Turmoil In The House Of Tiger–T Square Love Triangle?

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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Life seems to be getting in the way of the blog at times these days. As some of you might know, my father is ill, gravely so and I will address this in forthcoming post either on Monday or Tuesday as it seems to fit in place with the Transhumanist theme that I began with the last post on this blog. I’ll also get to scopes for December and the full moon as well, which are both, almost upon us, but for now, let’s take a slightly tawdry turn and see if there is any sort of astrological activity that might be kicking up some dust in Tiger Woods, house of love.

Unless you’re living under a rock, Tiger Woods’ recent run in with a tree at 2:30am outside his home in Florida is bigger news than the 30,000 Afghan troop build-up and the massive sell off US dollars just before the Thanksgiving holiday. Yes, it’s big news, especially BIG for the tabloids as the hot rumor is that Tiger has strayed from the cage and the embrace of the lovely Elin Nordegren, the former swimsuit model and the mother of his two children. It’s rumored that Tiger sank his claws into Rachel Uchitel in a hotel in Melbourne while Tiger was stroking it at the Australian Masters. Uchitel is a New York party gal who has a tryst with David Boreanz from the TV show “Bones” on her resume. Of course the story was broken by the tabloids, but quickly picked up by The Huffington Post as well. It didn’t take long for the story to go from toasty to Chernobyl once Woods tried to put a wood grill on his Escalade (I bet there’s someone at Cadillac trying to come up with a Volvo angle for the Woods smash). So can we find an astrological through line on the Woods soap opera? The answer is an unequivocal “yes.”

Woods is a Capricorn Sun (eight degrees) with a Virgo rising (24 degrees). The Virgo/Goat combo is great for Woods the golfer. Virgo rising gives him impeccable work habits, and a deep need for perfection. His Capricorn Sun, especially at 8 degrees, gives him a desire to be great and rise to the top of his ranks in his given profession, which in this case happens to be golf. It’s a fantastic combo for someone like Woods in his sport/field. But recent astrological activity seems to have impacted woods in a way that might alter his domestic life and quite possibly his legacy.

With Saturn transiting his 12th house for the past two years, Woods has been experiencing a deep loneliness, especially as it relates to his pursuit of perfection. For all of his achievements, worldly accomplishments and m-o-n-e-y, when Saturn, especially in Virgo passes through the 12th house, the house of God, the return to source. Woods’ has been quietly going through an existential crisis of sorts. He has been learning that his nearly perfect golf game and almost perfect image, the one so sought after and enamored by corporate America is not enough and unless he was willing to get down to basics, surrender and open his heart to service, a hallmark of Virgo’s transit through the 12th house. It’s an opportunity to experience an impetus towards a higher calling. Saturn in Virgo in the 12th house is “The Dweller On The Threshold.” If Woods had humbled himself at some point during the past two years, he might have had the opportunity to have a much deeper connection God and as a result, himself. Unfortunately a sense of restlessness and the desire for excitement made this quite difficult for Tiger.

Instead of driving him towards a deeper relationship with source, Woods’ transiting Saturn was squaring his natal Mars in Gemini (17 degrees) in his ninth house. The ninth house is the house of higher consciousness, orthodox religion, the upper room. The angle is hard between Saturn and Mars in these two house, but if he had endured the challenging angle, he could have had an electric epiphany, the cognitive realization of purpose aided by subtle whisper of the “still, small, voice.” But Mars in Gemini is restless, restless, restless and it’s in it’s fall in Tiger’s ninth house. The ninth house represents foreign countries and international culture at large. So it would make some sense that would indulge in a tryst in country other than his own. In fact, I would not be surprised if Woods wasn’t thinking ahead towards such an event around July of this past year, when his Saturn was in a direct square with Mars. That is just one factor that might have kept him from going within instead of out.

Woods’ Moon is in Sag (22 degrees). We’ve already discussed how Sagittarius represents foreign cultures, other countries, well the Moon represents the mother, home and maternal influence in life, like et mother of ones children. Lo and behold, Tiger’s mother is from Thailand and the mother of his wife is from Sweden. Makes total sense? Doesn’t it? In fact, Nordegren is also a Capricorn, ten degrees, just two degrees and three days after Woods’ own natal Sun. Her Sun is in his fourth house, which gives him a maternal connection with her, an echo of his own mother in some way.

His transiting Saturn squared his own natal Moon in Sag in Sept, which likely could have set the turn of events in motion. together, Saturn, Moon and Mars formed a t-square or a triangle between three points.

Theoretically, the affair occurred in Australia, somewhere around the 13th-15th of November, this would have put Mercury in Scorpio at 28 degrees, right on Woods’ own Venus in Scorpio, also at 28 degrees. Based on this alignment alone, secretive relationships (Venus in Scorpio) hidden communication (Mercury in Scorpio) you can bet your bum that Woods wasn’t just trying to putt the ball in the hole down under. Transiting Venus in Scorpio at eight degrees, sextiled his natal Sun at the time as well. With Venus in Scorpio in the third house, there is a side to Tiger that many people are not aware of. This alignment is, rather, well, slightly kinky and would suggest that someone like Woods with this angle could very well be into power role playing during sex and might even enjoy being on the submissive end of things at times. I also doubt that this would be the first time that person with this alignment would have done this. Venus in Scorpio, third house? This is a guy that needs variety. But what do the stars hold for Tiger Woods moving forward?

Woods has two major transits that are about to take place. They’ll happen mostly simultaneously. Saturn has already taken up residence in Woods’ first house. As it’s in Libra, the sign of relationships, Saturn will add it’s normal share of stress to the planet it co-mingles with. In essence, Tiger is about to get schooled relationships, equality, 50/50. He’s in a very precarious space, because Uranus is just hitting his house of relationships, which means that anything can happen, including car accidents just outside his house at 2:30 am. He’s going to have to expect the unexpected when it comes to relationships. Rapid change and revelations come to the fore when Uranus pops into the 7th house. This could have major legal ramifications for Tiger, especially with Saturn in Libra in the first house (the scales of justice).

For the record, Uchitel has denied rumors of the affair, while hiring Gloria Allred, while Woods has turned away Florida police for the last three days when they came to his gated mansion. Denial and silence.

This may eventually go away, but with the planetary activity taking place in Woods’ chart, he is far from being finished with the transformational process he started back in July.

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  2. “It didn’t take long for the story to go from toasty to Chernobyl once Woods tried to put a wood grill on his Escalade…”


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