Trump’s God Tour, The Manchester Chart, False Flag Murmurs, The Rise of The Security State

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium


As Donald trump makes his Abrahamic tour of the three great faiths, with a little arms deal thrown in for good measure, because as we know a little future smiting and prophecy is right in the false saviors wheel house. At every step, every turn, he is shadowed by Jared Kushner, who comes on more like a man–in-black, versus his shady and awkward son-in-law. Speaking of black, Ivanka and Melania looked like they were in mourning through it all. Is this a portent of the end of an age?


I just watched some live footage of Trump being led through the bejeweled halls of the Vatican, through a column of festooned guards forming a holy gauntlet. The pope, one of the world’s great fakes greeted them all. He seemed to have little to say to Trump’s son-in-law.


While the Trump tour was in Israel on the 22nd, the number of the master builder, he became the first standing president to don the skull cap and bury his nose in the crack of the wailing wall. After his fealty to the House of Moses, it was to honor the Khazarian occupiers of the Holy Land. Trump and Netenyahu had their press conference at the King David hotel, which was the sight of a brutal bombing that was carried out by Irgun, a radicalized band of cutthroat Zionists whose sole goal was to seize power of the land that had been granted to them by the English in the Balfour Declaration, which makes about as much sense as the US granting the same group the right to occupy Peru.




It was on July 22nsd 1948 (there’s that 22 again) that bombs went off inside the hotel putting a volatile exclamation mark on the transfer of land from one country that didn’t own it, to another that was born out of a radicalized vision of Zionist supremacy and a vague passage in the Bible as the so called holy deed to the land. It’s tonic that the Zionists who occupied Palestine, could care less about the Old Testament, but were more than happy to use it as a pretext for occupation, conquest and annexation.


Occupation isn’t anything new. The world has been occupied again and again and to put some kind of horrible spin on it, would be, well, childish, because let’s be clear, the world is not fair. Divine justice and divine dispensation can be, even in an overly saturated world of symbolic Discordia, but the world is not and has never been fair.


That said, it would be a step up the evolutionary ladder if the Palestinians were treated like humans instead of rats in a cage, whose life is dominated by laborious checkpoints set up by their occupiers who view them as little more than cattle. Not once did Trump, on his journey to the heart of the fertile crescent ever address this. Leo rising, he gravitates to power and displays of pomp and circumstance. In fact it was overheard that he would like to take a few pieces from the Vatican that would fit nicely in Trump Tower. I think it might have been a golden cherub peeing on the head of Job.


Getting back to the Hotel David event. It was both ironic and symbolic that later that night, in a concert hall in Manchester, what would appear to be bombs went off in the foyer and 22 (there’s that number again) died. But did they really?


I’ve been in a state of emotional mourning and caught the terror wave with my psychic guard down. It was an educational experience. I understood how these events can impact a planet that’s mostly in a state of depression, sadness and repressed emotions. The events seep in like arsenic and fluoride in a drip line. It’s the cumulative effect of trauma and the engineers and architects of evil take full advantage of it.

Luckily, it took me less than a day to snap out of it.


There’s the convenient lone gunmen or in this case bomber. Conveniently dead and conveniently happening just hours after Trump had sounded the clarion call against this type of terror and the evil people that perpetrate it. It’s typical Trump timing which goes all the way back to Kate Steinle.


As he marched towards the nomination, Trump started the whole thing off when he openly criticized what was happening with our borders and the criminal element that snuck into the country again and again, committing heinous crime-after-crime and right on cue, pretty Kate is gunned down in San Francisco by one of these wretched vermin.


That was Trump’s signature moment, one that had him flashing oracular powers, but in reality, at a closer look, the death of Kate Steinle looks like yet another <a href=””>false flag</a> used to promote whatever agenda was up for emotional lease.


Gun control? Sure, that was the main course of the Obama admin. Immigrant control? Sure, that was fuel for the masses and their seething resentments (many of which are justified).

And this pattern followed Trump all throughout the campaign.


If he bashed radical Islam (a term he doesn’t use any longer), there was an event ready to go. San Bernardino and Orlando come to mind, both of which have false flag and psyop written all over them.


Whether it was the BLM/gun control falsie, or the radical Islam falsie, staged events had a better run than Hollywood over the past two years. Perhaps someone should have an awards ceremony for the best crisis actors each year.


Astrologically, a lot of this bullshit took place during the mutable T-Square of Jupiter in Virgo/Saturn in Sag/Neptune in Pisces with a Chiron topper. Nothing was as it seemed. The overt clash of Saturn and Neptune did set off a new legion and generation of truth seekers and deep fact divers which continue to pound the fringes of the net, looking for obscure clues, abnormalities, anonymous whispers and cracks in the matrix. It took on such a cumulative power that it had to be corralled under the banner of fake news. Pizzagate being the honeytrap, where the truth is revealed by crumbs of association that led to a rat trap that snapped shut on the likes of Alex Jones. I’m digressing a bit, but this has everything to do with Manchester.




Manchester now feels even more like a FF than it does twenty-four hours ago, riding the rails of duality, the Gemini effect in full force and it’s timely occurrence on the Trump tour. Videos pop up like toadstools under a pile of dung. A voice calmly tells people to exit the hall, the voice is not British, it is decidedly American and sounds like it emanates from the East Coast, maybe New York, New Jersey, Maryland.


And it’s right on time for the Don, another punctuation mark for his polarized position. So what’s the fallout from the Manchester shooting?


Well, Iran is in the crosshairs and while the seat of terror has always been Saudi Arabia ,which has harbored and sponsored Wahabist sects for decades, it is Iran, Israel’s biggest competitor for dominance in the region which is being branded as the hive of extremism. ISIS, a creation of the US/Israel/Turkey/Saudi Arabia/UK will be linked to Iran in the weeks to come. I was listening to talk radio last night, some guy named Mike Berry on WOAI, a 100,000 watt flame thrower that I used to pick up in California at night. It was as if Berry was reading off of a script that mirrored the talking points with more than pinch of conservative bravado. The guy was talking about firing missiles into ISIS. Does he not understand the complex nature of this creeping threat that will be used to make the entire planet a version of Gaza?


We’re getting the usual burst of noise around freedom vs security and how to protect us against the existential threat of terror. What people like Berry don’t understand (or maybe they do) is that this is a classic extortion racket. This is pure Kosher Nostra. Create the threat, unleash the threat and then demand payment in some form to protect the innocent against the synthetic terror unleashed upon them.


The payment will take the form or more security, more biometrics, more cameras, and of course there will be plenty of companies ready to roll to provide those services. It’s the surveillance economy and it’s been booming since 9/11/01.


But there’s a far greater payment to be made and that’s the forfeiture of our souls for the illusion of safety. It’s the fear, paranoia and mistrust bred in the cracks of these events which fester in our spirits and ferment into any number of psychic maladies. The air is filled with anxiety and lumbering case of collective narcolepsy. The prospects of the future diminished in the uncertain gravity of the present.


The abduction of our privacy and freedom is the most tangible affliction and casualty of fake terror and social extortion, it’s damage done to our spirits as we either conform to the model of fear, or we are outcasts and a threat to the hive mind that latches onto the lowest fruit, even it’s rotten and infested by worms.


When Trump was stumping, we knew he would up the ante for the surveillance state—he told us as much.


And it is coming. We are one event away from the technologies that they have all wrapped up and ready to go.


With Uranus about to move into Taurus next year, our physical world (Taurus) will begin to get radically altered. From money to how we create products (or rather how robots create them for us) to how we move about the physical world, will change and the programming for this significant alteration is already in play.


For shits and giggles, let’s look at the chart for the Manchester event.





What strikes me immediately about the chart is the Moon/Uranus conjunction in Aries. The Moon of course is the symbol/portal of our emotional expression and in Aries, it’s passionate, visceral, vital, immediate, and when afflicted, can be violent. The conjunction with Uranus gives it an explosive quality. Uranus is the accelerant. Venus, Moon, Uranus and Mercury are all in the 4th House, which is the most emotional/sentimental/maternal/feminine house of the zodiac. It’s the house of mothers and who would pick up on this event on a psycho/emotional level?








Venus was opposing Jupiter at the time, which was on the MC and part of a T-Square with Pluto (of course). Pluto in Capricorn, the Baphometric standard, the corporacratic torch bearer, aggregator and egregore of our time. It’s there, torqueing the beam between Venus and Jupiter.


Neptune squares Mars. By definition, this is a deceptive aspect. Neptune squaring Mars has the effect of deceiving people of their motivation. Something becomes justifiable under this aspect, and the justification isn’t always in the best interests of the individual, whether it’s sneaking candy to bed, or acting out as a Neptunian martyr, the energy and motive is blurred. Out of any aspect in this chart, this is the one that illustrates that peoples visceral emotions can be manipulated.



Whether this is a “real” event, a “false flag” or a hybrid, the end result is still the same; Manufactured fear, the extortion of your spirit and the dousing of your joy.

12 thoughts on “Trump’s God Tour, The Manchester Chart, False Flag Murmurs, The Rise of The Security State”

  1. J

    This was written in the same voice that delivered your Flame today . . . much sadness with a good dose of anger and, as you said, much passion. The date and other numbers associated with the Manchester event indeed tell a much different story than the story being fed to the masses. I think my most overpowering feeling lately is just a sick feeling, so weary of more of the same, driving our lives in this ugly direction. Catherine Austin Fitts says it well when she says that what we are being faced with is whether we will have a human or non-human future. I still vote human.

  2. N

    Also there’s the perfectly-timed attack in England the night of the voter registration deadline, two weeks before the election and decidedly in conservative Theresa May’s favor… Jeremy Corbyn and Labour appeared to be gaining ground despite media attacks after their Manifesto was released.

  3. g

    With regard to the motive behind the long term gun control agenda: what do you think happens AFTER the last scene in the movie “They Live”?

  4. J

    Steve Pieczenik is saying the false flag was done with crisis actors and is an attempt to go to war with Syria.

    I think that is reflected in the chart with all those aspects to Mars, it aspects almost everything!

    Everything except the Sun and North NOde… Unsuccessful?

    1. a

      Steve Pieczenik is an interesting character. I’d like to hang out with him. I believe there were crisis actors involved as well. Syria? Iran? One of them.

  5. J

    Full moon is the day after the UK election, so in the period of first response and in a wide conjunction with Saturn, on the day Jupiter in Libra goes direct.

    So the emotional emphasis of the day is on Saturnian themes, I.e. justice or martial law, and the energy rolled out is of figuring things out in order to be “fair”.

    At least it won’t be dull! Like the election has been thus far (Jupiter retrograde?) The election is certainly about what is “fair”. That is the main theme.

    (I mentioned this because it just seems to connect in relation to the idea the Manchester incident has a relation to the election).

  6. J

    Actually Saturn could be the EU. If it is the EU on the 19th with a sun – Saturn opposition then it is likely to be the same thing then.

  7. J

    Yes, Piecaenik is an interesting character. I’m sure his books on Japan etc. are very interesting and that he could keep a room full of people rapt in attention with tales of his many perspectives and adventures.

    However, Pieczenik reports to another group of people, and when it comes to running interference for them vs. telling the truth, he will choose them. An example of this is him coming out in favour of Macron.

    For someone who will tell the truth but is perhaps a little less well connected I would go to someone like Benjamin Fulford. Ben will tell you that everyone in all governments was replaced with clones last week if he believes it, so he might get things wrong, but he does not have an agenda.

  8. S

    It would be best if all could practice humanity, empathy and focus on those that love unconditionally in our lives so we can phase out a deep level of deception that seeks to creep in and destroy our familial bonds. We have no power over the matters of the world or the deep state other than to live a loving and supportive life to all beings that matter in our own bubble.
    When we focus on the people that matter and acknowledge them in this state our bubble grows and the reality of these beasts, shape shifters, powerful elites truley lessen in importance in relation to our value of life and quality we seek to promote.
    A balance is needed and being proactive in that balance daily with the intake of so much filth, disgust and powerlessness is all the more important to our survival and our continuation of living with our hearts open.
    I appreciate your insights
    Do you appreciate your life ?

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