True Node In Leo, The Children’s Crisis, Trauma, The New Atlantis, Aquarius and Mars

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

On cue, right on time from casting, celestial central, a children’s crusade of another kind abducted our attention and becomes the Mason-Dixon line in the heart of America. When I was with Regina Meredith a few weeks back, we talked about this in great detail as the True Node is winding down it’s stay in Leo, the sign that rules hearts and children. The South Node of course is dragging the back end in Leo’s opposite sign, Aquarius, which is rebellious and radical, the head that often masquerades as heart. It’s a bad combination and about as astrologically definitive as it gets. Leo/the children are headed North—get it—True/North Node. The South Node in Aquarius awaits and in both extreme cases befitting a fixed sign, there’s no good solution on the horizon.

Aqua becomes radical and incensed that children can be separated from their parents. While it’s noble to attach ones self to a cause that seems so unassailable that anyone who defends any other position is branded cold, an asshole, a fascist, and a Nazi. It’s the state of America and sometimes it feels like we’ve been reduced to nothing more gangs of rival roaches who scurry in all directions at the slightest exposure to light. We’re angry and reactive, one Gavrilo Princip deli stop from a Civil War.

Men with long beards and black hats offer sweaty prayers of thanks to the demon gods they serve, effectively setting us against one another, not just here, but also in other parts of the world, especially Europe.

While the requisite tears are shed by the dumbed-down loosh generators, who through no fault of their own, are convinced of their moral superiority simply based on their unchallenged convictions and when we get into the psychic wheel house of trauma, no one is spared.

I’ve been doing this hardcore for a decade, thousands of readings, and it’s been my experience that very few escape the ravages of childhood unscathed. And when I do stumble across someone who has managed to get the gift of a solid and loving upbringing, it would be of little surprise to know that their lives haven’t been marred by bad choices or dramatic scenarios that explode into life shattering trauma bombs—it’s fascinating to note the correlation between the two.

But most of us have been through the emotional meat grinder of our youth and those wounds often linger, though at times, thankfully dormant. They are triggered and trip wired however, whenever a crisis surrounding children gets played out. Their inner Tommy or Annie often still smarting and wounded in silence sees the injustice, inhumanity and cruelty, animating the slumber of suffering, so that it’s activated as the adult that never stood up for them in their moment of crisis. They aren’t about rescuing the human cattle grazing off one ranch onto another. In many cases, they are actually trying to save and rescue parts of themselves, who had no one to protect them in their moment of need.

For some, it’s the dark meme of being separated from their parents. Perhaps there was no bruise, welt or busted hymen to deal with the morning after, but just the cold wave of indifference, and the absence of someone that was supposed to love, protect and care for him or her. That alone will set fingers furiously pounding the keyboards, attacking anyone who doesn’t follow the script. And now with Mars in Aquarius going retrograde, the worst might just be unleashed.

When Donald Trump was named president on 11/9, the inverse of 9/11, Mars was at the anoretic degree of Aquarius on election night. While the degree is unstable to the point of being inert, it’s still a potent aspect of radical expression. But perhaps the fight had left the left temporarily after a raging summer of clashes on the streets of Berkeley, where ANTIFA thugs went toe-to-toe with MAGA ragers. That summer, was hot, but by the time the election rolled around, there was nothing left to derail or fend off Trump, no more fire in the belly.

Well, two years later on the Mars return which will coincide with the November mid-terms, after two years of simmering hate, this is a very different Mars in Aquarius and it is now recoiling, like an armor piercing cannon, getting ready to fire a death shot to the staggering and wounded American dream.

The goal has always been some sort of revolutionary action. The country was born under it, and Ben Franklin even managed to delay the signing of The Constitution to embed the Aquarian Moon in the chart of the country. Now Franklin and his esoteric brethren were acolytes of Sir Francis Bacon, also known as St. Germain, Count Rackoczi and Master R. Through Bacon they were undoubtedly following the blueprint of Bacon’s unfinished novel, “The New Atlantis” which is in some regards, an allegorical rough guide as a model for America. In this context, the Aquarian Moon is the astrological equivalent of a Utopian (Aquarius) Home (The Moon). And while Franklin was clearly abiding by the compass and the square of the chart, the Aquarian Moon is also the seed of a revolutionary spirit and that spirit is both positive and negative. This is a country that’s always seen itself at the cutting edge of radical technology, medicine, and engineering. And while we’ve experienced the endless joys of Alexa snooping on us, exploding electric cars, and cancer inducing mammograms, the radical edge has seeped into every crevice of our lives, leaking it’s acid into our collective emotional body, like one of Elon Musk’s bleeding batteries–everything radical, revolutionary and beyond the discernible edge. We passed the event horizon just after 12/21/12 and are now in a universe that’s becoming more and more unrecognizable. That house facing north just on the other side of the creek might be the same, but there’s a very good chance that the Sun setting to it’s west isn’t setting in the same place anymore, just ask the old lady that lives there. She’ll tell you.

Now, that the edge has been exploded who or what is a boy or a girl? Are NBA players actually robots? Did Melania spend all that time in Camp David to get an upgrade or even be replaced? It’s enough to make your head spin and for some people their heads are literally spinning. How many of you have experienced extreme dizziness or someone who has in the last ten years?

So we’re in the radical heat wave of revolution and it’s not about to cool off or get any better. I spent about an hour reading Tucker Carlson’s Twitter feed and the spirit of compromise has joined the Dodo, the Wooly Mammoth and the Stellar Sea Cow on the list of extinction. I’m afraid that unless there is a major crisis like a war, a physical catastrophe or an alien invasion, this house is divided and it’s only going to get worse.

This spirit of rebellion has been cooking since the summer of 2016. It’s reaching the scalding point as the Left has been dispatched to confront members of Trumps administration and Republicans in general, like Mitch O’Connell. Notice that they haven’t taken to protesting 666 5th Ave in NYC, have they? Nor have they snuck up on Wilbur Ross or Rod Rosenstein. Guess what might happen there?

Ironically, I applaud the so-called Left for doing something that should have been done a long time ago and that’s really putting pressure on our public servants, but it’s not like the Left has the moral high ground here and if they do, it’s a temporary fix, a rush to the head brought on by the adrenalized transmission of the tragic. But it will wear off until some new theoretical miscarriage of justice and the rape of innocence is re-animated yet again and the roach gangs scurry about in the light.

It is the by-product of such short attention spans fostered by cell phones, Twitter and the 24 Hour news cycle, but if people dig a little deeper and want to really drain their outrage around children, the courts in America regularly remove children from their parents. In some cases, it could be warranted but in most cases, it’s not always the final execution of justice, just another grind of the wheel, Saturn’s despicable judgment dispatched from high priests in black robes. Separating parents from children has turned into an economy and a massive one at that. The divorce industry alone rakes in $2 Billion a year and that’s usually just between two people and the kids as collateral damage. This doesn’t include administrative fees that will be earned by the state, including court costs, assessments and administrative fees from processing alimony and or child support. Alienation, suffering, and divorce feeds the beast like no other. Then there’s shrinks, another macro-economy. Millions of children are separated from their parents constantly and no one takes much of a stand. It’s considered normal now–the new normal.

While this metaphor is lost on most, there’s also the very real crisis of children shipped out to foster homes where they too, often go missing in a literal sense. I’m not indicting all foster parents here, but do a quick Google search on the topic and you’ll see the modern American version of the “Disappeareds.” The orchestrated gag reflex of the Left could never wrap it’s head around that.

The Achilles heal of the Right is that they have to stand by their president no matter what. Trump has cooked up an all in game of no limit hold’em. MAGA is pot committed as they say and there’s no turning or holding back, but the problem here is that it’s not just Trump or America that they’re supporting, but their Zionist counterparts in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Fake patriots like Laura Loomer and Mike Cernovich are gate-keepers posing as cheerleaders for Trump. Nationalism has become Israelism, and an ideological manifestation of Jachin and Boaz, the twin pillars of mystery that are integral to the dualistic manipulation of the universe. Even this connection goes back to Bacon and the founders.

In “The New Atlantis” a group of sailors are swept up in an enormous storm and in their hour of darkness and sure oblivion, they off their prayers to God and God answers them by depositing them on an island called “New Bensalem” not shown on any map, it’s hidden and tucked away from the rest of the world, a fictional depiction of the 12th House. There, they meet an ideal society that is composed of the highest moral values, a vestige of the once great Atlantis. Part of the tale told to them comes from “Joabin The Jew.” Here’s where the political and theological underpinnings of the US/Israel alliance really spring from.

In the brilliant essay on “The New Atlantis” by Stephen McKnight, McKnight comments on the role of Joabin and Judaism in New Bensalem and “The New Atlantis’;

This complex of symbolic linkages between Bensalem and Jerusalem, Solomon’s Temple, and Solomon’s House is further augmented by the initial description of Joabin as a Jew unlike those in Europe. The chief difference between the Jews of Bensalem and the Jews of Europe is that the Bensalemite Jews expect that the coming of the Messiah will usher in a New Jerusalem or a Kingdom of God on earth, and they expect that the king of Bensalem, as a representative of a people who have received a special benediction, will sit on the right hand of the enthroned messiah. Joabin’s function, therefore, is to set the stage for the discussion of Solomon’s House by introducing symbolic linkages between Solomon’s House and Solomon’s Temple. Joabin also serves as a representative of a pure form of Judaism, which complements Bensalem’s pure form of Christianity. Joabin’s pure form of Judaism follows the traditions of Abraham and Moses, respects Christianity, and waits for the Messiah, who will deliver His chosen people from spiritual and temporal disorder. Joabin’s identification of Bensalem as a chosen people, whose king will sit on the right hand of God, reinforces the emphasis on piety, charity, faith, and good works as the traits of God’s chosen people. God’s “chosen” do not belong to a specific ethnic group. They are those who attempt to live under the Old and New Covenants.”

What’s currently taking place in Israel? It’s the re-building of Solomon’s Temple in the form of the new American embassy in Jerusalem. The esoteric connections between the two countries again are emblematic of Boaz and Jachin. The Twin Towers were Boaz and Jachin, they were the United States and Israel and the ensuing resurrection was the binding of the two as one. So this connection isn’t easily shaken as it’s clearly being maintained by the followers of Bacon to this very day.

Meanwhile, as the US struggles with it’s borders and the plight of so called children, the burning embers of Leo in the TN, on the shores of Italy, Portugal and Spain, modern day slave traders aim their life boats filled from bow to stern with hordes of refugees, almost all of whom are men, from Sub-Saharan Africa. It’s a soft invasion reminiscent of when the Moors invaded Spain and Southern Italy. Recently a boat named “The Aquarius” was turned back by Italy. Can you say South Node? Someone’s getting the message. The tide of immigration might actually be turning as Italy’s new PM, Salvini has struck a deal with the Libyans and their immigration policies. He did it before the UN and the EU jumped in. This is not a Right/Left issue, its people are tired of being told what to do and they’ve had enough. Recently, Hungary’s foreign minister was grilled like a kebab by one of the BBC’s bulldogs in blonde. He nobly held his ground and stood up for his country, who recently kicked out George Soros.

With Mars going retrograde and the ensuing recoil, which will be felt like a missile launched in August, it might be time and wise for you to really examine what you think is fair and unfair, and dare to see a bigger picture that isn’t available to pawns on the black and white chessboard of life.

For more on the topic of the exploitation of innocence, listen in here.

8 thoughts on “True Node In Leo, The Children’s Crisis, Trauma, The New Atlantis, Aquarius and Mars”

  1. J

    It’s great to read your material again, Robert. There’s a lot to digest here. I’ve tried twice to write an intelligent comment and failng to do so, I’ll just say thank you.

  2. J

    Great to see you back Robert, thank you for sharing with us again! Recently came across a project called
    “co-mind”( ) that fuses, astrology, dream analysis & space/global weather. This comes through George Ure (once colleague of Clif High) and his band of merry minds. Neat concept, wish you were doing the astrology as I appreciate your balanced view.

    On a separate note, when are you coming back to FMOF? Really miss your daily musings…

    Hope this finds you & yours well.

  3. S

    Nicely done Robert. I get a tad queasy thinking about the upcoming summer into fall mid-terms, and the desperation to prevent any real apocalypse/unveiling. All in the name of all the children they abuse. I have been trying to come up with a word for it, because it is beyond irony. Belligerent hypocrisy?

    Thanks for contributing to the revelations and shards of the real that we all must weave to raft these waters.

  4. J

    Robert, I’ve never left two comments on a piece, so I’ll assume I can. On the topic of the children, Tracy Beanz on youtube released an interview today with John Paul Rice about his mini-movie on Vimeo, “A Child’s Voice.” It is an beautiful and powerful interview and he has some really inspirational and heart felt things to say. I would encourage anyone to watch the interview.

  5. P

    What amazing information to ponder Robert! As usual, this article puts this insane world we now find ourselves in into a sanity-saving perspective.

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