True Blood and Generation Vampire aka Gen-Y, A Marketing Juggernaut, Pluto In Scorpio’s Kids Rise To Power

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

So I’m going to take a little breather from the astro-political grind, but we’ll still keep our gaze affixed to the stars and other social phenomenon.Last night, I watched the debut of HBO’s buzzing new series, True Blood. I’m a huge fan of just about anything HBO does on the original production side of things; Deadwood, Rome, The Wire, Sopranos, Flight Of The Conchordes, Entourage, and now True Blood sinks it’s fangs into premium cable viewers.

The premise of the show goes a little like this; vampires are an emerging demographic, numbers rising, a sub-culture rearing their pale heads into the mainstream. The current social irony treads lightly beneath the surface. In True Blood, vampires are the new gay culture. They’re represented by rights organizations that want the same rights as straights, I mean non-blood-drinkers. They’re out!!! They even have their own brand of synthetic blood, developed by The Japanese of course, called “Tru Blood” hence the title, which allows them to live without consuming the blood of non-vampires (well for the most part). At one point, the lead vampire, gothic southern beau, Bill Compton (played to the teeth by Stephen Moyer) is in Merlotte’s, a bar and grill in Louisianna where the plot is centered and evolving out of and he is told by one of the characters that they “support vampire rights and donate to the cause.” Morrow sneers with a delicious irony, “how progressive of you.” It’s obvious that Morrow and vampires in general are asocial and not aligned with any position other than their own.Anna Paquin plays a psychic empath who is destined to be Morrow’s love interest. She’s got a little Holly Hunter in her portrayal of Sookie, providing the sass and class in a bayou backwater town, where sex, lies and videotape are already playing a prominent role.

This show is going to be HUGE! How do I know this? It’s in the stars of course.

The biggest group of kids born since The Boomers is the demo known as “Gen Y.” They are the marketing juggernaut that has gotten the attention of marketeers from Mad Ave to Silicon Valley in a very big way. They’re “Gen txt” and “Gen-X-rated.”

Let’s take a look at them astrologically.

Pluto moved into Scorpio on the 28th of September, 1984. This officially marked the beginning of “Gen Y’s” entry into the lifestream of the planet. Gen X, their elders, were ruled by Pluto in Libra. Their generation was marked by the dominant social phenemenon of widespread and rampant divorce. Gen-X experienced more broken homes than any other preceding it. They are a generation that is in search of meaning through relating to and through the other. Fittingly the media vehicle that best symbolized them was the smash hit TV show, “Friends” where late-twenty/early-thirty somethings try to figure out life and relationships with the Libran driven concept of relating through . . . friends. On the big screen, it’s “Singles” and “Reality Bytes” that reflect the search for self not through experience or work but through the other. This is Gen-X at it’s core. While social networking sites are mainly populated by Gen-Y types, it was Gen X-ers that built the infrastructure, wrote the code and drove the marketing for these vehicles of meeting and relating through the other.

Gen-Y is a wholly different breed altogether. Gen-X may have been spawned from broken homes, but Gen-Y’s contribution to the experience of childhood is the ugly and tragic sub-culture of crack babies. Scorpio represents death, sex, drugs and re-generation. When Pluto entered Scorpio, crack, gangsta rap, AIDS, Iran/Contra (arms for drugs) were the social issues of the day. This is a generation born into the heat of intensity, from the inner cities and the rise of Tupac and Biggie, to the suburbs where the resurrection of heavy metal with bands like Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer and Guns and Roses were blasting the air waves and more importantly MTV in their youth.

These kids are intense.

Marilyn Manson and The Spooky Kids are formed on their watch in 1989 and in 1996, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold opened fire on a high school in Columbine, Colorado. The freshman class of Columbine was the first high school class of Gen-Y. Their collective birth into adolescence is branded by the unimaginable violence of that ugly and tragic event. Ironically, as these things often happen in strange and synchronistic ways, Klebold was born on September 11th and would have been 28 years old today as I type. Another strange coincidence? Columbine went down on 4/20, Hitler’s birthday and just a day after The Oklahoma City bombing (4/19) and the destruction of Mt Carmel, home of The Branch Davidians (4/19). I won’t go too deeply into the sigficance of this date, as we’re looking at a particular generation. Let’s just say that Gen-Y was born and raised in drugs, violence and of course, sex.

They’re a generation that’s girls gone wild, web-sex cams, and generally fueling the rise of porn, mostly on the internet as the most profitable online business, bar none. This is a generation that is sex positive. They’re comfortable with sexuality on ways that most other generations would find shocking. Gen-X was all about Friends, Gen-Y is “friends with benefits.”

So how does this connect with True Blood and what I predict will be a new social pehenomenon? They are a generation that is poised and primed to lap this series up. It’s essentially in their stars and blood. I went to the companion site of True Blood, Tru Beverage last night and even before the show has aired, most of the merch was already sold out. Anna Paquin, the star of the series has an exact conjunction of Mars in Libra and Pluto in Libra in her natal chart. A Pluto/Mars conjunction is about as Scorpionic as it gets folks. Paquin, with a Sun at 1 degree Leo, will shine in her role as the southern belle of the underworld.

Tomorrow, a look at Gen-Y and how they will play a major role in the upcoming election with Obama and Palin, their astral kin with Neptune in Scorpio.

6 thoughts on “True Blood and Generation Vampire aka Gen-Y, A Marketing Juggernaut, Pluto In Scorpio’s Kids Rise To Power”

  1. m

    I have twin daughters born in”83″, They have Pluto in Scorpio-just barely -one degree. They are nothing like you portrayed. They and their peer group are the most idealistic, optimistic people(as a group)I think they are transformers. They love to have an effect and are very independent thinkers. I can see this group changing many injustices in their lifetime.

  2. a

    Well, that’s the positive side of Pluto in Scorpio. Sounds like they got some very good parenting. You should be proud of the work that you have done, raising children in a challenging time. I will touch on this again to be fair, especially since The Indigo children really started to show up during this period. Thanks for reading.

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