True Node In Leo Hits Trump’s Ascendant And About To Hit His Mars In Leo

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

r.mahaux-trump-familyMars has just hit Donald Trump’s natal Uranus and the next 48 hours could be about as explosive and flip-floppy as it gets, well, maybe, since the same Mars will hit Trump’s Sun at 22 degrees next Weds. These conjunctions are critical. They illustrate how astrology works through cyclical awareness and the application of pressure or it’s attendant release and flow.

Mars has crossed this place many times throughout the course of Trump’s life and while it may have provided creative and explosive energy, like a controlled demolition or two, clearly it’s never been in this position in Trump’s chart while he’s been president of the USA and under an attack like no other president before him.

It’s been mentioned that Trump is getting more and more frustrated and angry. The firing of James Comey last week was a glimpse into the explosive Mars transit. Not only is this erratic and wildly mutable energy in play, the transiting True Node in Leo has just landed on Trump’s ascendant. In some ways, this is like the moment a Super Nova hits it’s peak illumination before burning out and becoming stardust in the memory of space.

For nearly the past two years, the transiting TN was in Trump’s 1st House, which amongst other factors helped him in his rise to the White House. Virgo is a sign that resonates with the common man and woman. Virgo makes your lattes, coifs your dog, does your taxes, pilots your Uber trip to the airport, cuts your hair, pours your Moscow Mule, etc., etc.. You get the drift. The TN in Virgo in the 1st House, gave Trump something he had never had before; resonance with the common man and woman. Throw a large chunk of Jupiter also transiting his 1st House, also in Virgo, and the timing for a run at the White House couldn’t have been better. But that’s all about to end as the transiting TN has hit his ascendant and is about to land on his Mars from the 8th to the 16th of June, which coincides with his solar return on the 14th.

In many ways this is Trump’s last stand, because when the True Node drops into his 12th House, the energy is one of retreat and turning away from the world. This could mean that he will be in some type of re-grouping mode or, he will hunker down in bunker mode with his family and children (Leo) because at the end of the day, that’s the only group whom Trump can trust at this point and in the case of Ivanka and secret agent 666 posing as his son-in-law, even they should be under his extreme scrutiny.

It is feeling more and more like the next month might be one of the most critical in our history as astrology and destiny clash on the world stage.

7 thoughts on “True Node In Leo Hits Trump’s Ascendant And About To Hit His Mars In Leo”

  1. L

    Concerned about the many that hate this this president
    It’s all very unsettling
    I wonder where the true attention should be shifted
    Admidst this distruption
    You have called him the great disrupter
    Is this a tactic to divert us from the real truth of what’s actually happening?
    I’m certain he is friends with HRC
    Enemies make the best of friends
    Especially when they are trying to gain power.
    Just a thought

  2. H
    Hannibal Jenkins

    Hi Robert, I was thinking about scheduling a reading with you, but I just had a fight with my family, and I don’t have a job, so I don’t have the money right now.
    But I was wondering if I could ask you just a small question.
    I’m a triple Leo (Sun, Mercury and South Node) with Gemini Rising.
    My Mercury is 29 degrees Leo (Conjuncting Donald Trump’s Ascendant).
    So, right now, I have the transiting north node conjuncting my Natal Mercury.
    And then my progressed Sun right now is already in Virgo, somewhere between 0-2 degrees of Virgo, conjuncting fixed star Regulus; so I just had the North Node transiting my progressed Sun at 0 degrees Virgo, and now it’s conjuncting My Natal Mercury at 29 degrees Leo.
    What does this mean for me?
    I know this will pass quick, I only have a few weeks of this aspect, and I already kinda feel like I missed the opportunity of the north node conjuncting my progressed sun conjuncting Regulus, so at least I don’t want to miss the north node conjucting my natal mercury.
    At the same time I know that that the north node is still very close to my progressed Sun and Regulus, so the aspect is not entirely over, so I would like some help interpreting what this could mean for my life, so that I make the best use of this opportunity and this transit.
    So any small idea, hint, clue, tips or insight would be appreciated.
    (If you have time, of course)

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