True Blood and Generation Vampire — Part 2–Talking Vampires With Taurus Diva Lisbeth Scott

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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Lisbeth ScottThe woman of Samaria

Seems as though I’ve got some kind of blood connection with HBO’s True Blood. I wrote about True Blood Generation Vampire, because I was fascinated by the show’s premise and how it relates to the Pluto in Scorpio generation. About a week later, I got a call from the editor of Kosmic, and they wanted me to do an interview with singer, Lisbeth Scott, who is now adding vocals on a regular basis to the music of True Blood.

I feel like I’m being drawn in.

In case you don’t know of the series or missed my first installment, “True Blood” is a fascinating blend of good old southern gothic story telling brought straight into a post-modern landscape where the world is dealing with an emerging vampire culture and all of the challenges that go along with it. In this scenario, vampires are fighting against stereotypes and fighting for their rights while the non-vampires have to confront their lurid taboos and timeless prejudices. The action in True Blood is centered in and around a bar called, “Merlottes” owned by Sam Merlotte, where it takes on an eccentric hue, blending the quirkiness of “Northern Exposure” with the creepy camp of “Dark Shadows.” Music is a key component for the film, from Tuvan throat singing to Delta Blues, to gothic-ambient-noir.

The main-man behind the sound is Nate Barr, crafting scores around the voice of the multi-talented Scott. Her gorgeous pipes have graced a number of hit film scores, from Mel Gibson’s “Passion” to “Munich.” I caught up with Lisbeth to discuss her vocal work on “Take Me Home” which airs this Sunday in the upcoming episode six, and her creative process/participation in the show, along with the relationship with the vampire in each of us.

Over the process of the interview, I tried to extract her birth data, but keeping with the mysterious nature of the show, Ms. Scott chose not to divulge the vitals. So in order to get a better understanding of the secret behind her secret, I sourced “The Secret Language Of Birthdays.” Kristin was born on April 28th (Taurus) this much we know. In “The Secret Language Of Birthdays” she was born on “The Day Of Steadfastness.” Ruled by the magician in the tarot + her Taurus will, and one birth vibration, she’s one of the most determined and hardworking days of in the entire sign of Taurus; “steadfast, dependable and solid” are her key words. Her natal Sun sits opposite The Pluto in Scorpio generation and as a result, she becomes the singing voice of True Blood, giving form and substance to the disembodied and scorpionic longing of it’s main characters.

Her timeless voice and ability to tap into the mythical depths of various sacred traditions is nicely summed up by the Sabian Symbol for 7 degrees Taurus, her Sun; “The Woman Of Samaria At The Ancestral Well.”

You can get a sense of the power of her instrument by listening in on “Take Me Home” (The Pie Cry Remix) which is streaming here.

Here’s my conversation with the aksahic diva herself.

Phoenix: Do you believe in vampires?

LS: Well, funny you should ask because I dated a vampire for a very long time. and the thing is, the legend is true…..they are INCREDIBLE lovers.  I mean, one touch from his hand on my arm and my entire body is shaking. and they make you feel sexy and gorgeous.  . There are other complications. Like being alive for centuries….how do you keep the spark going that long? Heck most people have trouble with 2 years! Also how does a vampire make money? It’s got to be night work right? So there’s security guard? Night shift at an all night diner that doesn’t serve garlic?  It’s tough. So if you’re a vampire’s girlfriend you end up being sucked out of alot of money….but you say to yourself, oh it’s ok, he gives me other things! It’s weird because the physical relationship distracts you from a few rather important details…like work, your friends, the rest of your life…..and then you  find that suddenly the world is revolving around your vampire. I know this sounds like a typical co-dependant relationship….and maybe it is.  I don’t know. I’m still a bit confused about the whole thing. But in answer to your
question, yes I do believe in vampires.

Phoenix: Don’t you think LA would be a great place for vampires to hang out, much like Louisiana in True Blood?

LS: Well yes I actually think alot of vampires do hang out in LA….some nice, some not so nice.see vampires seek you out when they need to suck on your life force energy…Now I don’t know about you but I’ve met
plenty of folks who are only in contact with me when they need me….isn’t that kind of vampire-like? isn’t Los Angeles supposed to be the land of greed and need? I think we’ve got a bad rap here. Most everyone i work with and all of my friends are incredible.

Phoenix: The song is really, really good, sort of a cross between, celtic, gospel, goth and cajun,  How did you arrive at and get to that compelling sound?

LS: Hmmmm. . .I wish i could give you some really intellectual answer like “well….. during my doctorate studies of cajun gospel music at Julliard”. . . but I can’t. I have listened many hours in my life to all these kinds of music and now  all I can say is. . . this, is how I  hear things. and I love layering my voice and experimenting with it. Music simply presents itself in my head. the journey, and there always is one, plays itself out, usually visually, and then my only
job is to sing it and record it. And there are always a few happy accidents along the way. Now I am very much of a perfectionist when it comes to recording exactly the way I hear it in my head….that can be a bit crazy making
sometimes. . .

Phoenix:  In our brief phone conversation together, we talked about you being an unabashedly spiritual person.  How did you
get there and how does it feel to be an authentic self-actualized, spiritual being?

LS: Hmmmm. Am I unabashedly spiritual? I like to think of myself as quietly spiritual. I make my way through the world with my own set of beliefs that have been my life line for many years. . .I have explored all aspects of the Self and the Divine for many years, starting in childhood, and have come to a place that feels like home to me. I carry it with me, and it carries me. Each experience, good or bad, has taught me and brought me closer  to a realization of the Self. Still learning! A friend just said to me, if you think you’re enlightened, pack your bags cuz you’ll be leaving in 15 minutes!

Phoenix: From Mel Gibson’s Passion, to The Narnia films, you’ve sung in some very powerful and magical films that also have deep, spiritual undertones, how has this impacted your spiritual growth and development?

LS: Anytime I”m singing, it involves spiritual development. If I’m in a project in which everyone around me is doing the same thing or thinking about the same thing, then it magnifies the energy. It’s like being in a room full of 150 healers. you’re buzzing!!!

Phoenix:  One of the things that really stands out for me with True Blood is how Vampires get to act out our shadow selves, how are you in dealing with your own shadow and is there any challenging fear that you still either need to love or banish?

LS:Yes I’m always learning to embrace my shadow self. I used to think i had to be perfect. no darkness whatsoever. if any anger
came up i would immediately forgive and forget…but really just bury it somewhere. I soon learned this didn’t work!! oops!! Now when these oops moments happen in life, i just laugh, after i bang my head against the wall a few times.Hey, we are human. That’s why we’re here. It’s one big school. dark, light and everything in between.

Phoenix:  Can you talk about what it’s like to co-create with the series, almost in real time?

LS: All of my work on the series has been through the incredibly talented composer Nathan Barr. His textures, harmonies and melodic ideas are so inspiring. He has an idea and calls me in and then we’re off! Co-creating with him at the same time the series is being created is fantastic. It’s like wandering through a new world together. I love it!

Phoenix:  Do you feel like your voice is a disembodied character in and of itself?

LS: Why yes I kind of do. There are times when I hear myself and I think “Who’s that?” It’s fun.

Phoenix:  Name one thing you find that you find attractive about vampires?

LS: Their self confidence  and mystery is so sexy and fun!

Phoenix: Name one thing that you find detestable about them?

LS: Their selfishness…of course there are always exceptions!
Like Bill for example. . .let’s create an icon who is both confident and kind. . .anyone? Can we allow this as a culture?

Phoenix: Lastly, since vampires are legendary for their longevity and live hudreds of years, what period of time would you want
to return to in order to have an intelligent and fang free conversation over a glass of wine and why?

LS: Hmmmm. I think right now, 2008.  I’d love to have a heart to heart about how they really feel about their own behaviour…what they really wish they could have? do they truly want simplicity? an intimate relationship to
last lifetimes… Bill? Do they wish they could be done with the shadow? Do they feel misunderstood? Do they wish there was a support group, Vampires Anonymous? Hmmmm. Strangely it sounds like we are vampires in some way. I think Alan Ball (True Blood’s director) is attempting to answer alot of these questions and I love that! The complexity is brilliant and gives each person something to consider.

You can go to kosmicmusic where you can download an exclusive version of “Take Me Home” (The Pie Cry Remix).

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