald, he is in their world now, and they make up the rules as they go. They are duplicitous. If they want to snatch delegates, they’ll do that in the “name of the party.” And there was young Ben Ferguson, exhorting the conservative mantra; “The rules are the rules and if you don’t know them, tough luck.” What this smug, arrogant, little asshole doesn’t understand is that there is a rising tide, a growing class that doesn’t give a fuck about their rules or their party decorum. From Super Pacs, to Super Delegates, from Florida chads, to Manchurian candidates, people have had enough and little square turds like Ben Ferguson come off like spoiled rich kids who get by on blood and credit lines, parroting the talking points of their Mandarin handlers.

Ferguson and his ilk represent the tyranny of the status quo and they are desperately hanging onto whatever edge they’ve managed to eke out for the last, three centuries.

Whether it’s Trump or any other outsider crashing their party, they will contest their dominant position to the death, because if someone challenges the status quo, on either side, whether it’s Trump or Sanders, their very existence is put to the test. They are at risk for losing it all, because if the status quo falls, they and their programs, platforms and talking points are irrelevant.

The United States is in no mood for the Ben Fergusons of the world and if he was really “down with the people” he’d understand that their wrath and fury is just a few degrees to his right and it’s downright pissed.

Ferguson is that seven-year-old little shit that’s evolved “neener, neener, neener” into a full blown career, stuffed with pious mannerisms and a bankable morality.

Yesterday, both Mars and Pluto went retrograde. I’ve talked about this on my show and with Regina Meredith on Gaia (speaking of Regina, she’ll be in my show this coming Friday 12 Noon, CST).

Both Mars and Pluto are planets of power, raw power. Mars is physical force and Pluto is psychic force. The retreat of both is symbolic and can manifest in a number of ways. From a fundamental sense, the retrograde motion is a retreat, and a potential strategy to reclaim power. From a collective level, the best-case scenario is that Americans grow a pair and understand the nature of power, from the spiritual to the personal. Pluto in Cap of course is the Plutocracy and while Trump has felt the rage of the Left, the Millenials and even the conspirators in his own party, he is not the Plutocracy. Trump hasn’t ascended that high yet.

The Plutocracy is the system that’s changing the rules on the fly, just likereality that changes on the dime in the matrix. As Pluto reverses, we are in the process of reverse engineering our so-called reality and awakening in droves. That’s the big picture. On the small screen, Mars kicks into gear and we’re in looking back, wondering where we gave it all away.

So what do I mean about reclaiming our “power?”

If we are ruthlessly honest with ourselves, we can witness a pattern of giving “It” away, through looking for approval from others, seeking recognition outside of ourselves and investing in celebrity and false idols. We also stab at low hanging fruit in a culture of instant gratification, and become dazzled by endless material distractions.

If we can engage in this process, we can move forward with a greater sense of who we are, in a world that is constantly chipping away at us in so many ways, seen and unseen.

After we challenge our assumptions of who we are and the standards we have accepted for ourselves, something new emerges, a higher standard, a vibration that resonates closer with the power of creation and prime source. It’s giant step towards self-love, which brings us closer to divine love.

When we do this the Status Quo just isn’t terrified, it verges on impotence.

Recently, the film “Vaxxed” hit the film festival circuit, and made national news when Robert DeNiro, father of a boy with autism, decided to show the film at the Tribeca film festival. There was heavy pressure for DeNiro to not show the controversial movie. DeNiro wanted establish a “dialog” and what he got was a verbal beating from the anti-vax community as well as the likely powers that be, which invest billions in the vaccine industry. But there’s a backlash happening and it’s right in the same wheelhouse that the political status quo is operating out of.

The more push back that’s happening, the more fuel it’s adding to fire of awakening and that fire of course is Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sag. By years end, they will be in a tight trine and the radical impetus of the self to express at an authentic level, will be in alignment with discipline, focus and form.

Many of us are taxed, sapped and zapped, but if we can remove the detritus, unplug from the programs of approval, stop seeking outside of ourselves, we get lighter and as we get lighter, we have more energy, and when we have more energy, we can address our lives from a very different perspective. When we slay the “Status Quo” inside of us, the outer is just a shadow play across the scrim of life. Here’s the trailer for Vaxxed.

7 thoughts on “Tyranny Of The Status Quo, Mars Retrograde, Pluto Retrograde, The Reclamation Of Power”

  1. J

    Lol, thats what we Scorpio Pluto’s been trying to tell you for decades, (ever since we were born, Lol), the status quo is NOTHING, the only ones worrying about it will be our Capricorn Pluto kids, and i dont even think they will actually see it as “status quo”, as we will destroy it before they become adults, besides theyre next to millenial, I dont think they would actually see status quo, as Status Quo, even if they try, the pure soul of Capricorn’s status is about having a nice diploma and skills on a paper, recognition, or just acknowledging, thats the “good side” of a Status Quo, its the today’s generations, which are rotten by basically Taurus generations, that the status quo is viewed as the material wrong version of it. Its not even fault of egotistical Leo Pluto’s and their need for superiority, it’s not fault of Virgo Plutos materialism, it all goes back to the Taurus Pluto peeps, these guys, which I know did good by creating cities, coorporations, and “community” like lifes, but also they did a bull-like movement, by forcing everyone to fit and be a “citizen”, regardless their lifestyles or behaviors, and by that comes the status quo, which is in fact (and by their means), being accepted as another citizen, with either more qualifications, degrees, etc. And thats fucked up, sorry for state it like that, but as a Scorpio Pluto, we are opposites to that generation and its pretty much time to tell people how wrong and how “same” is the world we are living today as the one the Taurus or the “modernists” generation created on the 1920s, and 30’s, even 40’s, we are still living that, and as long as we accept the commodities, amenities and comfortabilies that the so called cities (created by them) bring us, we will still trapped on that world, cause its like we are still accepting their ticket of “ok you may have comfortable lifestyle, all stablished, but in exchange, you will be a citizen, and you have to fit on every damn aspect, and if you dont, youre a homeless” easy as that, when did you see homeless people before Taurus Pluto? if u were poor or didnt wanted to live on some town anymore, you just left, far as you wanted, you would just run a farm or whatever and nothing happened. After Taurus, all became properties, everything is for sale, even a small piece of 1×1 land. Thats the dark side of Taurus, and its the world we are living today, and something my generation is understanding, by the fact we are not investing on homes even if we are already earning a lot of money, we just dont want to buy on that, neither phyisically nor monetary. In some countries my generation is refurbishing old abandoned towns, and we are trying to make a life that doesnt involve being a “citizen”, and i hope we’ll make it, i hope aquarius pluto and their community vision will help us…. Lol, greetings Rob

    1. a

      Well, Pluto in Leo rejected the status quo and the values of the USA, but it was rooted in killing/death (Pluto) the king (Leo). They started alternative systems and industries in many areas. The idea of the food co-op started with them and eventually led to Whole Foods, Sprouts, etc., and awareness around organic foods. Yoga franchises have their roots in this generation. But each generation eventually becomes “the man” and that’s what happened to them and when they did/do, it’s a huge let down. Clinton was the epitome of their rise to power and made the kings they wanted to murder look like the founding fathers in retrospect.

      While conspicuous consumption might be a sign of Pluto in Virgo’s materialism, I don’t see that generation as being defined by it. Pluto in Virgo was the middle child between older sib Pluto in Leo and the darling and precocious Pluto in Libra. I certainly didn’t hold much faith in materialism and was more invested in purpose. Quietly, Pluto in Virgo has shaped the technological spine on which the post transistor world was built on.

      I like Pluto in Scorpio. They get me and I get them, and I applaud the effort to resuscitate dead cities and neglected lands. I think they have a bit of a collective ego issue, and at times it feels a bit insecure, but there’s no doubt that they are a pivotal generation. Beginning to make their migration into middle-age, it will be interesting to see their impact as they co-mingle with the fossils of the Pluto in Cancer generation, who still cling to the world of power and influence with a death grip.

      Thanks for the rich and impassioned post and a look into your generational slice of the mind of God.

  2. p

    Rob – look into non citizen national – its the other door 🙂

    Phoenix – didnt know about pluto, but knew of the rest…wowsa – have five planets ever retro’d this close to each other before? and if so, i’m sure it wasn’t THESE five?

    Funnny enough all this retrograde research got me back to examining my birth chart (AGAIN) and how did i go all these years not realizing, saturn, pluto AND Uranus were retro for me!!!!!!!!

  3. J

    I know, we are really obsessed with pretty much anything related to the endangered and neglected ones and situations. We are next to Libra Pluto, we dont want just equality, we see unfairness, we dont cry, whine or make a protest and rights like Libra Pluto’s, we will just go, sit behind him, be his friend, and make his life a little happier for the night, cause he deserves to see the light behind the dark, and maybe thats what actually helps an endangered, no one knows, since everyone is so afraid of the dark “side”, which is just a normal thing of life. And we are a generation who knows how to do that, we know how to “deeply” help, we are passionate about it, we dont give a shit about the actual world, jobs? cities? social skills? ha ha ha, thats just plain bullshit, we live our life on an alternative context like on a videogame, we just are on some other perspective, some call it darkness, it is not, some say we were born with tinted glasses, thats pretty accurate but I’d call it being tuned with the deep reality, maybe not harsh reality, like capricorn pluto’s, but more like the deeper side..(sorry for my continous admiration for Cappy’s Plutos, we really adooooore them AF) just like you like us, we like Capricorn Plutos a lot….

    And yes, the Status Quo isnt a bad thing, its the rotten generations who twist it, but basically status quo means, being qualified, being skilled, but you can choose to live it or not, its like being a housewife, they choose to be homelike (which isnt bad) instead of getting a degree and become a successful woman, a character of “sex and the city”. Its like that, I repeat, Taurus Pluto put the norm around the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s, of a false Status Quo, these guys basically forced an entire society to be just the same, because they wanted control, of pretty much everyone, Cancer Plutos dont really have anything to do with this, they just wanted a home, and they got it, and theyre 75+ now, so dont think theyre even thinking about the world today when all they want is relax in their homes, i dont even think they wana watch TV.. Theyre actually very happy enjoying their Scorpio Pluto grandsons dramas, we love taking them for rides and stuff, trust me, theyre really happy. We are taking care of them.

    So yeah, even the Leo guys, they are already in their homes and they dont want to know about the world anymore, theyre not working and are already chilling at their homes.

    So its up to you Virgo Plutos, to realize, youre the Adults right now, and youre in the position to change the world already, I know youre already doing as soon as youre noticing how “futursitic” everything has become, youre realizing how older generations arent bothering you no more, youre making weird things happen, see the world around, nothing is like in 2000, the world has become raw, cold and crude, and you guys are facing it like the Walking Dead, youre the leaders of today’s apocalyptic Capricorn world, and Im glad of you..

    Youre making stuff happen, and even though youre still afraid, i notice you open up real fast with us Scorpios, its like you understand us really fast and we keep you motivated, so thats good, if we are motivating you, all we want is a more open world, and i bet you’ll do good, for all that Capricorn Pluto is left, still like 7 years left for you to do “stuff” for humanity. Im hopeful about your choices, cause i think youre probably the saviors of humanity, i mean youre the “mother nature” generation, you are the true healers of humanity, youre being of help for everyone and everything

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