Two-Year-Nightmare Of The Gulf Revisited, Chiron in Pisces And New Moon Affirmation

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

She’s gonna blow . . .

Rounding into the weekend, the sexy, sultry, super-hooked-up and steaming New Moon in Taurus, we’ve got a few nagging details to remind us that we’ve got some reckoning on our plates. I’ll get to the good news, the everyone gets a trophy for playing news, but you’re gonna have to wade through the brackish and mutagenic waters of Chiron in Pisces first.

Two years ago, I spent a significant amount of time and energy on the Gulf Crisis. I was tag teaming with Michael Edward, who was waaaaaay out in front of what was happening down there. Michael’s hypothesis was nightmarish, approaching pure science fiction. He quickly came to the conclusion that the goal was the massive dumping of Corexit into the waters of the Gulf. He got into where it was developed, by whom and why. His findings were chilling. He realized that Corexit would not only kill the gulf, but cause horrific mutations in marine life and ultimately, humans. Michael proclaimed that the Gulf would become a laboratory vat for some gruesome experiment, which would lead to . . . zombification.

What he meant by this, is that Corexit would (and has) produced hideous and painful skin ulcerations and attack the central nervous system. Once the Gulf was decimated of most of its life, there is a plan in place to grow deadly black algae, which would be harvested as a fuel source. Welcome to the green economy. A few million pesky lives living below the Mason-Dixon line would be a noble sacrifice to science and unburdening us from our dependency of fossil fuels. It would just look like a George Romero film for the first few years.

It’s happening now. The ravages of Corexit are washing ashore, getting tangled up in fishing nets and crab traps. Crabs with three eyes, sardines with body-wide lesions, dolphins giving birth to deformed offspring; these are the frontline casualties of the Gulf. To this day, BP has not ceased in its assault and continues to dump and spray Corexit at a genocidal rate.

This is Chiron in Pisces. Our precious waters, fouled with transgenic spew, altering the basis fabric of our lives at the most fundamental, from krill to kill. And it happened two years ago today.

There’s a school of thought that these egregious and deliberate acts are symbolic of inner states that are deeply in denial and are externalized in the form of collective events. The scenario goes like this; We’re all bottled up and clogged, our emotional states (water) are coagulated and blocked. When it comes to feeling we are synthetically emoting, programmed to unleash judgment, contempt, faux-concern, hand-wringing and indignation. These are what passes for emotions these days.

What happened to the Gulf might be the environmental externalization of rage and if it wasn’t it most certainly should be, because that’s what people are sitting on and even Mt. Popocatepetl blowing won’t quite do the trick.

Women are pissed at republicans, blacks pissed at whites, 99% pissed at 1%, white men are pissed at people telling them how to feel (usually guilty). There’s a simmering anger, growing exponentially towards David’s tribe. Ted Nugent has a gun and Al Sharpton, a microphone.
That’s “theoretically” what the “Gulf” could be about–our unclaimed rage manifesting in its toxic dispersal and blistering marine life. But that was two years ago.

Rage is at another level altogether now. Which means, theoretically if we’re following the theorem; A (anger) squared–divided by (D) distraction–multiplied through (D2) denial to the power of six hundred and sixty six, what we have is ADD from Hell.

It has to find its way out somehow, someway. Theoretically. That brings us to this blessed New Moon, kissing and conjuncting the Sun on 4/20, forming a very earthy love triangle with Mars and Jupiter. Which brings us to the question; Can we catapult out of the labyrinth of Minos into the clear air of objective perception without having a collective breakdown and planetary purge so great that our ancient pathos turns to tears of God, cleansing every sentient and non-sentient agency on this plane of existence? In essence can we get to joy without the nasty little side trip to Hades?

My answer is “yes” well mostly yes and this New Moon leaves clues.

The Full Moon will manifest in Scorpio on May 6th and with it, will be the aggregate thought forms that we plant, right here, right now, this very day. So with that information in hand, I respectfully anoint you as a conscious agents of creation. Endowed with that title comes powers that are granted. You, on this day have the power to plant the most loving, divine and creative thought/feeling into the world that you possibly can. It can be a work of art, a meal, making love, running on the beach, writing a letter. Do it consciously today, with as much faith and brio that you can muster, knowing that the universe is strikingly efficient and will waste no time in recycling your efforts into something greater than you can ever imagine.

Break the inertia, dispel entropy and audaciously affirm that you did not descend onto this plane without purpose and meaning. You are human. Now go out and do something consciously and make believers out of the rest of us.

19 thoughts on “Two-Year-Nightmare Of The Gulf Revisited, Chiron in Pisces And New Moon Affirmation”

  1. C

    Love it! Bless this world, and all souls in it. Thank you for exposing the possibility for human dignity. Love to you, and to all people.

  2. k

    it’s interesting I stopped by today, in other words: it’s no coincidence….. staying up late (avoiding tv,I came to your page).. because my teen kid is getting high(yes it’s 4/20) in the back room with a bunch of friends and I’m a concerned cautious parent who allows it but worries about it…(controlling but trying not to, oh and responsibility?) Anyway, you posted a new blog, everything you said hits home for me..
    Responsibility, honoring the right’s of others, rage to forgiveness.. it was two days ago I was sitting in my garden and thinking about some irritating issues arising in my life, feeling my blood pressure rise, wondering how I was going to be in control of certain situations, how I was going to be responsible for outcomes, how I was going to make others do as I saw fit, when it hit me to just relax and let it go, well not really let it go, but to let go of the fear that was driving me, to just be aware and in the moment.
    That night I had a dream. my best friend from highschool was in it, I haven’t seen her in 20 some years. She was dying of cancer in the dream and I went home to see her. She in real life was very controlling, and dominating. eventually after 7 years of friendship I couldn’t take it anymore and ended the friendship. In the dream her cancer was the result of her control and domination, it killed her, and suddenly visiting her old home without her there, I was at peace, I had come to terms with things, I was relaxed, I had let go.. of her, of control, of getting back, of being on top, and right, and well, when I woke up I knew I had worked something very powerful out within my own psych. When you are just aware, without fear, with out need of control, opportunities present themselves… things work out, life flows, experience falls into step, perfect step.

    I have heard stories of people (friends/family) who live on the gulf and not experienced any destruction, nor seen dead animals or sea plants, and I have heard other accounts of terrible and deadly destruction… so what is the truth? What is really happening…And I think ultimately it is our thought forms, it is what we focus on, it is where we put our energy, that we create this LIFE… this experience. Yes Robert I am not here by chance, We are not here by chance.. We are creators, and we do create what we put our attention and energy towards. It’s interesting too that as I tune into what you say, I am also recently learning about the vibration of words, of numbers, of language or the Word… and how important it is to communicate precisely… so anyway I’m not sure if this message is worth posting… but certainly I understood your message and wanted to share the recent experiences that resonated with it and made me feel some level of synchrony with your thoughts. yea maybe this only makes sense to me… lol.

    1. a

      I think you’re on the money. The one thing that I would caution is the 420 with your son. Not that he is doing it, but the source of it. They have been genetically manipulating and even spraying dank for a while now and its producing not only highly addictive effects, but also strains that make the individual more aggressive. Just check your source or grow your own.

  3. d

    Dear Robert…thanks for your positivity…
    Like the ex-addict looking back…it was hell but worth it…
    A cosmic constipation meets GOD’s gift of gravity …is the way I see it…
    The values of kindness and the art of composting will come into their own…

  4. k

    lacrosse and cultivating a lovely garden weeds and all, have been this years focus! thank you for the heads up…I will certainly inform myself and my son… yes, this is part of being responsible for self… to look seriously at the program I’m being fed, to stop reacting, but instead to listen to inner intuition… My niece is a writer for High Times lives in Santa Cruz.. she has been an excellent source of info… and intuitively I seem to keep coming back to your blog as your words often resonate with me.. thanks Robert

  5. D

    If you are born into this predatory lineage, the first memories of life in earth will be too shattering to recall for pain. I count myself very fortunate that I was not where perhaps, i ‘ought’ to have been. A kind of cosmic guardian that makes truancy a trump card! We have so much more freedom than those ‘at the top’ of the material heap, at the pits of the soul imperative. They need rescuing from themselves! We need rid of them and this addiction to weakness, victimhood and flattery they constantly create and feed like pushers and dealers. And btw, parents are supposed to be ‘square’ or children lose their anchor points.

  6. t

    “You, on this day have the power to plant the most loving, divine and creative thought/feeling into the world that you possibly can.”

    I took your words to heart and soul Robert… used them to fuel me… into a love machine. 🙂 Did a pink candle focused intent-annointed with lodestone oil and dredged it in dragon’s blood incense provided for me by a loving friend… praying for love, friendship, affection and goodness for all on this very special day (4/21)-it was such an incredibly beautiful day. Willows are leafing out and looked like green mists are covering them. Quakeys with their new leaves on too.

    As a Pisces it hurts my heart, literally, with what is happening in the Pacific and the Gulf. What has happened and is still happening. The next time some fundie tells me ‘but we have DOMINION over…” I’m gonna haul off and slap ’em. (venus in aries). Or around here it is aggressive slams on being a ‘treehugger’. THANK GOD SOME OF US ARE OR WE’D ALL BE DEAD BY NOW FROM THE DEADLY RADIATION THE CULT JUST CAN’T SEEM TO GET ENOUGH OF. (another fire broke out at the INL where it is advised to ‘draw a little beehive on your federal application if you want to get hired there’-where they just buried hot hot stuff for decades in the desert ground-right above our aquifer).

    But there wasn’t any human powers strong enough to advocate for the life that has no voice until a tsunami takes it all out. Takes it out so it takes us out.

    Sorry don’t mean to be a downer on such a glorious day. I do feel like we can all be so super endowed that it will prevail over whatever man has wrought. I know the Universe has its own ways to cleanse everything. I feel so sorry for everyone who is innocently being destroyed and devastated.

    Whatever happened to the original crew on that platform anyway? I remember a few people around here that weren’t buying the news on that one. I don’t have a tv and miss a lot of stuff.

  7. k

    hmmm, the “square”… sounds like a robot, conformist, like someone who reacts to the program, someone living unconsciously
    rooted inside the box. the lid held down, and the rules plastered to the sides in glaring black and white. I guess the cosmic guardian gifted me with the truancy trump card too.
    kicked the box to the curb!(ok well, on more days than not) Remember the Huey Lewis song It’s hip to be square? yep! that’s exactly what the predator wants, conformity, believing in one way, one rule, an absolute right and an absolute wrong… and people buy into it because it is easier, you are not fighting the “system” not expressing a unique self, you don’t have to get up each day and use your imagination, Work at BEING A SPECIAL YOU, you just fall into line, same old uniform, same old job, same old HABITS.

    Reality in all it’s beauty/ugliness, truth and untruth is constantly forming and dissolving around us, so how are you going to respond to it?

    I tend to believe that we are all here to show each other who we really are, no matter the circumstance or the role we play.. but by these we show ourselves and each other what we are capable of creating. We show each other where our power or lack of power is by the beliefs we hold.

    “Watch, become alert, observe, and go on dropping all the reactive patterns in you. Each moment try to respond to the reality — not according to the ready-made idea in you but according to the reality as it is there outside. Respond to the reality! Respond with your total consciousness but not with your mind. And then when you respond spontaneously and you don’t react, action is born. Action is beautiful, reaction is ugly. Only a man of awareness acts, the man of unawareness REACTS. Action liberates. Reaction goes on creating the same chains, goes on making them thicker and harder and stronger. Live a life of response and not of reaction.” – Osho, an Indian mystic, (11 December 1931 – 19 January 1990).

  8. k

    and and.. then! as one conscious agent of creation..(well trying) I thought of this as I was nodding off into that state of unconsciousness..zzzzzzzzz

    This world is a world of death…. of Life’s constant struggle against death. Every moment everything is blinking in and out of existence, depending on where we focus our consciousness. The Eastern philosophies tell us that life is a struggle because we do not except the reality of impermanence. Because we fight death, because we fight change, We suffer!

    Many philosophies believe today and even with the help of scientific evidence, in quantum physics. that the world we witness/perceive/create is an outward manifestation of what is within. Our world is a reflection of what we are made up of… as in our beliefs, our truths, our lies, our habits our fears, our joys…. What if what we are experiencing in all the death and destruction and fear that is present in this world is an outward reflection of our inner fears? Especially our greatest fear… Death!

    What if our creative nature is so concerned with avoiding death that this is exactly what we create… scenario after scenario of situations where we must fight for our life?

    Life is a cycle, The Sun rises at day and dies at night, The moon reflects our knowing of the sun at night and at morning once again births (creates/gives way to) the Sun… the tides come in the tides go out, The Earth springs to life gives us a harvest and dies again.. only to come back…

    We have the evidence that life is a cycle, that life and death are part of this cycle, that with Death New life arises. If we could let go of our greatest fear… Death, would we see changes in this reality, would we stop unconsciously creating scenarios that require us to FIGHT for our lives?

    Think of the power of our imaginations… how we could change the world if we paid attention to our imaginations and stopped the bad ones in the bud. I was reading today that the US plans to send drones into American airspace, these things are the size of your palm, and their purpose would be for spying, gathering information.. they could land in a tree in your yard and you wouldn’t even know it, they could land on the wall of your house and hear and see what is going on…. and how many times have you said to yourself or heard someone say…. ‘I’d like to be a fly on the wall…..

    1. a

      Funny, John Kaminski wrote a whole piece about death this weekend and our denial of it, which leads to a certain madness in the creation of afterlife scenarios that give us a sort of spiritual placebo about the inevitable end. But there is also a certain madness that springs out of this as well, such as the transhumanist goal to live forever. Do you think Bill Gates is going to quietly into that long dark night without a fight to alter everything about him, so that he can spend his billions beyond the span of a mere 80 years? Nope.

  9. k

    Sounds like this Kaminski is talking about the Bardo…
    which reminds me, Remember that Movie: What Dreams May Come. Bill might have his chance, but at least we wont be privy to it…hmmm

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